wolfram alpha physics project
November 13th, 2020

Back in the mid-1980s, for example, when I was helping a company (Thinking Machines Corporation) that was building a 65536-processor computer (the Connection Machine), I thought the most plausible way to do programming on such a system would be through none other than graph rewriting. We talked about things like Git, where merge conflicts are like violations of causal invariances. Maybe different sequences of “environments” correspond to different foliations, sampling different parts of the possible sequence of genetic variations. See Fig. No (classical) computer system can actually do this for any N. So you would need an infinite system. But with our models, it’s going to be possible to account for such things, alongside branchial connections, which are more like “instantaneous network connections”. And of course there’s an open archive both of the livestream itself, and the notebook created in it. It’s probably going to be more structured and more parametrized than these different traditional styles of programming. So today marks the debut of the Wolfram Physics Project. When we launched the project two weeks ago, I sent mail to a number of people. In ordinary Turing machines, there are problems (like multiplying numbers) that are in the class P, meaning that they can be done a number of steps polynomial in the size of the problem (say, the number of digits in the numbers). In 2002, he wrote what he regarded as his masterwork: that 1,280-page tome called A New Kind of Science, which he shorthands as NKS, in which he argued that huge advances could be made by viewing the universe from a computational perspective. We’re keen to understand more about this, so one of the things we’ll be doing is having livestreamed discussions with experts in these various areas. And now the question of whether different people might have been close enough in space and time for contagion becomes one of reconstructing spatial graphs by making plausible foliations of the causal graph. Released alongside the launch of the Wolfram Physics Project, this book provides a unique opportunity to learn about a historic initiative in science right as it is happening. Of course, there are people who think “This isn’t the way science usually works; something must be wrong”. Not every scientist can have the same resources at his or her disposal as Stephen Wolfram. Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2020. But fortunately, many of the questions have been the same. The Wolfram Physics Project is a bold effort to find the fundamental theory of physics. If you have any questions about SystemModeler in physics or need help with getting started with SystemModeler in your organization, please contact us. One of the big lessons of Wolfram’s previous work was how the execution of simple rules could produce spectacularly complex behavior, and that applies in this case as well. Nonetheless, Wolfram says he has been able to discover the same equations operating in these models as the ones we use to prove theories like quantum mechanics or gravity in the real world. But after that, do you just keep “drilling down” the evaluation of f[9] in a “depth-first way”, until it gets to 1s, or do you for example notice that you get f[8]+f[7]+f[8], and then collect the f[8]s and evaluate them only once? But one of the many surprises has been that quantum phenomena seem much more robust than I expected—and it seems possible to reproduce their essential features without putting all the details in. (Even building his simulations with a 100-core network he has access to as the CEO of a company can’t begin to approach the computation invested in the real universe, which Wolfram guesses might have run its basic rule something like 10400 iterations to get, well, everything.). But if it was actually original (and those are the papers that have had the most impact in the end) it essentially always ran into trouble with peer review.

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