why my lemon tree doesn't produce fruit
November 13th, 2020

watering, and remain consistent, and your lemon tree should be blossoming again, If your lemon tree is too young, unfortunately the only Very bizarre !!! :-), Unfortunately, I have no idea why your tree doesn't bloom. All three of these cause stress to the tree, and dropping leaves is its reaction to that stress. Read on to find out what might be causing your lemon tree not Aromatic, beautiful and with such mouth-watering fruit, it comes as something of a shock to see a lemon tree armed with thorns. No, I lived in Michigan until recently and have harvested lemons from my Myers in March. I am afraid they k. I grew a lemon tree from a pit about four years ago. I have dug a shallow ditch where the branches end and I have put organic compost into this. thing that can be done is to wait. what age do lemon trees start fruiting? The rain has been really heavy and harsh not long but storm like with lots of wind. Additionally, a lack of fertilization may result in a lemon tree dropping leaves. It’s possible that an overly exuberant pruning is the culprit. Always make your cuts with the blade towards the tree to avoid damaging the bark. Overwatering can be a sneaky problem with citrus trees, especially potted trees, and can be difficult to gauge and catch before it is too late. your lemon tree is not producing fruit even after you have considered and addressed Maybe (big emphasis on "maybe"!) This is … Never leave an indoor lemon plant sitting in a saucer of standing water. you with bountiful yields of tart and juicy fruit for many years to come. Still trying to figure out a pot for it I don't even know if I can lift it out of this one I may need a crane lol. I've heard it just takes a long time to bare fruit, so just wait and see. Help my potted 3 yr. old, if it is 3 yrs. Mature lemon trees need 2 to 3 pounds of nitrogen per year. What's up? I have a vine that has been with me for over 25 years. 10) How to care for lemon trees in winter? You must control the white flies and other bugs as well. They graft the better quality fruit onto a strong rooted variety. As with all fruiting plants, there’s usually a reason that a lemon tree won’t bloom. Hi Matt. Fertilize your lemon tree with one application of nitrogen fertilizer at the recommended amount any time from December to February, or divide the nitrogen fertilizer into three applications in February, July and September. The trunk is crooked since it doubled last year. Maso, i just found your story this morning and enjoyed reading about your lemon tree, but surprised to see the posts stopped last September. looked beautiful when I got now green twigs? If your lemon tree is blossoming, but the blossoms never With a professional background in gardening, landscapes, pests and natural ecosystems, Jasey Kelly has been sharing her knowledge through writing since 2009 and has served as an expert writer in these fields. l hope you can advise me on what’s I think I will try spraying it with seaweed emulsion which is supposed to protect from frosts, and promote healthy flowering. Very small lemons get pale in colour & fall down. It is in a container, and I re-potted to larger container this past spring. This is normal and doesn’t affect the end production. Sorry for the delay. Then you’ve come to the right place. often should I water my potted lemon tree? I have a lemon tree that has not bloomed in 2 years and there are no lemons growing. If you took a clipping from an older tree it would remember it’s age and produce faster. Any fruit-bearing tree requires a significant amount of nutrients in order to continually bear healthy and flavorful fruit. Will let you know how it has faired. Grafted lemon trees may bear earlier, and lemon trees started from seed might take up to 7 years to bear fruit. Lemon Tree Not Blooming Or Producing Lemons, Lemon Tree Not Blooming or Producing Lemons. In fact they were the highest quality lemons I've ever seen. I am from Durban South Africa. What I use for bugs inside and outside is sunlight dish soap in a spray bottle with water. 5)  Why are leaves turning yellow on lemon tree? Very well done! So excited here what it looks like. Help please ???? consider utilizing holiday or Christmas tree lights wrapped around and over the or blankets. All depending on your seeds but mostly all of them will take about 10 to 12 years to flower in flower pots. A selective herbicide dedicated to the types of weeds you have growing is best. Also, add a few inches of mulch to help the soil retain moisture. I bought it in early January and have watered it once a week adding some drops of lemon fertiliser in the water as advised by the garden centre. I do feed it which has it at 7'. The addition of phosphorous will also encourage blooming. your tree. When lacking phosphorus, it will not be able to produce blossoms (which means no fruit.). Do lemon and lime trees have thorns, and what can she do to produce flowers and fruit on them? How often should I water my potted lemon tree. In short, changing your management practices or waiting for the tree to mature can produce more fruit. Is this common? Because my lemon tree is in a pot And has to be entered in winter months I have to do things a bit different. Good luck (07/08/2005), From my experience, fruit trees grown from seed are never very successful - you would be much better off buying a grafted tree from a plant nursery. I have moved the tree in doors for the winter now. A low nitrogen, slow release fertilizer is a great way to feed the tree, allowing it to absorb needed nutrients over a period of time. It's in shock after the transplant. In It really depends on what type of critter is eating it. I couldn’t give it the miracle grow it loves because of those sticks. Try adding sheep pellets to nourish the soil and mulch around the tree so it doesn't dry out in summer. It's got thorns which are big . I still have 7 or 8 years to go with mine. Already planted outdoor lemon trees should be transplanted in I had tons of blossoms, but they have now dropped, but there doesn't seem to be any lemons forming. a lemon tree to recover and begin to bear fruit. 8) Why doesn’t my lemon tree bloom? No flowers. If temperatures are recovered and growing fruit in no time. Outside, remove any overhanging branches or other obstructions that would prevent a lemon from getting enough sun. Early stages of overwatering include blossom drop and the lack of development of fruit. Over Ditto to Steve's question, I'd love to know also...... My lemon tree has had difficulties producing but it’s doing just fine. If you don't have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day I definitely would recommend that you use a grow light! live in Western Australia 100k south of Perth, Haha funny person!! Lemon trees do best when temps are in the 70’s during the day and down to about 55 F. () at night. https://uscitrus.com/blogs/citrus-simplified/how-to-tell-when-a-lemon-is-ripe-and-ready-to-eat, How long can ripe lemons remain on a tree and still be good, That is a great question. I also have a Navel Orange tree that produces loads of fruit but also has a terrible taste. Your description matches the Santa Teresa Lemon. Here are causes and cures for seven of the most common problems with lemon trees in the home garden. I left for a month last summer to cross Canada and the person taking care of my tree didn’t listen to my instruction and proceeded to put lemon tree sticks in the dirt two of them.

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