when do robins migrate south from pennsylvania
November 13th, 2020

To help dig us out. We have ground showing but fairly sure too frozen for worms. Thank you for sharing your observation! Birding is a growing activity, especially among youth, as: Late August and early September kicks off fall bird migration. A Blue Jay came and took the bread that I had mistakenly first put out. While you may think of spring as the prime time to bird watch, the fall season provides great opportunities, too. I saw a robin in my ice covered tree while it was snowing on Dec 10, 2020. […] Why Are You Seeing Robins in Winter? I’ve had robins winter in my yard in northern Utah for years, starting with a male whose feathers had somehow had got oil of some kind on them. Several weeks ago, probably in January, we had Robins in our Robinson crab apple tree here in South Tamworth, NH between the Winnipesaukee Lakes Region and the Mount Washington Valley. This is the first time I have seen that many robins together this early in the year. So cute! It had a red “V” on its back. just saw a flock of robins in the trees near my home, first time ever. As in winter, water is one of the best ways to attract robins to your yard in spring. I would like to mention that last Summer, Robins were very scarce at my parent’s house near McHenry, IL. These tips can help prevent an emergency, while your phone may be able to help you during an emergency. Hopefully they’ll come back to their nesting spot this spring! I live in New York City but across the street from a park and trees. She doesn’t know why they are drinking so much water, but it could be because Texas is dry or it could seem like a lot because of a difference in expectations of how much water robins would drink as compared to how much they actually drink. Always thought they flew South for the winter. This grass is next to a large utility box so the ground may be warmer there. Thank you Lisa. Keep after it. The season that Robins are associated with has much to do with where one is located. Q. All 16 species of raptors that migrate on the east coast can be seen there. January 31, 2019- 50+ robins on lawn and trees-Holiday Island, Arkansas ( just outside of Eureka Springs, AR. Never remember seeing so many robins in Feb. before here in Seattle. Waggoner’s Gap Hawkwatch -- Along the Kittatinny Ridge on the Cumberland-Perry County line, from August 1 through December 31, you can plan to catch a glimpse of hawks at Waggoner’s Gap Hawkwatch. ), Hi T J, Thank you! Some taller than the house. I needed to get out the binoculars because I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was told that there was a flock of about 20. When driving by an area when they are, the adults seem to fly briefly in front of car and then off into the distance, but low to the ground. Maples can grow in the shade, not oaks. The behaviour that I’d like to understand is the “sit by oneself as fatly and grumpily-looking as possible on someone’s lawn, generally close to the road or sidewalk” behaviour. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Fall Migration: Behold Beautiful Birds in Pennsylvania Skies, The Year of Change and Discovery: Connecting to my Purpose and Healing, Cooperation is Key to Managing Chronic Wasting Disease in Pennsylvania, Outdoor Recreation Should Be Enjoyable and Available to All, Bureau of Facility Design and Construction, Conservation & Natural Resources Advisory Council, It is a relatively inexpensive hobby, especially with the advance of cell phone cameras, It is convenient -- you can bird watch in your backyard, a local park, or a state park or forest near you, It is an interesting, challenging, and relaxing outdoor hobby, You become involved conservation and nature, Most birds have lost their colorful breeding feathers, Many birds are not actively singing at this time of year, so some may be more difficult to spot, The fall migration is distributed over a longer period, Shorebird migration peaks during April and during September, Warbler migration is observed during mid-May and during September, Waterfowl migration occurs during March and during late November through December. He’s beautiful! Maybe 10 or 15 years ago, one of my sons also raised one successfully by feeding him dog kibble. “In most places you can see robins in the wintertime. Owls, wild turkey, peregrine falcons, hawks, and woodpeckers flourish in this diverse habitat. I have a question about robins. Thank you for the lesson! Keystone State. I only saw it that one time and from behind the bird. These plants attract many bird species and other wildlife. Five miles of trails provide easy access to varied habitats where you could spot waterfowl, osprey, bald eagles, hawks, etc. I do not know if the male is with its mate? Now I know they are just the same birds just not needing to keep warm so they “deflate” hahah. Watch where you’re walking. The winter robins have arrived here in York Harbor, Maine (Dec.30/19) They are so much fun to watch , flitting here and there and actually look like they are having a wonderful time! They were introduced way back in the mid1800’s as hedge plants. I will try to be as brief as possible but there is SO much! I will put so on patio in back again tomorrow, I REALLY MISS MY ROBINS ITS BEEN TWO YEARS OLD TOWN FL 32680. I am sitting in my home office on a December day in Calgary Alberta, It’s now well into winter here. Any ideas?? I do not ever recall seeing robins around here in December. We’re out in the cold Atlantic. We have cardinals, juncos, chickadees, and lots of squirrels. I have never seen one this early in the year before! There was 4 of them out back. we live n southern new jersey just outside Philadelphia and I observed a flock of at least 100 robins in our yard and in my neighbor’s yard during a snow on January 4, 2018. Apparently he loves our yard just as much as we do! in a noisy city. I’m in Neefoundland Canada I thought they all migrated out. Robins were the second highest bird reported on our Christmas Bird Count which is in early December…. “They’re not in a rush. First male robin – you will know it is a male by his bold red breast and his dark head and back. Thank you for wriring about robins. Garden birds continue to surprise us with their behaviour, not least where migration is concerned. First males in battle – they will be fighting over territories. I’m happy!! Right now, I see a flock of them going through my leaf litter. I see occasional owls, hawks, and turkeys. First young take wing – within a few days of fledging watch for the juveniles to start their practice flights. Even in freezing temperatures, robins can stay warm enough to make staying through the winter worthwhile. Kept wondering if there is something that a person could put out for them to eat. I miss thier chirp! For instance, it could be that the robins found a more bountiful source of food elsewhere. That was so much fun, I’m going to do it again this spring! Goshawks and golden eagles are often seen during November. Though notions of spring vary by region and temperature. If you want to observe robins in winter, try putting out water for them. I just find it odd. I’ve seen other groups of robins in recent days too. Thank you for the question! I often see robins year round. I think they were all males. In addition, birds such as adult warblers, flycatchers, and thrushes move south with cold fronts during late August and September, and juveniles follow during September and October. One morning I went outside and it was completely gone. The minute I start sprinkling it comes and it is not at all afraid of getting close. Blue Knob State Park -- This state park in Bedford County offers spectacular views of the Ridge and Valley Province. With its diverse natural scenic places, including vistas, ridges, mountains, and gorges, Pennsylvania is a hot spot for bird watching this time of year, especially raptor viewing. Except this year. Not as far as you think! I just couldn’t resist. Lisa loves all things citizen science and enjoys learning about everything that goes on four legs, two wings or fins - she even finds six and eight-legged critters fascinating at a safe distance. I certainly enjoyed reading all about the Robins in these articles and yes, love watching them in my bird baths and the sprinkler when ready. Spring has certainly not arrived, so why have the robins? The National Audubon Society shares some tips on how to begin birding: The National Audubon Society recommends safety tips for better birding: Pennsylvania is home -- and provides a temporary home -- to many bird species. As spring approaches, Journey North has a checklist of robin life cycle events to track and report: “One of the great things about robins is they’re so accessible,” Howard says. I listened to the Audubon Society bird songs several years ago and thought it was a robin. I am so glad this article was available & I found it so quickly. Who knew? On my website I have several photos of Robins feeding in the snow: https://onejackdaw.com/Robins_Thrushes_Mimics_Starlings/index.html. It was gone quickly. Thank you for watching out for this robin family! How smart! 70+ cm. When does migration usually occur. Thank you Thanks.

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