what do sawfly caterpillars turn into
November 13th, 2020

What kind could it be? They're totally harmless, though, like pretty much all caterpillars. I found a very large green caterpillar, that had a pattern of 6 or so upside down V’s in black and white colours down its topside. Question: On my driveway, I found a brownish black caterpillar with black spots and a yellow underside. Answer: Yes, there are records, but they are quite rare there. Quite big and furry, yellow with black uniform markings across it. This attractive caterpillar turns into a beautiful, big butterfly known as the black swallowtail. It has been brutally humid. I have found 3 in the past 3 days. Question: My dad just found a large orange caterpillar. It could also be a kind of moth cateprillar in the family Notodontidae. I found about 2" grey caterpillar eating my sunflower leaves . What are they and will it become a butterfly or a moth. This beautiful insect is native to the US and Europe. Keep an eye out for these big, beautiful butterflies on warm spring days, even when there are still patches of snow on the ground. Attempts have been made to control this caterpillar by spraying infested forests with a kind of bacteria that kills the caterpillars. The caterpillar of this charming butterfly feed in groups on nettles. Sawfly larvae are often mistaken for moth and butterfly caterpillars. It has yellow dots on individual segments, and very pointy antennas and horns. She tells me to hold still for one more sec cuz she wants to take a picture of it and I'm in full on freak out mode at this point ready to jump up and do some African fast foot dance to get this thing off me. The painted lady butterfly is likely the most wide-spread butterfly species in the world -- it occurs nearly everywhere, and has many subspecies and forms. Can you tell me what they are and what they will become? At the tip of its head were the same but larger yellow spots on the top and underside. This species pupates underground and does not spin a cocoon, so it has to find the right place to spend the winter and turn into a moth. The adults, which look a like a piece of bark at rest, hover in front of flowers when they feed, making a faint buzzing sound and looking very much like a bumblebee. Is it dangerous to plants/animals? also, i live in reynoldsburg, ohio, for region. It was eating my tomato leaves. It has spines, but is completely harmless to humans. Its habits and food plants are similar. It’s brown and well camouflaged, but its only defining feature is that it has black spots with orange rings around them on its belly. Do you know what this seemingly rare caterpillar is here in East Hampton CT with lots of farms and woods around me? I hear her say, "Oh my God, Alex!" I'm like, what the hell is on me and she says that she doesn't know exactly, but she said it could be a caterpillar of some sorts. Answer: It could be a young sphinx moth caterpillar. I've never noticed this kind before ( I grow organically, so I've seen some critters in my produce.). This butterfly is something like a paler version of the gulf fritillary, with a "smeared" look to the underside, and no metallic silver markings. The adult butterflies are a common sight in parks and gardens, yellow and black beauties that soar high among the treetops, looking for mates and a place to lay their eggs. What kind is it?? Life Cycle of Sawflies All ants, bees, wasps and sawflies have a complete life cycle of four stages, egg, larva, pupa and adult. I found a 1.5 cm long caterpillar in some mint leaves. Sawfly larvae look like small caterpillars. What is it? Almost all of them are moth caterpillars, but if they're eating your cabbage and broccoli plants, then it's a kind of white butterfly. I was afraid to touch it because I thought it might sting, but I didn't want it to get smashed so I let it crawl onto a piece of paper and carried it home. I haven't touched it so i don't know if it tingles or what. The caterpillar, which looks almost exactly like a bird poop, feeds on the leaves of orange and lemon trees, and can sometimes cause considerable damage.

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