victoria school building authority
November 13th, 2020

Government schools can apply for grants up to $50,000 for smaller projects or $500,000 for larger projects in 2020. School principals will be notified about the outcome of all applications by email as soon as possible. As well as reforming schools, we are transforming neighbourhoods by including sport, cultural and other facilities that can be shared with the wider community. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Building Blocks Grants - Capacity Building, Essential Maintenance and Compliance Initiative, Kindergarten on and next door to school sites, Greener Government School Buildings Program, Permanent Modular School Buildings Program, Construction procurement and opportunities, relocatable building upgrades/replacements. 1800 896 950. This additional funding is part of the statewide building blitz to help Victoria's economy rebound from the coronavirus crisis. The VSBA School Grants team assess and administer the Minor Capital Works Fund. Our new generation of relocatable buildings can be moved from one school to another to assist in these situations, and also help us manage enrolment fluctuations.​​​, We also run a number of grant programs for schools and early childhood centres: Building Blocks Grants Program; Inclusive Schools Fund; Non-Government Schools Capital Fund; and Shared Facilities Fund. For more information, please see the guidelines, view the FAQs or factsheet, or contact the team by emailing, 33 St Andrews Place You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. ​​, 33 St Andrews Place VIC 3002, Email: East Melbourne Examples of eligible projects include: The assessment process for the Minor Capital Works Fund is underway. 1800 896 950. East Melbourne Please enable scripts and reload this page. The Victorian School Building Authority is managing the education construction boom that will help ensure that.​. 11 were here. We are a team made up of building experts, project managers, architects and specialists in relocatable buildings, community engagement and asbestos removal. Phone: Official account of the Victorian School Building Authority. Every Victorian child deserves access to a great school that prepares them to thrive in the 21st century. We have a dedicated team that removes asbestos from school buildings, and we manage an emergency maintenance program that responds to unforeseen issues and natural disasters. The Victorian School Building Authority is upgrading hundreds of schools and building brand new schools across the State. The Victorian Government has committed $7.2 billion for these infrastructure projects as part of its It therefore allows those involved in the design of schools to benefit from this experience and knowledge, and to thereby incorporate demonstrated best practice into building projects. The Victorian School Building Authority, in consultation with schools, will assist in managing the delivery of projects supported by this new funding. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Our mission is to deliver world class school buildings for all Victorian learners. VIC 3002, Email: Phone: We’ve put Victoria at the cutting-edge of school design, and we innovate in everything we do. Education State reforms. ​The Minor Capital Works Fund supports small-scale priority building projects to improve the learning environment, condition or character of Victorian schools. 33 St Andrews Place East Melbourne

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