vegetable side dishes for a crowd
November 13th, 2020

Get the recipe for Spicy Acorn Squash with Feta ». vegetable. Chinese-Style Greens Cook 2 sliced Chinese sausages with 2 teaspoons each minced ginger and garlic in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil over medium heat until browned, 5 to 6 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon each minced garlic and kosher salt, and 1/4 teaspoon allspice; cook 2 minutes. Add 2 pounds chopped mustard greens and cook, stirring, 8 minutes. You can also fry up red tomatoes with this recipe but make sure they are not over ripe or they will be mushy. Toss with 4 tablespoons melted butter, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 2 teaspoons Sriracha and 6 thyme sprigs; season with salt. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle extra Parmesan cheese and butter over potatoes and reheat in the oven. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning, grated Parmesan and salt. Salty and savory, the roasting method kills the natural bitterness of asparagus. Bacon Brussels Sprouts Cook 2 pounds trimmed Brussels sprouts in a steamer basket set in a pot with 1 inch boiling water, covered, until tender, 5 minutes. Get the recipe for Romaine Salad with Lemon-Pecorino Vinaigrette ». 45. Toss with 1 tablespoon each lemon juice and grated lemon zest. Hosting fewer guests this holiday season due to the coronavirus pandemic? Ree’s family and friends love her two-ingredient wonder dubbed “The Bread.” Here’s how to make it. Sprinkle with 3 tablespoons pepitas and roast 5 more minutes. Roasted acorn squash offers a nice nuttiness to this side. If you like greens you will love this recipe. Add a splash of cider vinegar; stir in the bacon and chestnuts. Cover and cook 8 minutes. Plus, with so many creative vegetable recipes, eating your greens will feel like a total treat. veggies, cheese, butter, garlic, ground meat, zucchini, salt and 5 more. Add 3 pounds chopped rainbow carrots and 1/2 cup water. Chipotle-Cheddar Corn Casserole Whisk 5 cups thawed frozen corn, 2 eggs, 1 cup heavy cream, 1/2 cup shredded cheddar, 1 tablespoon minced chipotle in adobo, and salt and pepper; pour into a buttered 1-quart baking dish. Mikkel Vang, Credit: 12. Put them on the coals after you've grilled steaks or chicken, and the squash will be ready by the time the meat has finished resting. Get the recipe for Lemony Brussels Sprout Salad ». Simple but oh-so-tasty, this dish belongs on your menu. The composed version of the popular dish will look lovely on your dinner table. Add 4 crushed garlic cloves and 3 sprigs rosemary to each. Here's a classy, quick, and versatile recipe. This hearty, creamy side is topped with spiced, roasted pecans for some serious crunch. Break out the grill for this herby, sweet-hot treat. Brussels Sprout Slaw Whisk 1/3 cup olive oil with 3 tablespoons cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons each Dijon mustard and honey, 1 minced garlic clove, 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, and pepper to taste. This flavor-packed side will be a must-have on every Thanksgiving table. Roast at 425 degrees F, 35 minutes. Parsnips with Chestnut Cream Quarter 2 pounds parsnips lengthwise; cut into 2-inch pieces. Looking for a perfect side dish for a summer party? 1. Cabbage Side Dishes. You can make these ahead several days and store in the fridge. Lennart Weibull, Credit: Spicy Broccoli Rabe Cut 3 bunches broccoli rabe into 2-inch pieces; cook in a steamer basket set in a pot with 1 inch of boiling water, covered, until tender, 8 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Trust us, you're going to want to make extra apple cider dressing to drizzle over this flavorful squash dish. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Not only are vegetable packed with nutrients, but when they're tucked into these side dish recipes, they're also absolutely delicious. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020: What to Know, The Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes You Need to Try, These Thanksgiving Decorations Will Steal the Show, 25 Restaurants That'll Be Open on Thanksgiving Day, 38 Thanksgiving Place Cards to DIY This Year, 100+ Best Classic Thanksgiving Side Dishes, Here's How to Do Black Friday Joanna Gaines-Style, Black Friday's History Is Seriously Surprising.

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