usssa softball dp/flex rule
November 13th, 2020

<< PlayUSSSA. DP/Flex Rule PowerPoint Presentation. stream /Filter /FlateDecode Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates around USSSA. PlayUSSSA. USSSAMountain States. NHIAA State Adopted Rules Rules Interpreter (Rule Changes) Flex Rule {The Twins} Softball Signal Chart. I'm not sure if that helps. USSSAToday. pe�y�/���[@�>g���� ���a�Z=�iI�gZ���e`�����y�I�}w���BL�h���O�Z|��w�lp�N�Vv�~3���?�4���% ��� �,�J*�����*�N�D�z�2�{ ?�����*,��kU���?H��'�b�p��DP�2������U�VF��"��O�x>LCw���&M�������,t7J��&�}�YW �1���p^�ïu��:�~�ƃic��1��� ���S The primary role of the flex is to play defense. USSSAfastpitch. 5 0 obj A FLEX may bat for a DP (in which case the DP has left the game and must use a re-entry to come back in), or the DP can play defense for the FLEX (and the FLEX leaves the game). The maximum numbers of players in the lineup is 12, the maximum number of batters is 11. The infield and outfield, including the boundary marks from the apex of home plate to 1st … As a participant in a Senior Softball-USA / Senior Softball World Championships tournament, including Qualifiers and International Tours, I agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing I will: Article 1: Abide by the current “Official Senior Softball Guide and Playing Rules” to the best of my I found a great video by Mark McCarney that helps to explain the rule. If the Flex enters the game for the DP (or vice versa), the DP/Flex Rule is suspended. DP/Flex Rule (PowerPoint) DP/Flex Rule Search. 2020 Fastpitch Rules – Updated 1/22/2020; Interpretations – Understanding the Rules of the Game; Important Notice Concerning Legal Disputes and Law Suits 8 0 obj If you’re a designated player playing turn for a hitter or in the offense team, you’ll be known as the “pinch runner” or “pinch hitter”. [ @�x�������'jFc��/�V7�q�Զ`� ��8�Ym����j��[No;㜭Y��@-X�n���o;(��팳/4@���枳���/= USAElite. Mark shared, I have always been a little unclear on how the DP/Flex rule could be used. Lime or caustic material of any kind is prohibited. 2012 NFHS Softball DP Flex Rule 3.3.6 Visualized. USSSA 5.5.B All Starters & Substitutes may re-enter USSSA 5.6. The primary role of the designated player is to play offense. (Adobe) ��zB{�A�t�X v�f0�Y��@�uI ��'-����/懁�ަq�LA������X�i���k}����*a�-(���f�$���0�v�8Y4����x�3�;����� @�4�$��,rK�w��rd�#aP@Aj R##=`R3��Z4jK����ԮQؑƁ��"�C�F �������ԣ�$H��$�i A team using the DP starts the game with 10 players on the lineup card, but could end the game with 9 or 10. Here is a link to differences between USSSA/ASA/NFHS/NCAA. 3. 9. Rule 5, Section 4: The defensive player for which the DH bats is listed after the DH in the same lineup spot. 4 0 obj PlayUSSSA. USSSA 5.4. It the DP re-enters the game for the Flex (or vice versa) the DP/Flex Rule is reinstated. Colorado Girls Softball Coaches AssociationFor Coaches, Players and Parents to see what is going on in the community. PlayUSSSA . One of the tough concepts to understand is the DP/Flex rule implemented in both high school and ASA fast pitch softball. ��d�}�Zg��즳� ������rW>�_�x��s-mxƅyѥ �ߞպ�\�z� �O=��9��,|��= ��9���%�p�����}���E��vi�˯��Y�BϬ��? No DP/Flex when Roster Batting 5.1.D A player may be removed as a pitcher and returned as a pitcher only once per inning. USAElite. The FLEX player, for whom the DP is batting for, ALWAYS is listed as the 10thplayer on the bottom of the starting line up card. Get up to the minute updates about USSSA on Twitter. Get up to the minute updates about USSSA on Twitter. Therefore, the FLEX player and the DP can never be on offense simultaneously. USSSAPride. The Designated Player (DP) / FLEX is optional but must be declared before the game starts. The catcher’s box, bases, coach’s boxes, batter’s boxes and three foot first base line shall be as in the “The Field Diagram”. (Identity) USSSAfastpitch. USAElite. Annual Meeting Information Apprentice Program. ������?� NE�?+����p�@����+��%D���l���p:pppȯ��������=�F����n�!\��0�_��f���4aWAտL�N���5h�ކ�J�G�� C�������w���c��[�+� �[�a0Cr�-�!��+-�`�E���L�k�ژy.�qb"?�u��q��n����;Zx���g遃�����? The following is a breakdown of the new rule: 1) A DP does not have to be used. USSSAToday. USSSAPride. USSSA used to allow it, and the local ASA allows it in pool play, ... the DP/Flex rule is perhaps the most powerful rule in the book for a coach who understands the possibilities. The intent of the new rule is to allow the DH type player to play some defense too and thus get more playing time. USSSAToday. USSSAMountain States. x��} `E������g2�L&��dr��dr'Ȅ�3�$�(�q��B�U�PWW����5IP�ኊ�Ǫ�^��+��-���~Jf��z&����-~��X��^Uu׫�իz5==@ ��ꦌ��#��!% )�G׍�O5��� ��� ��H�h���G��d��w .�=n��Q�䜩�r3�z��)c���0� �~��)E�. $!M�d�^HA�B*Rx�����H��tHC�~����4K�ِ�td"́��Aȅ���0X�y��4r��`��CZ��"(��b -�B��H�eP����V@ �J(E:�W0ʑVA�aP�t8�/�� B��F�p����j�#!�t� ��1P�c�.�w#���(�'it�"��6@=�IH?��pRdL��H���'kt4 =&!m�ɘ� � ���Sa*�0-�4�)HO��LhD�M�OaLG:NE:G�s�i+���t�����. A team may elect to include a DP/Flex and/or up to additional players (AP). … Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates around USSSA. endobj Use of DP/DH: Rule Supplement #15 J and K: The DP can play defense for any player in any position. USSSAPride. Supplier of Custom Awards to Colorado USSSA Fastpitch eventsCall or email for a, Custom Uniforms and Apparel - Silk Screen - EmbroideryCall (970) 532-7757 for a quote, © 2015 USSSA of Colorado Proudly created with, 2012 NFHS Softball DP Flex Rule 3.3.6 Visualized, Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates around USSSA, © 2015 USSSA of Colorado Proudly created with. The DP/FLEX rule hasn't changed from what … /Length 75258 USSSAPride. endobj USAElite. Rule 7, Section 2B2: If DP/Flex is used, Flex player is listed as the 10th player in the lineup. It is … RULES AND LEGAL INFORMATION. Title: Microsoft Word - USSSA RELEASES 2019 FASTPITCH RULE CHANGES.docx Author: usssa Created Date: 2/5/2019 3:39:13 PM Umpires and Apprentices. %PDF-1.7 The DP can play defense for any player in the lineup (other than the Flex) with that player still continuing to … SELECT A CHOICE FROM THE DP FLEX DROP DOWN MENU. >> It is much more than just a complicated version of the DH rule in baseball. USSSAToday. Programs and Clinics. DP Flex Rule USSSA and DP Flex Rule Softball NCAA basically say that the only person that can play pinch runner, and this is the person in defense (known as the flex), that this pinch runner replaced. The rule is informally named after soccer star David Beckham, in anticipation of MLS teams signing lucrative deals with internationally recognized players of Beckham's caliber. /Type /Stream

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