traveling massage therapist
November 13th, 2020

Where did you work? window[this.callbackName] = function(response) { var inputs = field.getElementsByTagName('input'); Exercise Enlarges Brain’s “Memory-Keeping” Area, BPA: A Threat To Health That’s Hard to Avoid. LMT with 19 years of hands on experience!! Is Your Body Thwarting Your Weight-Loss Efforts? Therapists in the Zeel network can be available for massages in as little as an hour. © 2016 Traveling Therapeutic Massage | Privacy Policy |, [testimonials_slider show_start_stop="false"], Therapeutic Massage Therapy In Your Home Throughout Metro Phoenix, If you are searching the internet for a massage near me or closest massage to me, you cannot get any closer than your own living room, patio, or pool side, Getting an in home massage is as easy as 1-2-3, What to Expect From Our Massage Professionals. Today, I’m excited to share my Q&A with Kach from Two Monkeys Travel, who shares her experience working as a Massage Therapist. Some of my family members are upset with what I’m doing due to the mentality of having a degree and a good career then trading it to a nomadic lifestyle and doing massages to earn money – they think it’s a stupid decision. Contact … else { Yes, you can go it alone! submitButtonText: function() { If you would like to start the massage at a specific time please let us know, so we can arrive accordingly. return name; If it is your first appointment they will have you fill out an intake form while they set up, After they are finished setting up, they will consult with you and then leave the room to wash their hands, You will undress/disrobe to your comfort level and get on the table under the top sheet, When you are ready they will return and start the massage, At the end of your massage the therapist will leave the room again to wash their hands, giving you time to get up and dressed, When you are ready, they will return to the room, pack up their stuff, collect payment and leave, Help with relief from tight muscles and knots, in the neck, low back, hips, legs or arms, and may help reduce headaches, Relieve general stress and tension in your body, that may make difficult to quiet the mind and relax, Recovery from an injury or help prevent injury, Increase serotonin and dopamine (happy, feel-good hormones) while decreasing cortisol (stress hormones), which helps you relax and less stressed, Increase circulation, in both circulatory and lymphatic systems, Don't want to drive to a location and back, Are in too much pain or discomfort to be able to drive, Feel more comfortable or relaxed in your own environment, Want to stay in the relaxed state after the massage, instead of driving back home, Have children and it is difficult to get out of the house, Find it difficult to get out of the house, Are a traveler, maybe facing a time crunch, or don't want to worry about getting somewhere and back, Want to treat your staff to a great massage, Are holding an event and would like to offer the attendees some relaxation. } this.removeTextFieldError(email); top.location.href = this.formUrl('html'); What advice would you give them? selected = false;

Book a Massage. for (var i = 0; i < fields.length; ++i) { I do have a question, do you need a work visa to work in Peru, as a massage therapist? They are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, or just to say thank you. var dropdowns = field.querySelectorAll('.mimi_html_dropdown'); this.submit.className = this.isValid ? this.isValid = false; Studying my French and going to.figure it out. We travel to all of the cities around Phoenix, including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Chandler, … These compounds have been derived from organic cannabis flower … elements[i].disabled = true; Travel Touch Massage offers In-Home, In-Room, Corporate Chair massage for your office, bridal, baby sower or special events. Would you have come this far if you were doing it alone? Call Us or Email us to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist, and try our soothing Aroma Therapy. Do you guys have information on massage courses in Columbia and Peru or areas that are likely to have classes? By State Licensed Professionals. this.updateSubmitButtonText(this.submit.getAttribute('data-thanks')); Are you able to save anything to continue traveling top.location.href = result.redirect; A: I’m Kach but my real name is Katrina! Aside from being a Massage Therapist, Jon and I also have other sources of income – we sold coconut oils, we teach private English classes and we are also earning money from our website. var dropdown = dropdowns[i]; textAndDropdownValidation: function(field, type) { Need a Great Gift for a Loved One or a Friend? What did you do? e.preventDefault();

}, this.isValid = false; Everyone who’s ever traveled has probably experienced some kind of travel-related stress, whether it’s due to a vendor ripping you off, unexpected political turmoil, or a realization that you left the tap running half a world away. this.isValid = false; input.className = 'required invalid'; But after 5 months, I resigned to pursue my dream of backpacking around the world. this.form.className += ' mimi_submitting'; If you are at a business and want to offer your employees or customers a massage, give us a call. 15 minutes $20.00* … They will need an open space of about 10 feet by 6 feet to set their massage table up in.

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