the law of vibration
November 13th, 2020

Remember, there is no difference between an imagined object and a real object except in vibrational frequency. You are nothing more than a mass of molecules that are vibrating at a very high frequency. Thus, under the Law Of Vibration, a high price is caused by a high rate of vibration, which in turn is caused by strongly positive astrological influences (and vice ver-sa). You are energy, trees are energy, animals are energy. It’s the key to a greater life. So you might be very surprised at what you discover when paying conscious attention to what you say. So just make the effort to start, eventually it will snowball into a complete shift in your life. Putting this to use is a key to using the universal laws effectively. Your vibration is not a match with joy. The Law of Vibration underpins the Law of Attraction and manifestation. This process doesn’t just happen when you visualize or think intently about something, but is constantly happening, every minute and second of the day. Everything is energy and energy is everything. As a matter of fact, the Law of Vibration is the primary law because the Law of Attraction is based … On a practical level we’ve all felt it. It can be visualization, meditation, affirmations ec. When you are in love for instance, you feel strong and have a “spring in your step”. The Law of Vibration is always looking to match up people, things and experiences that match with your vibration. 10 Big Signs That Your Manifestation Is Close. Pay attention to the words you use most frequently in your daily life. Since everything is energy, we can match up with that energy to manifest it. Once you’ve identified your most prominent feelings, see whether they’re mostly positive or negative. With all that being said, it is unrealistic to constantly monitor what you’re exposed to in life. Negative feelings are self-replicating and can act to bring about even more negative feelings and vibrations by themselves. Abundance has an energy. The Law of Vibration. Everywhere you go, you’ll find news of people dying and losing their jobs. The words you say also happen to be a very accurate way to infer your present vibrational state. In creating that feeling within yourself you invoke The Law of Vibration deliberately. You can logically know that you that you deserve to be wealthy, but unless you’re able to feel rich and stay in the frequency of wealth, you’re unlikely to attract wealth. Even solid objects vibrate. No matter how different your circumstances are from your imagination, lean in belief towards the latter rather than the former. Much can be achieved simply by changing the words that you use in your day to day life. To do that, you need to pay attention to 2 main things, the feelings that you feel most often and the words that you use the most. So, here’s what you can do instead to circumvent the effects of being exposed to any negativity; maintain a high level of awareness when you’re exposed to any negativity in your life. Absolutely everything in the universe vibrates. Eventually they’ll start developing into thought patterns, forcing circumstances to match the signals that they put out. Vibrations are not limited to what we perceive through hearing. What is sound? By deliberately choose your vibration, you can use the law to match up with anything you want. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I mean. Follow these guidelines and you’ll naturally make this universal law work in your favor. Identify the general rate of vibration of the uptrend or downtrend. Also, that what we attract is determined by these subconscious and conscious vibrations. What’s actually going on here are the vibrations of your thoughts interacting with that of the person, which subtly influences them to act in a negative manner towards you. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Then we can also say that everything vibrates and vibrations are everything. Sometimes in life, there are situations where feeling down is only natural. Check out my review here and decide for yourself. Suspend your beliefs, stretch the limits of your skepticism for a moment and imagine to your heart’s content. Feelings are sometimes beyond our control however, so what you should do whenever negative feelings arise is to simply observe them in a very present state of mind and let them go afterwards. That is why you appear to be solid but you are not. In the need, manifestation is a match game. This makes understanding this law paramount if you want to attract and live the life of your dreams. When you feel shame on the other hand, you feel like you just want to melt away and lose even your will to live. It is only the difference in vibrational frequency that creates the illusion of separation. As the intensity of your thoughts and imagination increases, they will start manifesting in real life. You simply need to vibrationally match up with what you want to manifest. Success has an energy. The way you perceive that specific arrangement of the energy in the concrete is what makes you understand it as solid through your sense of sight or even touch. What’s happening here is no coincidence, now we’re going to push the boundaries of your beliefs a little, but bear with me. We’ve all felt it before. We can’t touch it but we can hear it. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'comanifesting_com-box-4','ezslot_1',106,'0','0']));The energy of sound moves in waves. The law of vibration is a universal law of life that modern science has proven. Does Deja Vu Mean Your On The Right Path. What you’re exposed to constantly has a powerful effect on your vibrational levels more than anything else. Through imagination you can raise the level of your consciousness to heights beyond your wildest dreams. Alongside the many universal laws such as the Law of Abundance and the Law of Karma, the Law of Vibration works mainly in conjunction with the Law of Attraction to determine the state of your life and its circumstances. Positive emotions, thoughts and feelings such as love, abundance, faith and joy, are all at a naturally higher frequency when compared to other negative emotional states such as sadness and desperation. The universe, like a mirror, then reflects these signals into your life, bringing you circumstances and things that correspond exactly to your vibrational state. For example, when talking about money, what are the words that you use often? Nevertheless, there were still times where I was unable to control my emotions, there were days where I simply felt doomed to live the rest of my life alone. You’ll be amazed at what you can manifest. If you do this, I guarantee that in but a matter of time, your reality will change to match exactly that what you imagine. In this post, I will show you the most important things you need to know about this law and how you can utilize it to massively improve every aspect of your life, including the results you can get with the law of attraction. When you start taking about “vibrations” or “vibes” it instantly puts off a lot of people who associate these terminologies with woo-woo hippies and new age gurus. Pay attention to your feelings and jot them down. Scientists today reveal what mystics and sacred teachers were trying to tell us all along albeit in a more poetic way. These waves are called vibrations. Similar to what I said above about feelings, the simple act of being aware and conscious has the amazing ability to transmute any forms of negative vibrations into neutral ones. I’ll give you an example from my own life. These two universal laws have a deeper connection. This scale is a scale of measurement that’s used to measure the frequency of all the various feelings and emotions. Create it within yourself by any means possible. The Law of Vibration is the primary law while the Law of Attraction is a secondary law. This is very similar to the scale of consciousness used by Dr Hawkins, a psychologist who has remarkable understanding of the mind, in his amazing book, Power vs Force. The mindsets and pointers I’m about to share have allowed to me stay in state of higher consciousness during most of my waking hours.

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