stephen wolfram hypergraph
November 13th, 2020

He says, “It almost seems like everyone has been right all along, and it just takes adding a new substrate to see how it all fits together. He produced a series of papers systematically investigating the class of elementary cellular automata, conceiving the Wolfram code, a naming system for one-dimensional cellular automata, and a classification scheme for the complexity of their behaviour. There is simply too much emergence taking place. Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences, dealing with matter and energy. Tom Siegfried, “Stephen Wolfram’s Hypergraph Project Aims for a Fundamental Theory of Physics” Jose Manuel Rodriguez Caballero, “Brainstorming about the Geometric Structures in the Wolfram Model of Fundamental Physics” Nicholas Teague, “A New Kind of Physics: The Unifying Theory of the Wolfram … Feynman was on his thesis committee. But … it’s something much more precise: it’s the progressive application of rules, that continually modify the abstract structure that defines the contents of the universe.”. If this model accurately reflects what we live in then, “it’s just conceivable that what amounts to the rule for the universe is, in effect, painted across the whole sky. I find it intriguing that this model not only seems to fit contemporary physics, but it also fits mystic religious revelations about the universe consisting of a single being that manifests in two primary ways, as the masculine nothingness of pure being and the feminine creator/destroyer aspect that spawns the creation. Is it possible that this model essentially says the same thing? Original article can be found here (source): Artificial Intelligence on Medium. If you’re wondering about Wolfram’s credentials, he’s a genius. When you place the observer inside the structure, you create the experience of space and time, both of which are relative within a completely objective whole. The biggest problem with this model (for testing) is that at a certain level, it becomes irreducibly complex, so you can’t reverse engineer the structure to figure out the original rule. Fabienne Lang, Interesting Engineering. And in the context of our models, they’re just different facets of the same idea. But the point is that even on a much larger scale our models can still approximate general relativity—but unlike “imposed after the fact” discretization, they are guaranteed to have a certain internal consistency. I think that’s enough info to conclude my summary. Recently, Stephen Wolfram (of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha fame) ... For a CA model or a “Wolfram model” (hypergraph growth rule model) we don’t even know the structure we’re looking for, increasing the search space by a lot. All things are a manifestation of the divine, but they manifest because of the interaction between two opposite elements of the divine. “Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics…and It’s Beautiful” Stephen Wolfram Writings [blog], published April 14th. Recently, Stephen Wolfram ... For a CA model or a “Wolfram model” (hypergraph growth rule model) we don’t even know the structure we’re looking for, increasing the search space by a lot. Published Date: 18. I’ll admit, Wolfram lost me during the explanation of quantum effects in branchial space, but he claims that there’s a type of relativity happening there as well. It’s amazing unification that I have to say I didn’t see coming; it’s something that just emerged as an inevitable consequence of our simple models of applying rules to collections of relations, or hypergraphs.”, Furthermore, this is all based on the application of a single simple rule applied over and over again, but it’s possible that every conceivable rule is running simultaneously, which would produce a third type of relational space (rulial space) that would also create causal invariance, meaning things could get reversed. This is pretty mind-blowing. Deciphering Heidegger’s View of Authenticity, The Perennial Philosophy: Thoughts on the Value of Studying Mysticism, Thoughts on How to Change your Mind with Psychedelic Therapy, Mystical Parallels in the Major Religions and Hints of Monism in Christianity, Mind Blown: Wolfram’s Hypergraph Model of the Universe, Exploring the Philosophy of William James: An Expanded Review of Barnard’s Exploring Unseen Worlds, Discussions on Religion: Theory and Practice, Thoughts on the Pope’s Endorsement of Evolution. A (Possibly) Interesting Thought: Is This the Only Possible World? I think this is extremely unlikely, but it’d certainly be an amazing thing if the universe were ‘self-documenting’ that way.”. We can’t use an ordinary graph to represent things like this, but we can use a hypergraph —a construct where we generalize edges in graphs that connect pairs of nodes to “hyperedges” that connect any number of nodes: ✕ The Universe Is a Hypergraph? He conjectured that the Rule 110 cellular automaton might be Turing complete, which was later proved correct.

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