standard size of wardrobe
November 13th, 2020

As an example, a 2350mm high and 500mm deep cabinet will require a vertical space of 2402mm to rotate from horizontal to vertical. Sometimes for the look of a project we offer walnut veneer. This could be due to the plasterboard sagging under its own weight or an overladen loft. For a 2400mm floor to ceiling measurement, designing a wardrobe 2350mm high is recommended. The width of the wardrobe has a direct dependence on the size of the profile. If you Read more…, Assembling a rigid small cabinet using dowels and glue. If the cabinet was 2350 high and 600mm deep then it would require 2425mm to rotate. On we have a variable called ‘Bottom position’ which dictates whether there is a plinth or not and its size. 2000-2500mm Shelves ideally should be less than 1000mm long as longer than this without some kind of reinforcement introduces the risk of sagging. The ‘Bottom Position’ and ‘Skirting notch height’ parameters can be different in the Cabinet Designer. We present some de facto standard size ranges for various elements in built-in furniture and you can use these as a starting point. This space can be covered by a scribe piece strip. This is a 0.5mm thick veneer bonded Read more…, We have a wide range of customers – whoever needs bespoke cabinetry. Nothing is average about your own project! Also consider the bed-frame size, which varies from style to style. Firstly if you need a wardrobe greater than 1500mm this would be composed of several cabinets butted together. For example a 3metre wide wardrobe could be composed of three 1000mm wide two door cabinets. By default doors have a clearance of 2.5mm below them but if the floor is uneven or the cabinet sits on carpet then the binding risk is high. The recommended sizes are for the cabinets. You notice that the mirror is a tick smaller than the door so there are no sharp edges to catch. Make sure … We pre-drill our wardrobe kits for dowels so the dowels keep the panels (the top/bottom and sides) registered in the correct place and assembly is a case of securing with screws. – set the bottom position above the skirting height and then run matching skirting across the plinth space to achieve a high quality built-in effect. Height Built-in made to measure wardrobes are usually designed to be floor to ceiling to take advantage of the available space. Too shallow (less than 300mm) and you can’t store much; too deep (more than 800mm) and your arm is not long enough to reach the cabinet contents! Dimensions Wardrobe dimensions depend on the builder or designer. People lucky enough to live in grand proportioned Victorian/Georgian homes can have floor to ceiling heights of 2500mm plus. The standard parameters are the depth of 60 cm, and the width is from 0.9 to 2.4 m. Although there is no established standard, and each manufacturer offers its own version. This is a technical limit due to the weight of the door acting on the hinges. Note on terminology: a built-in wardrobe comprises one or more cabinets. The title of this article is slightly contradictory but when designing your own made to measure furniture you need to start from somewhere! Without a plinth the doors/drawers risk binding on the floor as they are opened. – factor in headroom to enable easy assembly. – carpet over concrete, carpet over timber, tiles or timber floor? If you don’t have the space to rotate the wardrobe you can build in the vertical. Depth The limiting factors here are ergonomics. The recommended maximum door width for an hinged door is 750mm. Either way planning in some free space is a good idea. If there is not enough space for the body of a drill then the next option is to specify ‘Rafix’ fixings so that the panels can be tightened with the turn of the screw in the fixing. With the high quality drawer runners we use we are yet to encounter to a design with a drawer that is too wide and regularly see designs withe 1000mm wide drawers. Most wardrobe cabinets typically are 24 inches deep, but can be as narrow as 18 or even 12 inches in depth. The Width of the wardrobe depends upon the available length of the wall. Step 5 – Measure at very top of the wardrobe door opening width, and the same at the lower width, then the left & right opening heights. 3 Simple yet Essential Wardrobe Measurements are as follows: Width. And this is a real example of a bespoke cabinet. Here for example the Bottom Position is 50mm giving a plinth height of 50mm and the skirting notch is 150mm to ride above the existing skirting in the room. – ceilings are often bowed. To ensure there is vertical space for the rotation the diagonal measurement of the wardrobe side pieces should be less than the available floor to ceiling space. 300mm-800mm For example the closest position of a bed in front of a cabinet with 600mm wide doors would be 600mm which is why in some bedroom configurations the only cabinet possibility is one with sliding doors. Also bear in mind that a wider door will require a wider space in front so that it can open fully. In practice realistic door widths are in the range 350mm to 550mm. Height also depends on application, but standard height is usually no more than 72 inches. The maximum width for an individual cabinet is dictated by door width and shelf span. ), Space for drill is needed between top of cabinet and ceiling. In this case it is making sure there is enough space for the body of the drill. Measure your floor to ceiling height and then factor in these two crucial points: (This is Phythagorus Theorem – space to rotate = square root of (height squared + depth squared). Plinths High plinth to allow skirting to run along bottom. 100mm-1500mm – to avoid the need to remove skirting in the room design the cabinets with a bottom position above the existing skirting or specify a ‘skirting notch’ in our Cabinet Designer. Bedroom/home office furniture doesn’t need such a high plinth and 50mm is a good start. Rotating a cabinet from horizontal to vertical, Generally the easiest way to assemble a wardrobe is when it is lying horizontally on the floor then rotate it to vertical and slide into position.

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