splenda or stevia for diabetes
November 13th, 2020

Everything I have read says that splenda is not safe and causes cancer and lots of other problems and Stevia is a safe product. That’s because the manufacturers of Splenda (as well as the people who make aspartame) bulk it up with small amounts of maltodextrin, which is high glycemic. I need more than what packets of Stevia would work for. Stevia for diabetes lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and acts like a diuretic, which is what a diabetic person needs. Pure Powdered Splenda and Stevia doesn't. The glucose is instead eaten by bacteria in your colon and never reaches the bloodstream. A recent study shows that Splenda significantly decreases beneficial gut flora. If you use them 300 times the normal recommended quantity(usually tried on lab animals) for years together, some might develop cancer. If you have diabetes, you may struggle finding foods to feed your sweet tooth that won’t raise your blood sugar. It’s known for its sweetness and has been consumed in South America for several centuries. I'm sure you could get some stevia recipes online! I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in February 1994, I began to write entirely about that condition. 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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not permit whole Stevia (the leaf) or crude extracts for use as a food additive. This article is based on an earlier version of my article published by HealthCentral. So, what is Stevia? Do you still use Splenda for cooking? My head also itched something terrible. Is it better to sweeten with Splenda, the McNeil Nutritionals brand of sucralose, or with one of the many brands of stevia? That’s why you won’t find it in the same aisle as sugar and honey at Whole Foods or Wild Oats, but rather in the areas where they sell vitamins, herbs, and such. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in February 1994, I began to write entirely about that condition. Thanks again. This is because the glucose in Stevia is tied up in a glycoside molecule. In fact lawsuits are pending that alleges the company is sugar-coating Splenda to consumers. All the Splenda that I have seen is bulked up with a little maltodextrin, which does have a few calories from carbs, but minimal. I use both liquid Stevia and likquid Splenda (in the form of sugar-free syrups). Bottom line: In its highly processed form, Stevia is an FDA-approved sweetener with no calories that may taste bitter if you use too much. I have many recipes that call for quite a bit of sweetener, such as flax muffins. The decision as to whether to use Stevia or Splenda largely depends on personal needs or preferences. The most natural and at the same time the least satisfactory is the powdered green leaf. That’s because the manufacturers of Splenda (as well as the people who make aspartame) bulk it up with small amounts of maltodextrin, which is high glycemic. Stevia is known for sometimes having a bitter aftertaste. The Food Insulin Index Trumps Carb Counting. And powder Stevia is just too light and powdery to use effectively (I have not personally tried the pure powder version of Stevia, however). where does one get ‘stevia’ or ‘splenda’ in India ? Look up Splenda and hair loss on Google and you will find many who have had the same problem. That university study that was able to induce cancer in laboratory mice with Splenda was sponsored by the sugar industry. Stevia, on the other hand, particularly the SweetLeaf brand from Wisdom Brands is bulked with a fiber, inulin, and has no calories, no carbs. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which many diabetics find doesn't impact their blood sugars like some other sugar alcohols can. The decision as to whether to use Stevia or Splenda largely depends on personal needs or preferences. The powdered splenda I use is 600 times sweeter than sugar so I dilute it or get out my scientific measuring spoons and use that. They are seeling really very good 100% natural stevia produstcs. My wife loved Splenda and used it every day, I myself can't stand any artificial sweetener as they all have unpleasant after tastes. So possibly that would be true of pure stevia powdered. I use Splenda on a regular basis and prefer it to other sweeteners. Bruso, J., “Splenda vs. Stevia,” Livestrong.com, May 6, 2015; http://www.livestrong.com/article/430504-splenda-vs-Stevia/. It does taste like sugar but can cause a lot of health issues in the long run. Thanks again! Thank you for sharing so much information. To date, no definitive study has proven the matter one way or the other. Splenda does have a glycemic index and some calories. I’ve just switched back to stevia. What the FDA does permit is the use of highly refined and purified forms of Stevia as an additive, up to 330 milligrams for an adult, but states on its web site that it doesn’t consider these to be “true” Stevia due to their composition. For diabetics or those concerned about additives, Stevia may be the best choice, since Splenda contains more additional elements as a means to dilute its raw sweetness. Thanks . Some of them do have a bitter after-taste just like the raw leaf does. Reaching this limit is not a significant concern for most people—0.6 grams of sucralose translates to 31 grams of Splenda. Inhibiting some of the functions in the body for a non-diabetic person is dangerous. The reason Splenda can be labeled as “zero-calorie” is because it contains less than five calories per common serving (around 3.3 calories per gram), meaning the overall caloric content is mostly negligible. For those who enjoy baking, Splenda is likely the stronger option, since it can be more easily substituted for straight sugar measurement-for-measurement. I finally found one I feel safe using and it does not have artifical ingredients and no after taste! Stevia or Splenda: Which Is the Best Option for Healthy Sweetness? Could someone please tell me which is safe to use Splenda or Stevia. Since the recommended serving of Splenda is just a single gram, it would take a great deal to overdose. The liquid form is preferred since powder Splenda will have sugar as a bulkin agent. Bruso, J., “Splenda vs. Stevia,” Livestrong.com, May 6, 2015; http://www.livestrong.com/article/430504-splenda-vs-Stevia/. I am a freelance medical writer, advocate, and consultant specializing in diabetes. It can be used in cooking, but not as a universal substitute. You can buy stevia in liquid form, and some people might like to get it this way, but I don’t. Stevia comes from a plant. In its pure form, sucralose has about 600 times more sweetness than an equivalent amount of sugar. I'm confused please help! Ultimately, Stevia and Splenda are close enough that you can use either without any real health effects. Splenda behaves similarly to sugar when heated, so it can be used as an effective substitute in cooking. Everything leftover can’t be processed by your body and gets excreted in urine. Should You Use the Control Solution to Check Your Meter? Stevia hasn’t gone through the Food and Drug Administration’s testing procedure. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'm confused please help! But you use much less stevia to get the same amount of sweetness. Stevia has a different taste to me and I'm still experimenting with it to get the right amount in baking. In terms of safety, the FDA lists 0.6 grams of sucralose as the maximum suggested intake.

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