side effects of eating too many almonds
November 13th, 2020

Kidney stones are formed when there's a high level of calcium oxalates left … Your blood clotting mechanism could get impaired and you could be at an increased risk of haemorrhagic stroke. Drink water or eat other high water foods, like fruits and vegetables… Understanding these side effects can help you create a diet that is suitable for the whole family to maximize the benefits and avoid the unwanted side effects of almonds. Almonds are known as the natural food source of vitamin E. Each 30gm of almonds will provide you with about 7.4 milligrams of vitamin E, nearly half the amount of vitamin E needed per day. According to calculations, 30gm of almonds contains about 3.5gm of fiber. While they can lower your cholesterol, almonds are high in fat and calories with as many as 14g of fat and 163 calories per ounce. Almonds are a type of nut that contains many essential minerals for health, including manganese. Excessive consumption of vitamin E can cause symptoms such as lethargy, blurred vision(such as night blindness), headache, diarrhea, and flatulence. If you eat more than a handful of almonds every day, it could lead to some serious side effects. Simple Habits To Lower Blood Pressure At Home – A Quick Guide. But that can still happen, especially when you eat too many foods that contain vitamin E like eggs, spinach, avocado, broccoli, and cereals. Is it Safe To Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy? Working as a full-time physician in Puspanjali Hospital, Chitwan, Nepal. However, if you overeat almonds, mainly when the diet includes a lot of manganese-rich foods, it may interact with certain medications such as tranquilizers, antacids, laxatives, blood pressure medications, and some other antibiotics. Therefore, adding a sufficient amount of almonds to your diet can have many benefits for your health. Answer and Questions; The number of almonds can I eat in a day? Vitamin E toxicity is also a possibility. In addition to vitamins and minerals, almonds also contain a large amount of fiber. Yoga for children | Effective anti-stress remedy, Tips to reduce muscle pain while doing yoga, 6 benefits of mangosteen fruits during pregnancy, Foods to eat and avoid during the first month of pregnancy, The 8 benefits of honey on pregnant women has been revealed, 5 dishes which ultimately help to look a girl more sweeter, Back pain during menstruation-11 home remedies for women, Argan oil – Amazing proven health benefits and uses. Too many almonds could cause cramping, bloating or constipation from too much fiber. Although the fat in almonds is mostly healthy, eating an excessive amount of these nuts will add a large amount of fat to the body, which will be converted into calories. Almonds also can cause a much severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis (7). In this article, Health My Lives invites you to learn about the issues surrounding almond consumption. 1. Side Effects of Eating Too Many Almonds; Weight Gain; The danger of Vitamin E Overdose; Medication Interactions; Gastrointestinal Problems; It Increases Toxicity; It Leads to Development of Kidney Stones; It Increases the Risk of Allergies; What is Almonds Overdose? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. As recommended by experts, you should only eat about 25gm of almonds per day, i.e., about 23 nuts. This condition is characterized by shortness of breath, hives, nausea or vomiting, confusion, impaired voice, low blood pressure, and lightheadedness. In some cases, you may also have mild nausea or a rash. As it is an excellent source of fiber, if you eat too many almonds, it may decrease the capacity of absorption of nutrients by reacting with chemicals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, etc. However, if your body is not normal or accustomed to consuming fiber, overeating almonds can actually cause constipation and bloating. Almonds make a healthy addition to your diet, but like any good thing, more doesn't necessarily mean better. However, like other foods, the side effects of almonds can still significantly affect your body if consumed in excess. Kidney stones can be a health issue one can face if too many almonds are consumed. To prevent the risk of bloating or constipation, you should drink plenty of water to help your body handle the excess fiber. Weight Gain. Is It Safe To Dance During Pregnancy – Will it Affect The Baby? 5. A graduated medical physician with years of experience in the medical field. If you consume more calories than your body needs, they will build up and make you gain weight.

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