scoby near me
November 13th, 2020

Two give away prizes will be awarded every month while the competition is ongoing. Kent Town, SA. It’s all setup, now to wait and see how it goes. PROS. All sold item will be removed from ad. I am currently waiting for my first brew to complete the ferment process . Very happy with my purchase. Thanks. Arrived quickly, great instructions and feel there is plenty of help if you need it. The scientific evidence shows that kombucha causes metals like nickel and chromium to leech into the liquid – which you definitely don’t want to drink! If you still think the Homemade Kombucha Co. products aren’t good value for making healthy homemade kombucha – get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you. Yep, we know we are a bit more expensive than some other people selling SCOBYs – but there are good reasons for this. We will never spam you – our newsletters are focused on homemade kombucha brewing tips, recipes and the occasional sale! Thanks Karl for a great scoby, useful tips and fast shipping. Kombucha Scoby Home / Kombucha Scoby. Prompt delivery, excellent brewed kombucha! The colder weather is slowing the process but I am seeing the development of scoby in the container which is quite exciting . Australia wide express postage is also available at an extra of $7 ** no need to wonder if the item is still available, IT IS!! Delivery was fast and scoby arrived safe and sound. On batch 3. Karl is great, quick response to my questions and the product was exactly what I wanted! I just ordered the scoby, not the full kit. All going well. I love my 8 litre Kombucha jar and look forward to many brews. Our Starter Kits are created by hand with high-quality ingredients and materials so they’re super easy to use and won’t put a strain on your wallet! 8L Deluxe Kombucha Tea Brewing Kit Organic Scoby! No need to get an extra cloth, your Scoby comes with a cloth and rubber band so you can start brewing straight away. CONS. Series X Stainless Steel Kegerator with regulator, 19L kegs, … The Scoby was well prepared and the packaging very professional. It came with a comprehensive and easy to follow / understand note to get me started. The products is also excellent, easy to use and follow Still brewing! Thanks! Thanks for the great instructions, quick arrival and well packaged. Loving making Kombucha with the mother from Karl Kombucha ! It is a high-quality product. All that you will need to buy is the jar and the water. If you have any questions please just give me a call: 0411248629. It was great to obtain a scoby and starter. However, Kombucha doesn’t have any of the unhealthy sugar (sucrose)! Instead, it’s packed with antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins that help you stay healthier than ever! Have bought a number of items from Karl's. I have purchased scoby from you before and decided to try another company and the scoby didn't cut it booch was sour and I've been making booch for years now so it wasn't my method it was an interior scoby haven't tasted this booch yet as not ready but can tell by scoby growth it will be quality booch. Subscribe to Our Newsletter for 15% off SCOBYs and 8L Fermenters. The scoby was perfect, we have brewed 2 times already with the scoby. The SCOBY and tea arrived promptly. You’ll need sugar cane, tea, Kombucha Starter liquid, and, the most important ingredient, the Scoby. Definitely recommend. Thank you for your prompt service and your directions are very clear and concise. SCOBYs respond poorly to metal, and exposure to metals makes it easier for harmful bacteria to take over the good guys. This means you can expect your own homemade kombucha to be of the best quality possible for a lifetime supply of probiotics, beneficial organic acids and vitamins. Tiny Packages (very small accessories such as pH Strips) – will fit in an envelope, Small Packages (individual Kombucha SCOBYs, small accessories) – less than 500g, Medium Packages (4L SCOBY kits w. no jar, large accessories) – less than 1.5kg, Large Packages (SCOBY kits w. jar) – more than 1.5kg. Ordered a replacement scoby and a heat mat. As an aside, I am having difficulty maintaining the required 24 deg. Arrived quickly and with great instructions...we are happily 2 batches into our delicious kombutcha adventures! The Scoby and Starter liquid is packaged in a BPA FREE bag. Parcel arrived in a few days! The only plastic you will get is the vacuum seal pack for the SCOBY – this is nylon which is one of the best materials available. Thank you! No problem. Excellent service. Cheers. Normal sugar also goes through pretty involved chemical processing which we prefer to avoid. Please be patient, your SCOBY will thank you for it with a tasty brew. Enjoying homemade Kombucha within 1 week of delivery. Check out the health benefits on the next slide! Thank you. The Organic Kombucha Tea Scoby is awesome to get if you are wanting a head start on the journey to make Kombucha, saves a lot of time. Thanks Karl!! Subscribe to get FREE Kombucha Booklet in addition to special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Please keep in mind that shipping charges may increase for other products. So far I haven’t needed online support but I did notice there was online and phone support, in Australia too. I will definitely be returning to Karl for any future kombucha needs. The winners of the giveaway prize will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and Email newsletter – to claim your prize you must email us at, Anyone living in Australia is eligible to enter the contest – we will ship your prize Australia wide. By submitting an entry into the Homemade Kombucha Co. give away competition – you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions. Karl was so great keeping me informed on when my scobi was coming! When the fermentation is done, most of the original sugars have been consumed , and what's left is kombucha that is rich in probiotics and antioxidants that promote digestive, immune, and overall health. We are trying to eliminate needing to use vacuum seal packs at all in future. temperature and had to buy a heat mat elsewhere, because you were sold out. The information available on your website is excellent and very easy to follow. x . Instructions were clear and easy and first 2 batches are perfect! The supply of SCOBY and starter liquid was well packaged along with excellent instructions for a beginner like myself. All we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping as specified. Delivery times are quoted in business days for metro areas only and are estimates only. Standard Shipping Cost: 2L Scoby $6, 4L and 8L Scoby $10Standard Shipping Times:  2 - 7 business days*, Express Shipping Cost: 2L Scoby $12, 4L and 8L Scoby $20Express Shipping Time: 1-4 business days*, Standard Shipping to New Zealand Cost:  from $15.45 Standard Shipping to New Zealand Time:  5 - 10 business days*. Medium Packages (4L SCOBY kits w. no jar, large accessories) – less than 1.5kg: $28: 6-8 business days: Large Packages (SCOBY kits w. jar) – more than 1.5kg: $40: 6-8 business days: Please note all shipping rates here are an estimation and subject to change. I really appreciated that. However the parcel was received within 10 days. Karl Kombucha's and staff are friendly and helpful.

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