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November 13th, 2020

along with a strong b vit complex,. All the supplements that I took were actually causing the problem!!!!! ), I was seen for 6 months at Stanford’s pain clinic, and have had an MRI of my head and neck as well as a CT scan and a CT with bone windows (whatever that is!). My scalp often pains but when I message my scalp it feels that it has cured,after sometimes it happens again.I’m losing my hair. It IS available OTC in a 1% formula and is gaining in popularity to Rogaine for people with this type of Alopecia (where the hair is thinning all over and not in specific “bald spots” which makes them less likely clients for hair replacement surgeries…). TSH, T3, T4 and antibody test for Hashimoto’s and graves disease. and so on, but it was the Gluten in foods that was causing all my scalp problems. I’ve tried everything it seems. Also, I’m wondering whether anyone else has the same cycle – 1 week or so feeling fine, then 1 day head feeling tingly, then 1 day feeling anxious/short of breath/down/weak/head very tingly, followed by 1-2 days of profuse hair shedding. Wonder if that triggered my oily scalp?? I guess in summary the best thing i have found in my experience is purely to be in a sunny climate, relaxing and focusing on enjoying life-not stressing over my hair/scalp, but i realise this is not easy to achieve and am wondering if i will ever feel normal. I’ve used perms, hair dyes, Marcel and tourmaline iron straightening, sew in weft extensions, bond extensions, invisible braid extensions, individual braid extensions, wigs, tree braid extensions and twist extensions on and off for 14 years and have had every salon disaster known to man. I probably have some fish oil around her to add. So I started school shortly after I had my son at 18. My scalp hurts so much with a burning sensation that goes away after a little while, or perhaps I ignore it or my tolerance level has increased, I’m not sure. It is easier to use than Rogaine, and unlike Rogaine hair that grows back in most clinical studies has been proven to NOT fall back out. Does anyone know about this medication. So today I decided to research scalp issues related to the burning sensation and came across a website “Trends & Life” which talked about “burning scalp syndrome ((Trichodynia)”. Does anyone have a time frame on this? She did say that her she hasn’t seen much for new growth however. i definitely notice that when my ferritin drops below 30 i experience more pain and i remember reading a study on the subject of trychodynia and ferritin, and those with the worst pain/loss had the lowest ferritins. I have had burning scalp for a year. There are no flakes, boils, rash like qualities. I’m so young and this is just stressing me out even more than I already am. PLEASE: someone. Since I don’t worry as much I think the stress is easing up and helping provide some hair growth. The dr send me for blood tests that I will do on Monday. I just can’t believe I’m going through this. If you are concerned about your hair loss, Dr. Robert J. Dorin and Dr. Robert H. True can provide state-of-the-art hair restoration treatments. My hair never grew back to the way it was before menopause, but I was happy to have hair. Combing and brushing are out and even finger detangling HURTS. Next I went to a dermatologist who was the biggest jerk I have ever met! Feeling crappy physically on top of this? I thought I would post here for some advice on where to start. Hi folks same issues here , almost like a bruised feeling on my scalp. My whole life I have had very healthy, shiny hair. But that her scalp is more tender, I hope that if the inflamation goes down then the hair loss will subside, I will write back in a week or so just to let you know if there is a benefit to this steriod. Is this true? hair loss. The top of my head is so sensitive and my hair has gotten so thin. I have been taking natural sunflower lecithin (I prefer not to use soy) for about 2-3 weeks and I can say that it is helping. I’m taking zinc every day too & alternating mild shampoos (daily at first then every other day) one of which is the Moo Goo which does seem to help my scalp although it can strip the hair so a good pre/conditioner is essential. they helped with the pain but not the shedding and the skin irritation. Was told thyroid numbers were ‘good’, but realized that couldn’t be right. I have pcos and low ferritin- 2 more reasons that my hair could be falling out…and am taking iron tablets to help with this, but it is a long and difficult process. I don’t understand the correlation between the two exactly, but I’m positive that there is one. Because there is absolutely no doubt that PPD is what has caused my hair and scalp nightmare woes. But I still did not take it too seriously, figured I would wait until December 2011 when I was scheduled to go in for my annual routine physical.

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