repeating patterns in real life
November 13th, 2020

Last but not least, my client H. Recently I conducted Soulmate Journey, my course on finding love. He commits suicide, but fails since the time loop resets. The worse part is, no one notices this but him! Why do these repeating life patterns happen? I never learned how to fully deal with life’s stresses and situations. Join my Inner Circle and learn the psychic cosmic secrets that will improve your life forever. The answer is simple. If you harbored negative thoughts against others in a past lifetime, and you were not able to balance your karma by not righting your wrongs before you died, then you would have incurred karmic debt. Even if you are not fully aware that you are a reincarnated soul, there will always be hints about the lessons you need to learn. The pattern will keep repeating until you learn the life lesson associated with it, which breaks the loop. It’s a movie about a TV weatherman Phil (Bill Murray) who covers an event called Groundhog Day. No one wants to keep repeating bad behaviors, but old habits and patterns can be tough to break when they’re deeply rooted in the past of this lifetime or an earlier one. We just focused on understanding the message from her subconsciousness. In previous posts, I’ve discussed soul scripts, or the agreements you make with other souls before you reincarnate. This message is to love and respect herself, and to live her life without putting it on hold for others. My issue was simply that I was pushing myself, ignoring my needs, and not loving myself. Lost 4.1kg (9.0lb), a weight she has not been at since over 10 years ago. Repeating pattern is one of the important knowledge, occurring in many real applications such as musical data and medical data. This was how her siblings would treat her; it was the only way she knew to get attention. Have you watched Groundhog Day before? It seem unnecessary to mention the word “repeating” and “patterns” together, because they are commonly understood to be the same. How To Stop Self-Sabotage, 101 Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time, Volume 3, Constant struggles with career, relationship, finances, weight. Everything else kinda took care of itself after that. At first, he acts more rudely to those around him. For example, he constantly overspent without regard for his reserves. But I believe the reason is more psychic in nature, and it has to do with reincarnation and past lives. To eat was also to punish myself, because I didn’t feel I deserved better. But I would rebound to my previous weight after a while, driven by my eating issues. Repeating Life Patterns – Anger. Copyright © Personal Excellence  |  Terms of Use  |  Privacy  |  Contact. Repeating life patterns that happen in your present lifetime, have also happened in your previous lives. From my highest weight of 65kg (143lb), I naturally reached 58+kg (128lb) and have stayed this way since. Phil, depressed at being stuck in a time loop. But this made her very miserable. That was why I kept overeating. Addictions (smoking, drinking, porn, drugs. Karmic debt occurs when your karma is not balanced. You need to learn a life lesson. She also felt the need to please to be nice to everyone. Interestingly, as H focuses on loving herself and being her best self, she has since. If so, the universe may be trying to … Started pursuing her passions of traveling, writing, and photography. Read my Privacy Policy. This shows that if you harbored negative thoughts against others in a past lifetime, and you were not able to balance your karma by not righting your wrongs before you died, then you would have incurred karmic debt. It seem unnecessary to mention the word “repeating” and “patterns” together, because they are commonly understood to be the same. While at a diner, he hears a piano piece and takes up piano classes. We may think that the problem is gone, but it repeats after some time, hence making it a pattern. Those in the health care industry have stated for a long time that life patterns are learned behavior, and they get repeated because of a psychological imbalance in a person. Emotional eating was my issue. I have noticed that many of the people I read for have problems related to repeating life patterns. Another one that I struggle with is getting angry. Rebirth then stops and the soul transcends to the next level. The Incredible Silver Monolith In Utah Has Disappeared! to love and respect herself, and to live her life without putting it on hold for others, How a Relapse Begins: The Key To Removing Bad Habits, How to Create Real Change In Life: Address Root Cause vs. Other types of repeating patterns can be found in quilting. Hence, H would tolerate such behavior to preserve the relationship. From my teens to late 20s, I had an immense issue with food and my weight. Yes, it is repeating life patterns in so many ways because it is what I witnessed growing up in my God-fearing house full of love! Lately I’ve been working with a client with debt issues. For example, if you are now in a relationship that is unfulfilling, and you were in previous relationships that were also unfulfilling, I am sure that at some point you will have asked yourself “Why am I always falling for those who do not fulfill me?”. He has been in debt for the past 10 years of his life. Gamblers who risk their money want to win badly. Such kind of behavior is a good example of a life pattern. Then, he decides to have fun with it, from getting into a car chase with the police to taking advantage of women (geez), but each time waking up on the same day again. Food was my companion where I wasn’t to myself. While there are many messages to take away, I want to talk about the time loop specifically. What messages do you think the universe or your subconsciousness is trying to send you with this pattern. Your words, your actions, your attitudes, and even your thoughts – they are all made of energy. On the other hand, if you lose repeatedly after your initial win, then the expected behavior would be for you to give up and stop betting, even if only for a day or two. As reality sets in, Phil becomes very depressed. When you see negative patterns in your life and they have happened far too many times to be a coincidence, you know something is going on. Souls that have karmic debt reincarnate as long as it is necessary for them to finally balance their debt. She has gone on at least 3 solo travel trips in the past 4 months, is now part of a writers’ group, has been writing short stories, and is building her photography portfolio now! No. While these patterns vary in severity (drugs is obviously more serious than procrastination), they all have a commonality: they tend to recur. The next day, Phil wakes up, a changed man. No matter what he does, he can’t escape this loop. When they don’t, they keep on trying until they lose all their money. What negative pattern have you been facing? But in real life, this is not what usually happens. While the time loop can be seen as a plot device, I see it as a metaphor for negative life patterns, where Phil’s time loop mirrors negative patterns in our life. With my client H who signed up for 1-1 coaching as well, we found out that she had a pattern of attracting toxic men. Even if he did charge more and cut off low-return clients, my guess was he would earn more but also spend more, and hence end up back in debt. H had been in the company of toxic people her whole life, be it family or friendships! One of the reasons you keep on repeating the experience of a certain situation is you haven’t learned that lesson yet. get in touch with me for a psychic reading. If you’d like to know more about your past lives, and what kind of karmic debts you have, you can get in touch with me for a psychic reading and I’ll be happy to help you. Dejected, Phil confides in someone and gets an aha. By iterating or repeating fractal-generating equations many times, random outputs create beautiful patterns that are unique, yet recognizable. In this paper, our purposes are to contribute an efficient mining algorithm for repeating patterns and to conduct a real application using the repeating patterns mined. Through our coaching, H realized that she attracted these toxic relationships as she didn’t love herself.

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