neil leifer most famous photo
November 13th, 2020

1 competitor all these years, and the one thing that Walter didn't like, couldn't stand, as much as he was a great football photographer, was the cold. On this day in sports history, the famous Sports Illustrated photographer took that photo. And I had a very good day; all the plays happened right in front of me. And it happened right in front of Walter, and I knew. Leifer caught the moment as referee Bill Regan jumped in. And that went on for 59 minutes and 57 seconds or whatever, and then Green Bay lined up for the last play of the game, which turned out to be Bart Starr sneaking in for the winning touchdown. How interesting that today it's considered the greatest. For 14-plus rounds, I had a real good night. Leifer watched Duane Bobick and Roy “Cookie” Wallace go at it at Nassau Coliseum in 1975. Black Power Salute on Olympic Medal Stand. More Ali:-- Muhammad Ali Responds To Donald Trump-- When Bush Gave Ali Presidential Medal Of Freedom-- Watch Muhammad Ali KO Sonny Liston In First Round Of Rematch, Boxing, Muhammad Ali, Neil Leifer, Photography, Sugar Ray Leonard Lists SoCal Mansion For $52 Million, Sugar Ray Leonard: 'I Felt Muhammad' When Doing Ali Shuffle Vs. Duran, Muhammad Ali's Story Unfolds With Interactive Exhibit At LA's Beverly Center, Common's Boxing Documentary Underscores Importance Of Mentors To Young Black Men, Copyright © 2020 Sports Media Ventures, Inc. All Rights Reserved, When Bush Gave Ali Presidential Medal Of Freedom, Watch Muhammad Ali KO Sonny Liston In First Round Of Rematch. TPG: Is there a shot that you thought you nailed but then discovered you didn't, or any one that you wished you'd gotten? “I really can’t tell you why I’ve done as well as I did. Maybe even the most famous sports photographer to have ever lived, Neil Leifer's name does not need any introduction to anyone who loves baseball, American football or boxing. LEIFER: Well, I'm going to preface this by saying I've never met a good sports photographer or photographer who didn't have a healthy ego, so when I use the word luck, I am not being modest. Leifer explains, ‘The funny thing about that picture is it’s not the final knockout. In the 15th round Joe Frazier knocks Ali down. Leifer was on hand when Thomas Hearns nearly fell out of the ring but for the ropes during a 14-round loss to Sugar Ray Leonard at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. That was what it was like for Sports Illustrated photographer Neil Leifer when he shot perhaps the greatest sports photo of the century, capturing Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday at age 74. That was what it was like for sports illustrated photographer Neil Leifer when he shot perhaps the greatest sports photo of the century. He’s covered not only famous athletes but also a variety of characters – from Charles Manson to the Pope. He got it and it was a great cover. His pictures regularly appeared in every major national magazine, including the Saturday Evening Post, Look, LIFE, Newsweek, Time and, most often, Sports Illustrated. Another example was the first Ali-Frazier fight. Neil Leifer. I mean, this wasn't my uncle running the paper. The famous photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston during their 1965 fight is the centerpiece of an auction of Neil Leifer shots up for sale this weekend. Neil became a photographer in his teens around the 1960’s. A year earlier, Leifer was one of the only two photographers with color film in his camera when Ali knocked out Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine, and his image of the moment has become not just one of his most famous photos, but one of the most memorable sports photos of all time - seen by many as the greatest sports photograph in history. Neil Leifer • Neil Leifer is a very famous sports photojournalist. It didn't win second or third. Explore the stories behind 100 images that changed the world, selected by TIME and an international team of curators. Neil Leifer's most famous photo may be of a scowling Muhammad Ali standing over a fallen Sonny Liston, but many of the photographer's favorites come from his portfolio of portraits. During the course of his career which lasted for over 50 years, this photographer established himself as one of the most renowned individuals in the business. Vince Lombardi. I was obviously in the right seat, but what matters is I didn't miss. ‘It was, of co… Leifer was born in New York in 1942. As one of the most highly regarded sports photographers in history and a veteran Sports Illustrated shooter, Neil Leifer often obtained plum photo spots for Olympic events. But I found out early that season that every Sunday, there was an Army Veterans Hospital in the Bronx that would bring anywhere from 40 to 60, 70 Army veterans in wheelchairs to the games, and they always needed help. Let’s know more about this famous photo and the associated events. And of course there's the famous Ice Bowl in Green Bay with the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. Fine Art Photography. Ali – Williams (Overhead) Ali – Frazier III. The game that you refer to, the greatest game ever played, was the sudden death game with the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants, was on my 16th birthday on December 28th, 1958. In this particular photo he captured Muhammad Ali getting a knockout in one of the biggest fights of his career. TPG: Let's talk about when you're 16 and you find yourself on the field of what turned out to be the greatest NFL game ever played, the Colts-Giants championship game in 1958. Ali – Liston. So the probability is I had a better picture. The Ali v Cleveland Williams shot is an overhead image of Williams lying splayed on the canvas after being floored by Ali. In this corner of the ring -- in fact, in every corner of the ring -- stands Neil Leifer. As when he found himself near the finish line of Florence "Flo Jo" Griffith Joyner's 100-meter win in Seoul in 1988. It happened right in front of Tony Triolo and he didn't miss. In fact, it didn't win any of the three honorable mentions. Bart Starr went in for the touchdown and the first thing that happened is the referee got between me and the play. Original Iconic Photos From Neil Leifer's Collection Go Under the Hammer. It isn't the picture I wanted to shoot.

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