navy blue suit and purple shirt
November 13th, 2020

It’s known as the ‘power look’. Don’t feel like your pocket square needs to be pink, too. We aim to foster an environment where everybody feels safe and welcomed and where people feel encouraged to have healthy productive discussions. It keeps the tones cool and complimentary and allows you to have some fun with your pocket square. Thanks for the help. , Great Style On A Budget | 5 Tips To Look Stylish With No Money | Build A Wardrobe On Low Income, Upgrade Casual Men’s Wardrobe With One Item | Step Up Your Style With Boots | How To Wear The Dress Boot, 10 Short Man Style Secrets | How To Look Taller | Stylish Tips To Dress Shorter Men, 10 BOLD Style Tips That Go Against The Grain | Don’t Be A Fashion Victim, Click here - Best Black Friday Deals 2020, Click Here To Watch The Video On YouTube –. Polka dots, stripes, texture or just plain tie will all work with a blue suit. The spectrum ranges from bright Napoli blues to lighter hues and of course darker midnight and navy blue suits which can be worn with almost anything. Remember pointy dress shoes are not the best look when wearing a suit. I mean almost any. Maybe not green or mustard yellow, but other colours in the normal spectrum will always complement a blue suit. Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. RELATED: Best Dress Shirts For Men To Buy Right Now. Don't do that. Navy Suit Creative Look. What do y'all think of this shirt? Classic and elegant. Wouldn't do that unless it's a very pale purple. For the sake of simplicity we’re grouping the ‘reds’ into one category. Customise your D'Marge reading experience by selecting your preferred region below. Charcoal Grey Suit. Large stripes are best left to bankers and dodgy lawyers you see on TV. You … If your suit is dark or navy blue then a very dark brown or black shoe is better. Brown or black is the question. Blue has never been more popular for men’s suits. A great option for an evening event is the black shirt with a blue suit. i'd avoid navy ties altogether, tbh. You’ll either wear more blue, or you’ll pick some random colour and really mess things up. I just bought this suit over the weekend. :). See more ideas about gentleman style, mens outfits, well dressed men. The blue suit and white shirt combination is always a winner. Free Shipping Available. Pretty much any shirt colour will work with a blue suit. "Studies show that navy blue is the best color for a suit to wear to a job interview, because it inspires confidence. tho i'm not sure telling him to maybe wear a navy tie with his smokey blue shirt and navy suit is the best possible advice. Alternatively a blue suit and grey tie combination is best worn with a grenadine or heavy textured type of tie. Polka dots are okay as are small subtle stripes. The pink shirt is more suited to the daring gentleman who likes to make a bold statement. Complete the look with a purple or blue tie. Knowing what to wear with a blue suit can be a difficult and sometimes boring task. Our recommendation is to choose a tie with heavy texture. Expect to receive the latest in celebrity style & watches, rare and collectable cars, latest business travel and airlines news plus much much more. Charcoal grey is a great color that you can choose for a suit, especially if you … It was pretty pricey for me, and I have an event to wear it to this weekend, so I was hoping I wouldn't need to go out and buy a new shirt. I am thinking about taking it back. If not, you really shouldn't. ... suit or blouse. They say real men wear pink. What about the shirt, will pink or white work? Navy blue provides the perfect canvas to showcase a creative vibe. I think I just got swept up in the excitement of buying a suit when I got it and didn't notice because of that. It's on par with pale pink, pale blue, etc. It will help separate the blue suit and blue tie, giving you a interesting look. If you want a loud shirt and tie combination then ensure your suit is plain, if you have a loud suit, then opt for fewer patterns and bright colours/patterns on your tie. It’s more of a classic look more suited to the office than a day at the races or a fancy cocktail party. Until now. A white shirt or light blue (or dark, smokey blue but definitely not French blue) is appropriate and easy and you'll look well together. You’ll soon notice how many people comment on how they love the texture of your tie. Reddit's largest men's fashion community. This works best with dark grey or black shirts combined with navy and darker tones of blue suits. So little answers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Credit: / And we agree. Versatile in summer, winter, corporate or for pleasure. This includes brown, salmon and coral. i really like light purple and navy during the spring/summer. With white, do a red tie and with either of the blues, a dark blue or navy will work. Then comes the question, do I wear brown shoes or black? That clearly isn't. We would recommend brown over black if your suit is a lighter colour. You’ll find we’re covered single-breasted as well as some double-breasted suits. Have some fun here, maybe go for blue. We welcome those who want to learn and those who want to contribute. Also, if I wear this shirt with the navy suit, any suggestions on ties and/or what color shoes I should wear? I prefer black or navy but red, burgundy and greens will also work too, As mentioned above both black or brown shoes are acceptable. it'd work if the shirt was a lavender. There is a perfect time for everything! Blue is the new black. tho i'm not sure telling him to maybe wear a navy tie with his smokey blue shirt and navy suit is the best possible advice. A bright blue suit and a bright pink shirt may be too much, so choose whether you want the suit to shout or the shirt. The blue suit with a black tie doesn’t scream creativity. Jun 17, 2017 - Explore peter's board "navy blue suit combinations" on Pinterest. These colours create a little contrast allowing your blue suit to pop, When it comes to ties the world is your oyster. Complete the look with a purple or blue tie. If you’re not wearing a tie a larger collar is helpful to ensure it stays tucked underneath the blazer lapels at all times.

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