myq home bridge
November 13th, 2020

If you’re outside the US, you’re likely out of luck. This depends on what you already have in your setup, specifically if you already have an existing (non-HomeKit) MyQ bridge/gateway like the Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 shown here. This device acts as a translator between MyQ and WiFi. It’s worth considering whether this is the best option, however. MyQ Home Bridge Features. Issues range from simply not responding reliably or giving notifications in a timely manner through HomeKit, WiFi issues, and losing configuration after a power failure. You can configure notifications on the door so it pings you when it opens and closes, and constrain those messages by time and who is at home (based on your Apple Home membership). Of course, if you’re not US based then this device is not an option anyway. .text-button-wrapper { There are a few ways to do this, the most obvious being Chamberlain’s own Home Bridge device with HomeKit support. Get notified when your garage door opens, closes, or is left open. We'll soon test the Home Bridge out at the CNET Smart Home, where we've already spent plenty of time testing MyQ -- stay tuned for a full review. However, because you’re going through the bridge, a mandated warning period is built in for safety reasons. Still, the addition of Siri support will be welcome news for many of MyQ's customers (especially since Garageio, one of MyQ's key competitors, has been offering Alexa voice controls for well over a year). That extra step means that phone thieves won't also be able to access your garage, but it also undercuts a little bit of the hands-free convenience that makes voice controls so compelling. The iSmartGate website does have good step by step instructions and video to cover this, but if you’re trying to follow that on your phone at the same time as doing the steps it can be a bit clumsy. They simply connect to the button terminals and trigger the door in the same way as a physical button would. You'll need this $50 bridge, CNET Smart Home: Interactive Floor Plan Urban. Learn More. There’s also a PRO model that allows wiring up to three door openers from the one device, so this is a great option if you have a garage with multiple doors. }, The Item Was Not Added to Your Shopping Cart. } Activate Siri® voice control for your garage. While this is the more expensive option, the iSmartGate LITE (formerly known as GoGoGate) offers better platform compatibility, and true local HomeKit control. This option is a little more complicated, but potentially offers the cheapest way to get your door into HomeKit. It’s unclear if this is a HomeKit issue or due to the fact that all the status info is still passing through the Chamberlains cloud service as well. width: 100%; A power socket is required, which will limit placement options, but as it comes with a mount it can be fairly easily installed on the wall or ceiling of the garage and make use of the sockets in there. LiftMaster and Chamberlain Internet Gateway (myQ Home Bridge is a replacement for this device and adds HomeKit compatibility) Adds both smartphone control and HomeKit™ compatibility to: LiftMaster and Chamberlain myQ-enabled garage door openers (has a myQ logo/no Wi-Fi logo) LiftMaster MyQ Control Panel (model 888LM) You don’t need both types for a set up to work on HomeKit, the Home Bridge model will suffice, and will also act as a normal MyQ bridge/gateway allowing connection of you door opener to Chamberlain’s cloud service and MyQ app. This is where things can get problematic. { This can cause HomeKit to not trigger automations based on the door state, and report the door state incorrectly until it’s cycled again to get the states matched up again. Smart ceiling fans: The best options available, How to set up Home Theater Audio on Apple TV 4K, Eufy 2K Indoor Cam is great value: Review, The Eve Cam is a top choice for HomeKit Secure Video: Review, HomeKit options for Chamberlain garage door openers. ✔ Supports HomeKit, Google, IFTTT, SmartThings✔ Door position sensor included✔ Supports time limited user access (in app)✔ Local control, ✘ Instructions only online ✘ Most expensive option. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. display: block; You can set up this solution pretty easily now and run it on a small Raspberry Pi device, just like any other smart hub. I was having a hard time getting my shiny new MyQ homekit bridge to work. MyQ is Chamberlain’s proprietary communication system that allows their door motors to talk to other things like remotes, lights, and their internet service. Australia, for example, doesn’t require the alarm, only the light. ✔ Supports HomeKit, Google, IFTTT✔ Wall mount included, ✘ Poor setup instructions/support ✘ Still needs internet connection✘ US compatibility only. The rather annoying requirement here is for a five second audible alarm. The Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge, available now for $50. You get the bridge installed and powered up, then download the MyQ app on your phone and do the setup from there. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. .app-btn-wrap.ios { Monitor and control your deliveries from your smartphone. * Put your home on Autopilot Set smart devices such as your thermostat or lighting to adjust when you open or close the garage door. The MyQ service also communicates the door state quite well, with not only open and closed status, but when it’s in transit as well. info As the bridge needs to communicate wirelessly with both your door opener and you home network, you’ll need to find a location where it can do both. Thankfully there are good alternatives. margin-top: -3%; Press and hold the Settings(gear) button for 8-10 seconds until the LED light goes flashing blue. Now, you'll be able to add Siri-powered HomeKit smarts into the mix for $50 -- MyQ's first direct connection with a voice assistant. Flashing the light on the motor is also required, but less of an issue. This isn’t Chamberlain’s fault, of course, but a consequence of accessing the door control through a device that means you may be ‘out of line of sight’. HomeKit allows for secure local control, but as the Home Bridge is still a normal MyQ device as well, it still expects and needs to have access to the MyQ internet service to work at all. Wirelessly connect to your home network in minutes. California Residents: } This can has caused some users issues as using any other means to operate the door, such as a car remote or physical button, will result in the door state being out of sync. You’ll probably want to have some on hand, as when the sensor stops working the Garage door will show as Not Responding in HomeKit. If you don’t have either then you may be better off going with the iSmartGate from a cost perspective, as the LITE model will probably run you less than getting everything for this DIY solution. Proposition 65 WARNING. The ongoing nature of these disruptions creates some uncertainty with any access you may have to their MyQ service going forward. There’s also no subscription required for any of the supported platforms, and it’s usable in any region. Check the status and control your garage door and myQ lights with the myQ App. To actually use that feature, you’ll need a bridge device in order to connect to it with a smart home platform or smart phone app. .wrap-app-btns { display: flex; flex-wrap: nowrap; align-content: flex-start; justify-content: center; } If you’re in the US and want to add HomeKit support to your MyQ garage door opener, you can certainly opt for Chamberlains official bridge. ✔ Supports HomeKit, Alexa, Google, SmartThings✔ Door position sensor included✔ Local control✔ Easy Installation. margin: 0 auto 2%; This is a regulatory requirement for any ‘remote access’ so that anyone in the garage knows the door is going to move. { When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. The device is a simple, no frills remote door button, and is reliant on the included wired magnetic sensor to determine if the door is open or closed. It helped me, hopefully it’ll help someone else too! The Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener (you’ll want the MSG100HK model) operates along the same lines as the iSmartGate in that it connects directly to the button terminals on the door motor and pretends to be a physical wired opener button.

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