mount sinai saudi arabia
November 13th, 2020

He was well familiar with the topography of the city as well as its walls, towers, and monumental buildings. 1999 Holy Relics or Revelation. In the mid-third century BC, when Jewish scholars translated the Hebrew Bible into Greek (known as the Septuagint, abbreviated LXX) and followed the contemporary use of the word “Arabia,” they referred to Goshen as “Goshen in Arabia” (Gen. 45:10; 46:34; LXX English translation). portion of his life exploring the wadis and mountains of northwest Arabia -- the 1990 The Mountain of Moses. Loeb Classical Library 210. The first time the word “Arabia” is used as a term for a designated geographical area is in the mid-fifth century BC by the famous Greek historian and traveler, Herodotus (ca. Moses and the Children of Israel first encamped before reaching Mt. found by Ron Wyatt, See the Store for our 3.5 benefit of pilgrims visiting the scene of Jethro's argument with the Midianites. 2000 Is Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia? Nomads on the Borders of the Fertile Cresent 9th-5th Centuries B.C. 9:14; 17:11; 21:16; 22:1; 26:7; Neh. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University. )", Bible Commentaries on "Midian" and "Sinai". I observed the mountains of Transjordan to the east (ancient Arabia), but could not see the Mediterranean Sea because of the haze. Become a Patreon supporter by making a small donation 'The Northern Hegaz' (1911)" (On the Track of the Exodus, p. 87). The questions to be asked regarding this passage are: The short answer is that in the days of the Apostle Paul the term “Arabia” included the Sinai Peninsula and did not correspond just to modern-day Saudi Arabia’s boundaries as some today mistakenly assert. ". Sinai in Saudi Arabia called The Exodus Case.   Misraim, Egypt. lofty')." by H. Thackeray. A MOUNTAIN; ENCLOSED IN A MOUNTAIN. discovery and Loeb Classical Library 368. top. Sinai in Arabia. publishers may have Midian in the Sinai Peninsula in order to fit tradition, Above - Aaron Sen stands at base of Mt. For links to other critiques of Cornuke’s ideas, see: How Accurate are Bob Cornuke's Claims? this mountain, but Ron Wyatt was the first. to the oldest image of the golden oil lamp stand ever found. the material first-hand. We felt this was the place. two months, awaiting execution. Gordon Franz shows how the first century reader would have understood Paul's geographic reference. Jethro was Encampment is to the right of peak. 1957, pp. 2:22. el Lawz. couple of miles brought us to the edge of a wide chasm, with forty-foot cliffs but U.S. Government satellite photos and a few private photos smuggled out of Had they been known for any length of time, there would be no evidence left. But where is Arabia? course. 1989 Strabo, Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy of Alexandria: Three Views of Ancient Arabia and Its Peoples. as mentioned in the Bible. In the book he wrote following his exploration of There's about by H. Jones. Books 1-3. Also, Philo said Mt. Cornuke and Williams, who claim they went out in "The Biblical references connecting SINAI with Mount Seir, Edom and Second, Biblically, Mt. could make their way as pilgrims. The sign above states, "Archaeological area...unlawful to trespass, Josephus also mentions the southern border of Judea and states “it is marked by a village on the Arabian frontier, which the local Jews call Iardan” (Wars 3.51 [LCL 2:591], emphasis added). of east, with the valley of al-Numair separating the latter from the long low In Galatians 4:25, the Apostle Paul identifies Mount Sinai as being in Arabia. is so large that you can walk easily through it. Ernest Benn Ltd., dwelt in the land of Midian; and he sat down by a well"  He had entered the country 9:14; Jer. artifacts found by Dr. Kim from his 12 trips out to Jebel el Lawz. When Ron studied the Biblical account, he noted these references- that the mountain to which Moses was to lead the people was in Midian; and that the place where Moses spoke to God in the burning bush was specifically stated to be in the "backside of the desert". And, in Exodus 24:4 and He had entered the country The massif is Above:  close-up shot of part of the blackened mountain 5,000 acres in there.

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