metal studs vs wood studs weight
November 13th, 2020

(note: there is no evidence of settling or shifting or cracks, etc, so we think that can be ruled out). With R values from R42 for the walls and R50 for floors and ceilings. Tweet 0. That means buying it 30-45 days before you use it depending on the weather. So is the .4 Lbs per foot worth the risk, is the question. But – I’ve heard metal buildings expand (“tick! An additional consideration might be expansion and contraction. Good comment. Of course the steel vs. wood conversation comes up a lot in the growing and expanding tiny house industry. I am ready to build…..eigther a permanent or mobile Tiny House. Don’t know if that is it but could be. Instead of screws to lock the studs together, how would rivets work to lock then together? By Ivan Koval. However, he works with someone who has gone to a tiny house and has been using it for 3 years. Tommy Schmitt But there’s a relatively new fastener out there that’s making a splash and you might want to take a look. They can not only be connected with fastners but can also be welded. Hi All – I have a new home in Florida ( about 6 yrs old now) that was built by Centex, now Pulte (Del Webb community). So making mistakes is no longer an issue. You have answered a lot of my questions. Walls are true and straight when constructed and stay that way. That info makes sense and might possibly help. Tiny Houses are mobile units, it makes no sense to apply static structure building practices of wood and nails to a structure with a completely different purpose. There’s more to check out, too, if you search “utility trailer plans” and “utility trailer axle kits”. I am planning on using them for my framing which they use framecad which is a great machine for making all the studs as needed. cleaning of any chips or flash is always a good idea to check when running the wiring. I like your site. And wifi signals have a harder time penetrating steel cages. Same price per foot no matter if you’re using 8′ or 28′. I have not read the full thread but am commenting on your comment. My studs are no more than 16″ apart and in many cases, 12″. The only thing we did different was double screw each stud at each adjoining point. The BECK Fastener Group® has responded to the need for a fastener that’s ease of use is coupled by its long term durability. The sounds are often very loud and alarming ! It can also frame a door such that it is very difficult to violate the door by a thief. In having recently built a tiny house (stationary), we found many advantages to using steel studs, not the least of which was the weight to strength ration. You could screw through multiple layers of steel if needed. I appreciate your thinking on that subject. And every once in a while you stumble upon something new and exciting being offered in the industry. I like angle iron as one can also build rafters and weld all together as a unit. An 8 ft wood stud weighs from 13 – 20 lbs kiln dryed opposed to treated. They can support a lot more weight, being made from heavier material themselves. If the self welding scares you. Share 0. You can also leave it exposed to weather for a much longer period than wood. Nice tiny house Greg. Once the Sheathing was cut to fit glued and secured for the interior, we wired for outlets, lights, both inside and out added pex water lines, used spray foam insulation and installed the outter Sheathing which he covered with metal. What about a shipping container instead of traditional or metal framing? I noticed you are using reused metal studs. And we realize that there are two sides to every story. Do your homework because the expense and liability could easily outweigh the weight of wood. Glue and screw the interior Wallboard or the T&G using trim screws ( heads no bigger than an 8 penny finish nail) For those that are really anal retentive you can always stick a tack weld on all the studs. I have recorded the sounds for Pulte Warranty management and the Rep came and heard it (recording) and seemed very surprised. I’ve been thinking out of the square. And you’d literally have to breathe them for hours and hours even weeks to cause DEATH. appliances are fridge, washer/dryer combo, dishwasher, stove, compost toilet, farmhouse 60/40 sink, round bathroom sink shower stall. Any ideas would be appreciated! I am planning on a 8X30 trailer with 511 sq ft. You can order from a variety of thicknesses also ranging from 12 gauge to 18 gauge. If the requirements are exceeded, extra flotation material is needed and it’s extremely costly. Stability: When you go and pick out wood studs at the lumber yard you quickly see that no two studs are alike. A little more expense, and labor due to pre-drilling each hole, but you get a stronger structure. Proper safety equipment and ventilation will keep the “DEADLY” fumes at bay. ==========. For those used to working with metal this is an easy way to go. Will you metal trailer frame steel work for the mini house. Fine thread screws will hold any material to a metal stud, but extra pressure needs to be applied because these are not self-tapping screws. It seems as though the previous poster may have been a customer. Because of the rifling, they hold as securely as the screws but are HELL to get out if you have to redo them. Simple angle iron can work just fine. If you were looking to make a change or a comparison, we hope this helped. A member of the SCRAIL® family, SteelThread SCRAIL® was introduced recently and has made a positive impression with contractors. When is the last time Toyota made a car out of wood? You can rely upon SCRAIL® fasteners to hold strong, without callbacks to fix a squeak or a nail pop. Comes in a variety of strengths (gauge). that extra hour or two of following behind and tacking the screws are 100% guaranteed of sucess. Pulte is supposedly looking into it, but nothing back yet. Do you have any recommendations? A 50% compromise of your R-value is significant. Then steel will feel as stable as wood. We had some residential rooms on outside corners (steel studs; massive masonry on the outside) of a large residential facility and on cold days, those rooms never hit setpoint. Glue and secure your Sheathing with screws or add a small strip of wood to each stud to accommodate nails if want to nail and glue your exterior siding on. Try leaving wood out in the rain for 9 months as you’re building. In fact, many are actually making the switch from wood to steel studs because they have found a great fastener making the change worthwhile. Thanks. Nice modern look to it. Wood studs would definitely be easier to work with for someone without the welding experience or tools for metal framing. Are those non-load bearing studs? Sounds like a small caliber gun being shot inside the wall ! You just adjusted the length of your screw. Which is better? I came across this system when working production for a tiny house framing company in Austin Tx. Thx ! Lots of good information.

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