language as a reflection of who we are
November 13th, 2020

All of the states who use Common Core can be an advantage by allowing students who move state to state to have the same standards at school. With that said, it is very clear that I have a lot more confidence in the Performance Area: Development of the Home Language and of English. My purpose is to denounce a few dynamics I feel have helped me to become a more effective speaker and to manage my butterflies. While this concept can be equally conveyed in the English language, it cannot be done so in a single word. Democracy is work. Currently, there has been controversy, else to make her feel good about herself, she longs to be young. But without our languages, would we all be with no identity? Language can play a big role in how we and others perceive the world, and linguists work to discover what words and phrases can influence us, unknowingly. A descriptor cannot be given until the thing it is describing is first made apparent, a reflection on the way societies using Romance languages chose to process and convey information. There is a greater ease of conveyance of that concept in German than in English, allowing that language to succeed greater in relaying information that the society utilizing it deemed valuable. However by looking at examples of texting, and/or web-based interaction, I will be able to show that modern language use can too be very creative. While the study of language itself is a deeply fascinating endeavor, equal consideration should be given to the study of language as it pertains to individual societies and the process of development and evolution that language undertakes. The evolution and development of a language, a study known as etymology, allows a fascinating look into a society’s changing circumstances and evolving perceptions. Language is equally a reflection of political circumstances, and the evolution of language demonstrates the changing of those circumstances. Another way in which the character of a language reflects on the society using it is through the syntax of that language. Many people hold the opinion that ‘old fashioned’ methods of language use were more caring and creative, and that modern technology allows us to simply be ‘lazy’. Reflection Prompt: Consider the concept of coded cultural messages. It is therefore no surprise that language has been developed by the various societies and civilizations across the world. Without language, without this tool to relay and record concepts, we would be unable to construct the plethora of elements which compose our civilization. Congress & Commerce in the Final Frontier: A Brief Legislative History of U.S. Commercial Space Law. Language is a reflection of a society’s culture and its perception of the world; as it relays information, it demonstrates how a certain society takes in, processes, … “I am important to her. Language allows us to talk on TV and the phone, reaching people around the world. As such, studying it is one of the most profound and revealing ways that we can understand the people of our world. To further demonstrate this point, Romance languages are now spoken across Western Europe because they trace their roots to Latin, which was spread across Western Europe by the conquests of the Romans. Language is the most important and the best human ability to communicate what we feel, want and many others types of expression around the world. Indeed, it seems almost as if the development and use of language is an innate human characteristic. However who ever ends up reading this journal entry might think differently. Reflection the English language. How you expose yourself to it and how you observe and understand it. What one does and the decision they make in their lives are all reflections on what they find sacred. Language allows us to talk on TV and the phone, reaching people around the world. She took in as much information as possible as she watched her mother, a Speech Pathologist, texting and/or web-based interactions can be very creative forms of language use Sacred in this context is an extension of one’s belief held up in high esteem to the point where what is deemed sacred is god like. Introspection # 32: “Language as a Reflection of Society”, Polybius on Roman Funerary Rites – Writing for a Foreign Audience. Words are not the only way of conveying ideas and concepts; the way those concepts and ideas are arraigned in a thought and relayed is equally important in demonstrating their importance to a specific society. Language is the most important tool humanity possesses. the communities of which we are a part: our families, social groups, and other associations. I first have to state that I am still developing my education; so for the most part I believe I am still developing my knowledge in every one of the Performance Areas. It is the language of reflection that deepens our knowledge of who we are in relation to others in a community of learners. Inspiration They system is a reflection of who we are. I really like your post! Children develop their sense of self by processing what others tell them about who they are in … Language is what binds us to our culture and ancestors. Compromise & Conference Committees – Resolving Bicameral Legislative Differences, Minority Power in the House of Reps – Motions to Recommit & Suspension of the Rules, The Civil Rights Act & ESSA – Procedural Stages to Passing the Bills, Powered by WordPress & Theme by Anders Norén. Most Romance languages follow the rule of “noun then adjective,” where the noun being described by the adjective precedes the adjective. Hello! Reflection the English language. First, I will show how eye contact, Eliade, in his book “The Sacred and Profane,” poses an interesting conjecture that all people are inherently religious. Language also reflects how we view ourselves. Standards are ways to track the learning of students and are what the students are supposed to know in each subject and grade level. The particular choice of words which compose a language and the syntax through which that language is conveyed demonstrates the way a society perceives its environment and relays information about it. It allows us to analyze and/or monitor our communications. Other languages, such as the one this post is being written in, does not share that diversity in words about snow. It can both isolate us and bring us closer together. I would appreciate it so much. The development of a specific language over time shows how the society or societies using it develop over time as well, as changes in cultural perspective, social composition, and political circumstances deeply impact the characteristics of a language. Reflection: The English Language. Language is what binds us to our culture and ancestors. Another example: in the German language, the word schadenfreude conveys the idea of taking pleasure in watching another person fail. I will prove to you that strong body language makes ideas and feelings more clear, vigorous and engaging. Christians, for example, view Christmas as a sacred time as it, the Common Core (and associated national standards) in the United States using the assigned readings. In the English language, however, the inverse is true: adjectives precede nouns. Example: In the old European language of Ogham, each letter also represents a certain species of tree. Language also reflects how we view ourselves. I am one of those who suffer from butterflies, that uncomfortable feeling in my chest and stomach, before speaking in public. Human Spaceflight Regulations: A Matter of Safety, or Legitimacy? As such, I will be unable to convey an equal amount of information about snow through this language, or at least not be able to do so with the ease the Eskimo language allows. Learn how your comment data is processed. Reflection: The English Language. As an adult Filipino-American going back and trying to sit down and learn, it’s a bit painful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My conversation with Sophie starts, “Since culture does not just reflect the world in images, but actually, through those images, conditions a child to see that world a certain way, the colonial child was made to see the world and where he stands in it as seen and defined by or reflected in the culture of the language of imposition.” When reading “Decolonizing the Mind” was published by an African author named, Ngugi wa Thiog’o”. Your email address will not be published. Our language is the ‘heart’ of who we are as a person. She comes and goes. How you expose yourself to it and how you observe and understand it. It is very interesting and just what I was looking for. He takes an interesting approach on how he captures his audiences’ attention, he does this by showing the, I. 1. We use language to reflect upon ourselves and what we want others to think of us. Language tells us not just who we are but where we are.

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