kombu kombucha pty ltd
November 13th, 2020

The winners of the inaugural Drink Easy Awards are in. A regular market pop-up, probably in the inner west, isn’t too far off. Kefie – Hopped Water Kefir Today, the Happy Culture is still run why the founders and is made up of a team of 10+, who work together to passionately craft an exciting range of delicious kombucha and other fermented goodies at their production home in the Cape Winelands. 7. One good tip we can share to manage consumption is to dilute the kombucha in sparkling water - so you’re still enjoying all the benefits and delicious bubbly refreshment, but with more hydration and dilution. In the longer term, after consuming it regularly, kombucha is known to uplift wellbeing by improving digestive health, boosting energy levels and overall physical and mental wellbeing. Non, VIC These acids are also beneficial to protect the brew from harmful microorganisms and act as a natural preservative. Lyre’s Spirit Co, NSW Non-alcoholic “alcoholics”. The sediment is comprised of the living cultures settling at the bottom, and in some cases, combined with the natural juices/extracts (i.e cold pressed ginger) - this is a sign of a healthy, happy brew. Because it is 0% sugar, the style is very light and subtle  - almost like a naturally flavoured sparkling water, with a light yeasty and acidity element resulting from the fermentation. Here are the Drink Easy Awards’ best Australian non-alcoholic drinks by style and order of placing. Overall- if you were already enjoying kombucha before pregnancy, yes- it is safe to drink moderate quantities of Happy Culture Kombucha during pregnancy - but with more caution if you are new to drinking kombucha. 9. Founder, Yogi Beer Pty Ltd New South Wales, Australia. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Rok Kombucha – Classic BoochMargaret River Kombucha Co, WA4. • Juice Culture – Circus Juice Culture, VIC 3. Founder at Kombu Kombucha Sydney, Australia 176 connections. Lyre’s Spirits Co, NSW Hamilton-Smith got fermentation down pat studying science in Adelaide before putting it into practice in kitchens across Sydney (most recently at Welcome Dose in Rosebery’s The Cannery). Or it’s on tap at The Pacific Club in Bondi. “Why not take this ‘healthy’ drink and turn it into something that can really be enjoyed?”. 8. Works with still and sparkling water, but lock it in with a G&T and it’s happy days. Weichelt Pty Ltd, TAS Heal Thy Soda – Ginger Beer Lyre’s – Coffee Liqueur We recommend starting slow, with max 1 x 340ml / day initially, and seeing how your body responds. Get the best of Broadsheet straight to your inbox, © 2020 Broadsheet Media. Kombu was born out of a love for flavour, fermentation and creativity. Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup – Original Juice Culture, VIC “I really backed myself,” he says. ✦ 0% Sugar  ✦ Medically recognised probiotics (Bifidobacterium Lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus) ✦ With added Vitamin B12 ✦ Crafted with Mineral Water ✦ Naturally Caffeine free. Kefie – Hopped Water KefirWeichelt Pty Ltd, TAS9. We love big flavours, as much as we appreciate balance. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Judges said of the Victorian tonic in their tasting notes: A remarkable tonic. A landmark product. Both ranges have the same organic green tea kombucha as a base. Find out more about PET and how you can recycle by visiting our packaging page. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This is why it is important to keep Happy Culture Kombucha and Water Kefir refrigerated at all times or they will continue to ferment at warmer temperatures and lose their harmonious balance. Once bottled, our kombucha is sent to the second fermentation room where the bubbles will be naturally formed in the bottle, and then kept refrigerated until it is enjoyed. Happy Culture Water Kefir is made until strict health and safety protocols and abides to the max 0,5% alcohol limit. To dissolve this residue into the liquid,  you can turn the bottle upside down and gently rock the bottle back and forth. Maps ©. Our Water Kefir is also also tightly monitored to remain below the 0,5% mark. Our Water Kefir is made using a base of mineral water, apple juice and live cultures, alchemically combined together through the wondrous art of fermentation., resulting in a naturally sparkling, zero-sugar refreshment packed with probiotics and delicious hydration to invigorate those who enjoy its wonders. “A lot of kombucha is made with a really low amount of sugar – most is consumed during fermentation – which makes for a watery result,” says Hamilton-Smith. This may show up as gas, bloat, or a change in stool. Broadsheet is a trade mark used under licence by Broadsheet Media Pty Ltd from BM IP Pty Ltd as trustee for the BM IP Trust. All that’s frozen is the Willamette raspberries from Tasmania (“they’re not a berry built for transport”). When it’s all about flavour, produce matters. Roar Brewing, NSW Founder, Yogi Beer Pty Ltd New South Wales, Australia. Lyre's – Vermouth Rosso Here are the Drink Easy Awards’ best Australian non-alcoholic drinks by style and order of placing. 7. TasPop – Mandarin Lime & BittersWeichelt Pty Ltd, TAS7. Kombu is “a complete 180 on that”. Kombu Kombucha – Neat & Natural Kombu Kombucha Pty Ltd, NSW. On an immediate basis, our Kombucha is known to make one feel deliciously refreshed and invigorated with a sparkly ‘happy buzz’. The awards came to a close in late 2019, with a three-day blind tasting of wine, beer and cider, spirits and – in an Australian first – non-alcoholic beverages. The main risks around kombucha and pregnancy are pertaining to caffeine and alcohol content. Kombu Kombucha – Neat & NaturalKombu Kombucha Pty Ltd, NSW, 1. Two Boys Brew Kombucha – Silk RoadBootlegger Australia Pty Ltd, VIC2. Seco Sparkling – Spiced PineappleSeco Sparkling Pty Ltd, VIC, 1. Takakuni Shino. Our kombucha is flavoured with locally sourced and seasonal produce, with flavour as our number one priority.m. Order HALO direct to your door now. Drinking “too much” Kombucha will not harm you. 9. But that’s not David Hamilton-Smith’s concern. Works with still and sparkling water, but lock it in with a G&T and it’s happy days. Rating: 100%. Judges said of the Victorian tonic in their tasting notes: A remarkable tonic. Flora Kombucha – Strawberry & Mint KombuchaWeichelt Pty Ltd, TAS5. Non, VIC 5. 6. Capi – Flamin’ Ginger Beer Fresh Local PTY LTD, VIC 4. Amplify Organic Kombucha is a delicious and refreshing drink that is actively good for you. ‘Kombucha’  is sparkling fermented tea drink, crafted using an ancient Eastern Tradition. It is also important to note that these sugars are all broken down, fermented sugars and that no sucrose is added post fermentation. Drink it in the morning for a healthy kick start to your digestive system, as a delicious and digestion-boosting pairing to your lunch, in the afternoon for an energy boost, or anytime of the day to refresh and invigorate. The Cherry CBD is infused with a small dose of CBD oil to offer additional beneficial, calming properties and is best enjoyed to relax or relieve stress. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. ... Frucor Suntory Australia Pty Ltd … Kombu was born out of a love for flavour, fermentation and creativity. Weichelt Pty Ltd, TAS 1. If you’re new to kombucha, and since everyone’s body is different, we recommend slowly introducing Kombucha into your regular diet. Shelf life is 5 months from production. Alcohol is a natural byproduct of fermentation and can be found in all fermented foods, like kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi. Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup – OriginalBowled Over Beverages, VIC2. There were three non-alcoholic categories: kombucha and fermented soft drinks; mixers, shrubs and cordials; and non-alcoholic “alcoholics”. 2. Happy Culture is honoured to be making their goodness-filled ferments widely available and accessible to South Africans all around the country, and is excited to continue to inspire and evolve the beverage, fermented foods, and gut health movements in South Africa. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Roar Brewing, NSW Join to Connect Kombu Kombucha. 9. Lyre’s – AmarettoLyre’s Spirits Co, NSW8. And rightly so – it fast became a full-time job and output is soon to hit 1000 litres a week. Kombu Kombucha Pty Ltd, NSW Over time, the live culture works its magic to transform the tea into a tangy, naturally effervescent drink, bubbling with living goodness to support overall wellbeing. The overall winner of the non-alcoholic category was the Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup (Original) by Bowled Over Beverages. Fresh Local PTY LTD, VIC $48.00. Soft Drinks, mixers, shrubs and cordials. Both Aluminium cans and PET is widely recycled in South Africa. KOMBUCHA KAT LTD (the "Company") is a Private Limited Company, incorporated on 6 December 2016 (Tuesday) in UK. For this reason, we recommend starting by introducing it to your system slowly. If you are unsure of introducing something new to your child’s body, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional. 7. Seco Sparkling Pty Ltd, VIC

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