julia caesaris child
November 13th, 2020

I. e. 76-ban született, meghalt i. e. 54-ben. Later in 29, owing to the intrigues of Sejanus, and at the insistence of Tiberius, Nero and Agrippina were accused of treason. Julia Livia (daughter of Drusus Julius Caesar), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Julia_(women_of_the_Julii_Caesares)&oldid=978056516, Ancient Roman prosopographical lists of women, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 17:02. Julia (d. 104 BC) known in modern-day references as Julia Cornelia to distinguish her from her other family members. [1] Julia became the fourth wife of Pompey the Great and was renowned for her beauty and virtue. Cassius Dio[4] records that Julia was now engaged to Sejanus, but this claim appears to be contradicted by Tacitus, whose authority is to be preferred. This information is part of by on Genealogy Online. She was born in Majo Mills 38 BC, only a few days after her father divorced her mother to marry Cingular Ringtones Livia Drusilla. Tiberius, who still detested her, pulled the punishment forward and ordered that she could not leave one room and see nobody. It was allegedly remarked, as a singular omen, that on the day Augustus entered Rome as Caesar's adoptive son (in May 44 BC), the monument of Julia was struck by lightning. Livia Drusilla (30 January 58 BC – 28 September 29 AD) was adopted into her husband's family (the Julii Caesares) in his will. Plutarch describes her as one of 'most nobly born and admirable women of her time'. Chr. She may have anticipated execution by taking her own life. Juvenal, in Satire VIII.39, suggests another son, also named Gaius Rubellius Blandus. [15], Caesar richtete in Erfüllung seines Versprechens an das Volk zu Ehren seiner Tochter im Jahre 46 v. Chr. In den 1950er Jahren begleitete sie ihren Mann, den Diplomaten Paul Child, nach Frankreich, wo sie sich von diversen Koryphäen der französischen Kochkunst ausbilden liess. [8] The Emperor, her uncle Claudius, without securing any defence for his niece, had her executed 'by the sword' (Octavia 944-6: "ferro... caesa est"). 64 BC. Julia (d. 69 BC) was the paternal aunt of Julius Caesar and the wife of Gaius Marius. Chr.) Julia Caesaris, also known as Julia the Elder, was the only child of Caesar Augustus, from his second marriage with Scribonia. There has been a notion that it could have been Marcus Junius Brutus[4] (Caesar's most famous assassin), who, after being adopted by his uncle, was known as Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus for an unknown period of time. In the words of Tacitus. She was also a first cousin of the emperor Caligula, and niece of the emperor Claudius. It was during her grandfather's rule, when she was around the age of 16, that Julia married her cousin Nero Caesar (the son of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder). [5] Their children were Gaius Rubellius Plautus[6] and possibly a daughter Rubellia Bassa who married a maternal uncle of the future Roman Emperor Nerva. In fact, Pompey had been given the governorship of Hispania Ulterior, but had been permitted to remain in Rome to oversee the Roman grain supply as curator annonae, exercising his command through subordinates. [8] Im nächsten Jahr war sie wieder schwanger, starb aber im August oder September 54 v. Chr. Either this Julia or her sister gave testimony against Publius Clodius Pulcher, when he was impeached for impiety in 61 BC. Julia died in childbirth in 54 BC. Not a long time after, Julia was arrested for adultery charges and Tiberius divorced her immediately. Augustus, who took care of their education personally, adopted the boys Lucius and Gaius Caesar.

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