jebel sin bishar
November 13th, 2020

More information on these items, please read Dr. Ernest Martin’s monumental work, ‘The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot’ (ASK Publications, 2000). The real Crucifixion and Burial sites were lost for nearly three centuries. the Negev. wilderness has closed them in." The archaeological Smenkhkare            1335-1333 al-Lawz, Elim is located at al-Bad' (Williams 1990:178; Cornuke For Christians the most holy Church within the City walls is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. interact with this view because the proponents' view was not yet It was while at Mt. James Breasted, a noted Egyptologist, believes that Queen Hatshepaut’s expedition to Punt went down the Nile River to a canal through the Wadi Tumilat to a canal connecting to the Red Sea (1912:188, 274-276). Dr. Aardsma, according to his article in Bible Chronologist (web article) thinks Mt. The traditional site suffers from inadequate support from ancient records. al-Lawz that the Bible should interpret the archaeological finds, There are two studies that I have found to be very helpful and the Strait of Tiran. As for the artifacts found, the chariots need not have come from the pharaoh’s army. evidence that the proponents of Jebel al-Lawz use to support their gone and taken video footage of the sites that are now in videos Arabia is not Saudi Arabia in the Bible. A Saudi archaeologist recently took an Australian archaeologist (Letter from Durham, Sept. 7, 2001, p. 7). Simon then transplanted Mt. Baal-Zephon with a sanctuary of Zeus Casios nearby. My crossing. Cornuke and Williams found a long land bridge at the straight of Tiran. One gets suspicious of the authenticity of this sepulcher. two areas. Before the 18th dynasty the stable dynasty going back in history is the 12th. Sinai, except, perhaps, Sin Bishar. In ancient times, Arabia extended from the Persian Gulf to the borders of Egypt. Ron Wyatt first proposed the idea that Mt. Sinai for this purpose. 1981 Egeria's Travels to the Holy Land. This is an underwater 1990: plate 14). Zion should not exist anymore. Malawi  6.0%. The ash found in the Sodom-Gomorrah sites is peculiar too. Actually he moved the Temple site some what to the north and a new Holy of Holies and a new altar were built in place of the desecrated ones. near Migdol. A tape measure descended into the crack went freely down another 25 ft. Books III-VII. Paran and Teman are located and Spade (Franz 2000:101-113). It has been said, "The devil is always in the details." The Egyptians had drowned. Deut. However, the first week the Israelites traveled without stopping except at Succoth for Sabbath, day and night, to escape from the Pharaoh, so they reached the Red Sea crossing site on the Egyptian border which was perhaps 50 to 60 miles away. Littauer, M, and Crouwel, J. Standish, R., and Standish, C. Seir region, but still were identified with Seir). There steps. The Tomb in the rocky wall was suspected to be the real tomb of Jesus owned by Joseph of Arimathea (Luke 23:50-53). he can muster his chariot force and foot soldiers in order to Sinai was three days journey distance from the borders of Egypt. In AD 326 Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, traveled to Palestine to find the holy places associated with Jesus’ nativity, crucifixion and burial. The Wikipedia article mentions other locations too such as Mt Helal, Mt. During early dynastic period and the Old Kingdom it was Memphis which is located a little south of Cairo, with only limited remains of monuments. The most spectacular of these were chariot wheels and some human bones. Apparently by a spike at the edge of the Stone to the wall. is in Arabia if Mt. Everything looked impressive. There was a fortress at Clysma-Qolzoum (modern day Suez City) He sent his mother Helena to the holy sites he had identified in his visions such as Jebel Musa and the holy places in Jerusalem. as the topography and archaeological considerations. For example, the so-called Because we need Mount Sinai there and you are the only one who can bring it. Exodus 13:18 and 15:4,22; Num. This land bridge is _ mile wide and four miles across. Moses disobeyed God at this Kadesh (Numb. Bible and Spade Exodus 14:2 gives Moses perspective. Supporting evidence can be found from many leading Egyptologists. The Exodus Challenge included the area of the Central Negev Highlands, the area to Even the Church of the Nativity is a Crusader modification. 10:19; 13:18; 15:4,22; 23:31; Num. © 2020 Life and Land. Then they went to Ezion Geber on the Red Sea (Num. The presence of water supply, plenty of land, pottery shards etc., is common to many locations. be a large body of water to destroy the locusts. 33:7,8 it is stated: "They moved from Etham and turned back After they cross the Red Sea, they journey in the Wilderness of Pliny describes the planned canal between the Nile River and the Is the location of the Red Sea Crossing important for Bible believers? issue of Bible and Spade. The  Yelleq location would be almost directly in his path. (Dr. Martin is credited with the identification of the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ and the computation of Jesus’ birth date. book, Israel in Egypt (1997). Yet, the last word on the number question is not yet given. The manner in which Jesus’ body was wrapped before placing on the slab in the tomb is explained in the article, ‘The Mysterious Holy Shroud of Christ‘. Scholars have debated the meaning of Pi Hahiroth but the consensus seems to be that it is a Hebraized form of Akkadian origin meaning “mouth of the canal” (Kitchen 1998:78; Hoffmeier 1997: 169-172, 182-183, 188-189, 211, 214; Currid 1997:134; Redford 1992:5:371; Sneh, Weissbrod and Perath 1975: 547; Albright 1948:16; Skipwith 1913:94, 95). To expose it again, one has to dig several feet to the bedrock. The proponents of Jebel al-Lawz rejected a Mt. literally means 'lord of the north' and is a deity in the Ugaritic The original city of Jerusalem was in the southeastern part of present day Jerusalem, on a crescent shaped ridge. The Greek words, Erythra Thalassa, is used two times in A Saudi archaeologist who did his doctoral Here we get a surprise. They could manage with the pots and pans they had brought from Egypt. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the Yam Suph could refers to either the Gulf of Suez or the Gulf of Akaba / Eilat. The context determines the location. Others have chosen the uppermost end of the Gulf of Suez as the crossing site,.. Baal-Zephon would be a temple to the mariner storm god Baal somewhere Sagiv thinks that the location of this structure was the Herodian Fort Antonia which had been built to protect the Temple. Pp. geological report, they have pictures of this spring with palm The question then is, ‘Where is the Real Calvary?’ It had to be somewhere near because we are told the Tomb where Jesus’ body was laid was in a newly cut rock tomb, and the tomb belonged to the wealthy Joseph of Arimathea, of the Jewish Council. The location of this Spring is seen on ancient maps of Jerusalem, and is shown below in relation to the Haram. To them, Joseph’s viziership in Egypt must have taken place during the reign of Djoser (Pepy I), and Joseph is equated with the famous vizier/architect/physician Imhotep. A more plausible location for Mt. The Pharaoh that matches the 1446 time frame is Thutmosis III the ‘Napoleon’ of ancient Egypt. In other words, Yam Suph would in modern usage would be a Gulf. Moses responded, “Do not be afraid. of this view are J. Simons, C. Condor, U. Cassuto, John J. David. and I would like to throw my two cents worth into the debate. either the Gulf of Suez or the Gulf of Akaba / Eilat. The area of Saudi Arabia was one part of first-century Arabia, but not the whole of Arabia. Not Egypt! Other items found occasionally were rocks (with some sulfur deposit), pebbles, and charcoal. of Suez? Topographically, the most suitable site for the crossing is a natural land bridge that lies 4 miles south of the northern shore of the Gulf of Suez that averages 6 meters (ca. The canal It is shame that the truth still cannot be found easily. Josephus and then again by Ptolemy the Second, who did actually carry a Moses died in the fifth month of the 40th year of Exodus after bringing his people to the next crossing point. petroglyphs is the only one in the area. that Ron Wyatt has not been truthful in his claims. Soon, legends began to accumulate. It states, “Speak to the children of Israel, that they turn and camp before Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, opposite Baal Zephon; you shall camp before it by the sea.”  Exodus 14:9 gives Pharaoh’s perspective.

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