is yugioh r canon
November 13th, 2020

So let's delve into this confusing mess. Here the Winged Kuriboh card is given to Jaden by Koyo Hibiki who was a world champion and the pioneer of Elemental Heroes in that dimension, which is obviously different to how Jaden received Winged Kuriboh in the GX anime. It should be noted that the movie takes place after battle city so there would have been seasons 4 and 5 to still see those movie exclusive cards being used, yet we didn't. Yako Tenma, the protégé' and adopted son of Maximillion Pegasus, decides to avenge his teacher's defeat at the hands of Yugi, believing him to be responsible for Pegasus' alleged death. Anyway there are three main continuities documented here and a lot of smaller ones. Stardust VS Red Demons", since Jack is still King after Leo and Luna have become friends with Akiza enough to sit together in the audience. However, this particular style does match the DSOD card backgrounds which may potentially mean that if Zexal is canon to a previous Yugioh show, it has to be canon to the dimension with DSOD in it. They then go to Yugi in his prime again, with the Millenium puzzle, hence with Atem. Out of the main ones, the manga, the first anime series and the second anime series, can we determine which sources are to be considered canon? Here comes the interesting part. R was released on October 6, 2009 by Viz. His Duel Monster exclusive deck barely missed out on 40 cards so I had three options. Capsule Monsters, people have said there's some continuity error regarding Shadi, but I don't quite get it. I mean he already left Yugi at the DM? Of course we then get to the final duel with between Jaden and Yugi in his prime (including Atem to solidify the travel back in time), which may or may not have really happened, however we then got the true ending of GX where Jaden travels the world with Pharaoh the cat, Yubel and his totally dead ex-teacher which will be important later. Both are canon, but neither are canon to one another. For the Original? Most likely not to the timeline of DM, GX and 5ds since it never acknowledges anything from 5ds, but it may be part of an alternate timeline that happens after DM and GX. There Yusei encounters Jaden after the ending of GX where he travels the world, hence solidifying the GX connection. She possesses a Sacred beast, a Timelord and a Utopia Number card, thus referencing the cards used by Kagemarou, Yubel, Zone and Yuma/Astral. Next up we have the GX manga which is not canon to GX as we see alternate characters using different decks and playing different roles. Just like all the other manga I have to conclude it's not canon to anything but it's own separate dimension. The Toei version was the first adaptation of the first manga which covered events up to the end of Death T (with various changes along the way such as removing the serial killer part of Death T). Yet another story that takes place in an a separate dimension both to the manga and DM anime as seen by Akira Ito viewing it as a sort of what if untold story because it couldn't be fit into the original manga run. It's canon to the timeline of the DM, GX and 5Ds anime. As mentioned before Pegasus is also confirmed to have died by then so it's a potentially large unknown time skip. Although it's not canon to either, it is much more related to the manga than the DM anime since the plot revolves around reviving Pegasus who is only dead in the manga (and later on during 5ds), while is in fact alive in DM and GX. Last thing for Zexal is the D Team chibi manga, which I only mention to confirm that it's officially non - canon to both the Zexal anime and manga. ", Duel R16: "The Tenma Brothers' Secret...!! The Arc manga actually seems to be related to the GX, 5ds and Zexal anime as seen by the primary villain Eve's cards. It doesn't seem to be canon to anything. It was directly made by Kazuki Takahashi and serves as the first version of Yugioh. It was directly made by Kazuki Takahashi and serves as the first version of Yugioh. On one hand a strong argument for it being canon to the DM and GX anime in particular are the statues of iconic monsters of the past. It's canon to the anime timeline of Duel Monsters but no the manga. "Game King R") is a Japanese manga series written by Akira Itō, based on Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh! Lastly we reach the Vrains anime. manga. A couple of interesting things to note here. Kazuki himself has said this isn't necessarily the canon future to the story but it would explain why Yugi is always visited at his prime. Community content is available under. Needless to mention it's not related to the Toei version as the first episode of DM is a redone version of the ending duel of the Death T arc in both the Toei anime and the manga. ", Duel R21: "The Truth of the R.A. The first 2 Manga (R isn't canon) and Dark Side of Dimension is canon as well to the manga. Yu-Gi-Oh! Many of the characters that are exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh! Yes, Pegasus is dead in the manga and alive in the anime. 3D Bonds Beyond Time is canon, but only very briefly mentioned in the main series for something that would be a huge ordeal to the characters. Following it, the 2 chapter special manga Transcend Game can also be considered part of the same canon as it establishes the events that lead up to Dark side of dimensions. R (遊☆戯☆王 R, Yūgiō Āru, lit. My explanation of that are those black balls in the very first scene of the movie which turned out to be dimensions, hence confirming there are a vast number of parallel dimensions with alternate versions of the characters we know (further confirmed by Arc V's legacy characters). So recently I've been trying to build a Pegasus deck profile where a dilemma hit me. Nope, at least not to the manga timeline. There is actually no evidence to suggest that it's not canon to the original manga, but there is also no evidence to prove that it is, so I simply assume it's part of a parallel dimension to the one of the GX anime. -- Deltaneos (talk) 00:26, December 14, 2011 (UTC), I haven´t read Yu-Gi-Oh! I think we can immediately rule out "Evolving Duel! Cheesedude (talk • contribs) 19:45, January 8, 2012 (UTC) Is R Pegasus' last non-flashback appearance in the manga, though? I'm very elitist about stuff like that since I'm also very elitist about building character deck profiles and I can't be mixing and mashing parallel and alternate characters in one deck. R but the article about it hints Pegasus´dead. Another version worth mentioning particularly because it takes place after battle city is the Yugioh R 5 volume manga. This background does not match the DM, GX and 5ds anime card backgrounds which are all the same, thus it's a different format. The original 38 volume manga (split into 3 separate series when localised) is the one and only true canon. Now is a good time to explain a big point in what I consider canon when it comes to the adaptations. $ee ya. That was Winged Kuriboh sending Jaden to an area of stopped time in the past where he was able to duel Yugi at his prime before Atem left him. Another strong argument for it being canon to the DM and GX shared timeline/dimension is the Bonds Beyond Time movie which has been confirmed as canon to the 5ds anime as it occurs after the WRGP arc. He stopped being King before they knew each other that well in the main series. Those were just about all of the Duel Monster adaptations and alternative stories so let's get to the spin off series, starting with GX. R, Vol. For a lot of the additional story lines, where the plot makes sense with or without them, I don't think there is an official stance on whether they're part of the main story or not and it's open to fan interpretation. [2][3] The first volume from Yu-Gi-Oh! This is probably my longest post, but I just felt like talking about how I see what's canon and what's not. When talking about the original manga there are 2 adaptations we can turn to. Firstly, use his two manga exclusive cards which would make his deck playable, however I'd never do that since they're the same character, but in different dimensions. meets social media! This is somewhat supported by Yugi stating his favorite monster is Maha Vailo instead of the Dark Magician). Honestly this short moment can be used to explain virtually every single difference in timelines and canonicity.

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