is mother of thyme invasive
November 13th, 2020

Mother-of-thyme is a very low-growing ground cover, seldom growing higher than 3 or 4 inches. For example, studies of chemotypes in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, England, Scotland, and Ireland show that chemotypes span those countries rather than being geographically localized. The creeping thyme is a dark green and the wholly is blue green and I like the contrast. Taxonomic Rank: Magnoliopsida: Lamiales: Lamiaceae: EDDMapS Distribution: This map is incomplete and is based only on current site and county level reports made by experts and records obtained from USDA Plants Database. The oval evergreen leaves are 3–8 mm long. Prune back the vines in the early spring to prepare the plant for the growing season ahead. Wooly thyme can grow up to 6-inches in height, but it’s a slow developer and spreads slowly. It is a plant of thin soils and can be found growing on sandy-soiled heaths, rocky outcrops, hills, banks, roadsides and riverside sand banks. She has an affinity with nature and loves to share her knowledge gained over a lifetime with readers online. That said, if you do want to use the cloth, you should give the plants at least 8 to 10 inches of top soil. [11], This article is about a species of thyme plant. Each flower has four projecting stamens and two fused carpels. Creeping thyme also has a use as folk medicine, where it reduces inflammation and calms the nervous system. If you’re growing the seeds, then start them indoors in the early springtime. Let’s learn more about creeping thyme plant care. It’s essential to wait until any dew evaporates from the leaves before you harvest. Like other species of thyme, T. praecox is characterized by substantial differences in essential oil composition from plant to plant. Trailing-rooting ground covers have trailing stems that spread out from a central root system. The oval evergreen leaves are 3–8 mm long. Thymus praecox is a species of thyme. Over time, your creeping thyme will develop woody stems. Caraway thyme, creeping lemon thyme, and spicy orange thyme, suit gardens, and growing environments in USDA zones 5 to 9. The vines begin to flower in the later springtime to early summer. I would personally not use the landscape barrier under your Creeping Thyme planting. Gardeners should take cuttings from the plant in the early summer. Thymus praecox is in the genus Thymus belonging to the Serpyllum section. Sign up for our newsletter. It’s important to note that caraway thyme may proliferate, suiting landscaping purposes where the garden requires broad coverage. If you’re looking for a new plant, then you can find them available at most nurseries or garden centers. mother of thyme: USDA PLANTS Symbol: THPR U.S. Nativity: Exotic Habit: Forbs/Herbs Shrub or Subshrub Thymus praecox Opiz Jump to: Distribution Maps | Sources. Wooly thyme prefers USDA zones 6 to 8. Honey produced by bees feeding on creeping thyme plants near Mount Hymettus, Athens, yields a pleasant herbal and sweet flavor. The usually pink or mauve flowers have a tube-like calyx and an irregular straight-tubed, hairy corolla. The hardy plant tolerates some pedestrian traffic and produces odors ranging from heavily herbal to lightly lemon, depending on the variety. [5][6] Some of those areas contain greater chemotype diversity than others.[7]. Lynda. North American gardens offer ideal growing conditions for creeping thyme, with pollinators and butterflies finding the plants attractive. [4], Wild thyme is native to the Palearctic realm of Europe and Asia. Creeping lemon thyme, caraway thyme, and spicy orange thyme produce pink flowers, and the plant remains short, reaching a height of 4-inches. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Website developed by The University of Georgia - Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health and the National Park Servicein cooperation with the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England, Invasive Plant Control, Inc., USDA Forest Service,USDA NRCS PLANTS Database, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils,Plant Conservation Alliance, and Biota of North America Program.

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