is entrapta neurodivergent
November 13th, 2020

If you set things up early, you won’t be left scrambling for a motivation at the last moment. Yes, Entrapta does say she is “sorry” for her neurodivergent traits, but I read this as internalized ableism more than anything she really needs to make amends for. Don’t forget guys, Adora is ALSO “a hero raised on the wrong side” but she made her heel-face turn the MINUTE she saw what the real world was like. I don’t think venerating people solely for “great deeds” is all that noble anyway. A better redemption arc would involve the villain accepting the enormity of what they have done and taking their deserved punishment, be it a long term in prison or even the death penalty, stoically. Maybe his mom sent him a Force message? If a villain is on Team Evil and doing evil things, they must have a reason. No matter how sorry they are, no matter how much they do to make up for it, they are simply unforgivable. Even when characters are in fact clearly not neurotypical, this is rarely made explicit, so that people don’t necessarily make the connection between someone like Doctor Who or Princess Entrapta, and the weird kid they share a class with. Video. So yeah, although Scorpia is basically a giant cinnamon roll in the body of a part-scorpion lady, she is still TECHNICALLY a villain because she worked for the bad guys mostly willingly. Schools have never worked well for everyone. I am definitely the type of person who has high expectations when a narrative promises something. This made me think about my MC. It’s the other princesses who change, losing their contempt and disrespect for Entrapta. #actuallyautistic #autism … 2.7k. That said, I also wish not all redemption arcs were compared to Zuko. In Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the titular Silver Surfer decides to save Earth because Sue reminds him of his wife. Sure it’s great if Villain Darkheart stops torturing puppies, but if the thinking is “OK, OK, i’ll stop – but torturing puppies sure was fun!” or “…I don’t see what the big deal is…”, I say there’s a critical piece missing and I’m not going to overlook that. Before the slave ring discovery, the character discovers a ton of other awful, pointless cruelty committed by the Big Bad which gradually chips away at everything he previously know. As for Zuko, I consider it a perfect example of how redemption arcs can suck the life out of a plot. Even if we don’t see it on screen or read about on the pages, this level of atrocity is at least implied frequently. This is why Avatar showed us Zuko’s honorable nature in the first season and why Buffy introduced Spike’s chip long before he actually became a good guy. Filter by post type. share. Yeah, there’s no coming back from that. There wasn’t any way to address her heel turn other than admitting she doesn’t care about others, so instead they focused on something unrelated and hoped you wouldn’t notice. Weird Pride! ), I didn’t read that episode as being about Entrapta learning social graces, but about the side princesses learning to accept Entrapta as a good person who does care and can make a good contribution to the team. That show generally did quite well in terms of representation from what I could tell. What about all the planets and trillions upon trillions of sentients freed from Hoardak’s control and threatened destruction? Also, with Entrapta’s autistic coding, it feels more than a little ableist to have her apologize for communication issues with the neurotypical characters. The idea is just starting to penetrate, with relatively new initiatives like Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which already boasts of 750 schools taking part; and I know that a guide to neurodiversity is on its way to the General Teaching Council of Scotland now. This is also true if side characters are the ones insisting that the villain is entitled to forgiveness. The project was initiated by the academic psychologist Sue Fletcher-Watson, with input from myself and a clinical psychologist named Will Mandy. Strengths are ignored, differences are assumed to be problems, and all too often, people with labels are treated as being somehow inferior. In the end I’m glad I did it. I think this is something of a naive view of scientists. We may have been excluded, bullied or just confused at different times; children can be merciless when they get the idea that someone deserves to be picked on, and frankly, adults in positions of power can be even worse. If not at the war criminal level, you are usually dealing at the effective mass murderer level, victim count in the dozens, or big time organized crime leader level for less murderous villains. That said, being assessed as autistic is not all good; after I entered teaching seven years ago, it took me a long time before I decided to start telling my colleagues I was on the spectrum, for fear of the misconceptions they might have. One thing would be that he does make amends for things he does. To me, he went from an interesting villain to a hero whose turn was narratively unsatisfying. People fear and reject what they don’t understand, and have a nasty habit of being cruel to people seen as having lower status. I’d noticed that all the most interesting people are weird; why shouldn’t I be weird too? Another thing would be to make sure that he’s never instigating such situations. I think that’s because Catra’s redemption arc is a romance redemption arc, and follows the patterns and tropes of romance tropes. Redemption arcs are an incredibly popular trope in storytelling. Those usually have some limits in what they will do, although their moral can be pretty dark grey (provided the setting fits with that, i.e. Many schools are sensory hell for many pupils. Also I don’t have time to get into all the reasons why you utterly miss the point of Catra’s arc, but way to just gloss over that she was raised as a child soldier and literally never had any positive examples of what good people are supposed to look like (the good guys watched her abuser almost kill her so ya know. Whether it’s personal gain, ideology, or a twisted view of the greater good, few people go to the trouble of being a bad guy without a strong motivation. Let’s look at some of the biggest barriers to inclusion, and what can we do to address them. are much harder to redeem because they invite our real-life ire. Not sure if it’s your cup of tea but she ra has a character who resembles someone with autism (entrapta) so there is that neurodivergent but the show might not be something you like View Entire Discussion (1 Comments) More posts from the feemagers community 3.6k 3.6k. Maybe not a great example of things). My own time at school was a mixed bag. If you want to follow me, I’d appreciate it! From classics like, Rising Tide: A Dark Seas Expansion for Torchbearer, D&D 5E Fighter Subclass Builds: Battle Master vs Eldritch Knight, Building Crescent City: How Maas Remixed Old Tropes, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, destroying planets and taking over the galaxy, the writer is leaning out from behind the page, necessary for the arc to reach completion. And of course the autistic-coded character turns evil over a communication mishap. I’ve seen the trope of evil disability before, but this is something else. One could argue that Scorpia doesn’t need a redemption arc because she’s not a true villain. Never have I felt such a kinship with a fictional character! More likely, they won’t seem like a real person at all, just a contrived extension of the author’s will. This, actually, should also go for a heroic character who does something wrong. When someone asks me to forgive someone I will say fuck you and call them out of being sympathetic towards inhuman people. His prosthetic limbs need regular maintenance and sometimes have to be fixed. (For the record, I am autistic and I love Entrapta. That means they need an even stronger reason to turn good; otherwise, it won’t be believable. Your patronage allows us to do what we love. Mara “Holly” Ellison from Oakpodcast is autistic. Compare She-Ra to the reigning champion of redemption arcs: Zuko. Chat. Somehow that doesn’t feel like it should have the same priority. Autism and ADHD can both make it extremely difficult to focus on work that doesn’t concretely relate to areas of particular interest, and teachers and learning assistants often struggle to know what to do about that; they may resort to tiresome prompting and complain about how distracted their pupils are. This is why good redemption arcs usually have the villain go through some tough times before they’re finally able to join the good guys, and it’s also why audiences need to see concrete evidence of the villain’s switch. People love in all different types of ways! An autistic science teacher considers what genuinely inclusive education might look like. There is no excuse for schools not to be built with sensory needs in mind, but far too many still have strip lighting in echoey spaces, packed with unruly children and no soft furnishings to absorb the noise.

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