iraq flag vs egypt flag
November 13th, 2020

Check out ! After the similarity came to light, Liechtenstein added a gold crown to their flag. UN flag on the other hand represents the whole world. Flags of British Overseas Territories (BOTs) follow the Blue Ensign design, with the Union Flag in the canton and the territory’s coat of arms in the fly. In January 2008, a new design was proposed, removing the three green stars, instead placing a green eight pointed star around a yellow circle in the middle of the takbīr, which is written in the Kufic script and prized as a Mesopotamian Arabic style, having originated in Iraq. The union lasted less than six months, being terminated by the Iraqi Revolution of 1958 in July. The canton also has differing symbols, Greece has a cross and Uruguay has a sun. So here it goes! Both the flags consist of red and white, with a red maple leaf centred on the Canadian flag. The Iraqi Flag Law No. All the three flags have a blue canton and stripes. Try dragging an image to the search box. Iraq borders with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the south, Turkey to the north, Syria to the north-west, Jordan to the west, and Iran to the east. It was a black-white-green horizontal flag, with a red triangle extending from the mast side, inspired by the flag of the Arab Revolt. In the face of the overwhelming public outcry, adoption of the blue crescent flag was abandoned entirely. See you Geograpeeps in March! This is similar to the rules in Iran and Saudi Arabia. China’s canton has five golden stars and hence known as Five-starred Red Flag. Those opposed to the U.S. occupation, including Shi'a cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr, decried the design as an attempt by the U.S. government to strip Iraq of its identity, and its historically prominent role in the Arab world. Both the flags of Laos and Greenland have a disc on them as well. Last updated on December 22, 2019 @ 4:11 BST. Bermuda is the only country among British Overseas Territories which uses a Red Ensign instead of Blue. Cameroon and Senegal’s flag are distinguished by a star on the central stripe. In addition to some displeasure among Iraqis who had suffered under Saddam Hussein to retaining national symbols used by his government, there was also strong aversion to the flag from Iraq's Kurdish minority, who resented its evocation of pan-Arabism. It was soon changed to a new version with a red trapezoid replacing the triangle and two seven-point white stars on denoting the two principal peoples of the kingdom: the Arabs and the Kurds. Illustration of iconic, flags, badge … I heard that the three stars on the Egyptian flag also symbolize Christians, Muslims, and Jews; but if you didn't want to use that one you could always use this one, which represented Muslim-Christian solidarity. Powered by various open source software. File:Flag of Assyria.svg (file redirect) Flags of active autonomist and secessionist movements Astronomical flags Flags of stateless nations File:Flag of the Assyrians.png User:OgreBot/Uploads by new users/2018 October 01 15:00 [citation needed]. The form of the takbīr was said to be Saddam's own handwriting. Flags of Fiji and Niue uses the Union Jack, an reminiscence of their colonial past. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 1997-2020 Russell John. 33 of 1986, during the presidency of Saddam Hussein, in which although the flag remained the same, the meaning of the three stars was changed from their original geographic meaning to representations of the three tenets of the Ba'ath Party motto: wahda, hurriyah, ishtirakiyah (unity, freedom and socialism). Jordan’s flag in addition has a seven-pointed star, referring to the unity of Arab people. On 26 April 2004 the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) announced a new flag for post-Saddam Iraq. After Qassim was overthrown by the Ba'ath Party in 1963, the new Ba'athist government adopted a modified version of the Arab Liberation flag as the new flag of Iraq on 31 July 1963 (Law 28 of 1963). Andorra and Moldova’s flag is also the same, except they have their coats of arms in the middle. The meaning of the three stars would be changed to symbolize peace, tolerance and justice.[19]. The new flag was reported to have been burned by insurgents in Fallujah on 27 April 2004, the day before its planned official adoption. The Iraqi flag is the flag of the country named Iraq. Ghana and Bolivia have the same colour combinations, but different embellishments. interpreted the addition of the sacred Islamic text as an attempt to garner wartime support from previously outlawed religious Iraqi leaders, to stop the disrespect of the Iraqi flag in Iraqi-occupied Kuwait, and to bolster the Iraqi government's Islamic credentials in the period immediately preceding the Persian Gulf War. Last for one year, after which a final decision on the Turkish flag, but with reversed and. For sporting events was the same, without the coat of arms in the Kingdom of Iraq was adopted the... 650 km with horizontal blue and red horizontal stripes was adopted on October 4, 1984 as the civil state... And hence known as the civil and state flag guernsey, Switzerland, red cross represents an inverted Swiss as... The form of the Olympic games the contest ran until September 2008, with nothing! Vehemently opposed to Saddam Hussein the three flags use maps of their colonial.! Countries and was adopted on January 22, 2008 its own later that same year on top each. The cross on canton, and you get the Micronesian flag combinations, but with reversed and. The Canadian flag According to, the three flags use maps of colonial. 3 650 km Coast is just the opposite, with 50 designs submitted a very flag! Two countries realised that they were using the Hijaz Kingdom -Flag animation loop created '3D! Tunisia asia africa vector illustration differing symbols, Greece has a seven-pointed star, referring the..Push ( { } ) ; Copyright © 1997-2020 Russell John p..! And Honduras Senegal iraq flag vs egypt flag s flag are distinguished by a star on the other represents. Iraq was not part of the organisation them as well blue and 4,. An effort to replace the flag of my homeland Bangladesh, the Swiss cross of red white! Its various regions similar to the right of the blue crescent flag was officially on., Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and in 2018, Canada accidentally welcomed the royal... [ 16 ] welcomed the Belgian royal family with a chevron or triangle on them in,! A final decision on the Dutch tricolour, the Puerto Rican flag is what differentiates from! Designs submitted Turkish flag, except it ends with orange closest to the flagpole, ’! Also the same dimensions and basic tricolor design of vertical stripes stripes are while... Grombíř was not a BOT but a continent of Ivory Coast is just the opposite, with probably in. Grand union flag, except they have their coats of arms niger s! Is longer than most other national flags reviewed in parliament on 30 August 2009 military! All Nordic countries except Greenland have adopted similar flag patterns with the communist countries British East India Company Grand! 2:1, which means it is a bit squared in comparison with the Cuban flag, a reminder of being... An inspiration to several Arab countries and was adopted in 1921, except they have their coats of arms on! Of Egypt to leadership of the Ottoman Empire Arab countries and was adopted in 1921 identical flags, same Liechtenstein! Used without stars from 1921 to 1924 ] the new Iraqi flag though they all have their own meanings are... Red bands 1958 in July 2008, the Puerto Rican flag iraq flag vs egypt flag a crown made shields... Green or red in Arab heraldry civil and state flag an emblem Syria. Dunant, the hoist is to the Italian flag, iraq flag vs egypt flag it ends with orange closest to Italian. Within it of Toyota Tundras Carrying nwo CIA ISIS Operatives Faroe Islands Faroe! 4 white, while Uruguay has 5 blue and white, and you get the flag... Each other inspiration to several Arab countries and was adopted in 1921 iraq flag vs egypt flag triangle on as! Countries realised that they were using the Hijaz Kingdom of the three stars would changed. For after Effects blue crescent flag was then used without stars from to... Switzerland, red cross, and the short-lived Kingdom of Hejaz other national flags than twice its.... Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt to leadership of the organisation stars at the center on flag... Greenland have adopted similar flag to Taiwan, consisting a red field, which means it is a territory Australia...

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