inside sales interview questions
November 13th, 2020

Every response you give to interview questions should include concrete examples of your sales achievements. The only question is what exactly that role is. Ask them for their techniques. 3 interview questions to screen for adaptability in sales Sales professionals need to think on their feet: that means adapting to the unexpected, whether it’s a prospect’s changing needs, a radically new sales process, or all the features of your brand new offering. If not, you shouldn’t immediately escort them to the door. Employers are looking for candidates with strong interpersonal skills who can engage customers, build rapport, and deliver persuasive sales … So listen to the process they took to beat the slump and get back on track. Learn how to use Close to increase efficiency and close more deals in less time. While asking the same old questions will give you some insight into the mindset and experience of a candidate, getting rehearsed answers is not very useful in assessing whether the candidate is a good fit for your company. You’ll get candidates who have practiced their answers anticipating the ole’ sales interview so you really want to shake things up because the job of an inside sales rep is definitely chock-full of quick decision-making and thinking of their feet. When you sit down with a hiring manager and start interviewing for a position in sales, you’re not just highlighting your skills and qualifications, you’re selling yourself. Top Inside Sales Representative Interview Questions with Example Answers [2020] Prepare for your Inside Sales Representative interview by going through these most asked Inside Sales Representative interview questions. Listen if they have a process in place. Most people get into sales at some point in their careers. Get insight into how they approach and maintain prospect relationships. Ask the aspirant how they would use content in day to day operations. By Mike Simpson. Get actionable sales advice read by over 200,000 sales professionals every week. Good Interview Questions for a Sales Position. You might even pick up a few golden qualification questions you hadn’t thought of before. How do you go about generating leads? The most suitable candidate will be able to understand a customer's needs and confidently present a suitable solution. When they’re telling their story, pay close attention to how they describe their manager. Are they staunchly anti-tech, or do they really want to learn? Inside Sales Representatives sell products and services to customers either at a retail store or over the phone from an office environment. According to Glassdoor, lack of opportunities for growth is one of the top reasons salespeople go on to look for another job. They’ll be able to demonstrate that their desire to exceed expectations is tempered by a desire to have happy customers. These are the type of employees that drive success from the sales floor. What do you like about sales? Of course, you need to go over work experience, previous sales numbers, and self-declared strengths in all interviews, but hiring for sales is a whole ‘nother challenge that needs extra focus and toughness. If their answer is that they mainly communicate over email or via the occasional voicemail, that might be a red flag. If they say they’ve never been in a slump, there’s a good chance they’re fudging the truth (or they’re a unicorn). In the age of consultative selling, we’re looking for words like “knowledgeable” and “helpful”. However you ask the question, the goal is to ascertain whether the prospective sales rep is inspired by their work. You want to find a sales rep who isn’t content to sit at their cubicle and cash paychecks. How do you find these people who are tough enough and ready to face the challenges of sales–especially inside sales? Will they be able to manage their sales activity in your CRM without a lot of hand-holding? Adapt them to fit your style and your unique company culture. Pro tip: Kyle consistently shares high-impact advice for sales reps and leaders on LinkedIn, check it out. With today’s sales climate, salespeople are really better off asking questions that shooting spiels. With this question, you’re trying to determine how quickly the prospective sales rep loses their cool when dealing with a difficult person. A new 60 second sales motivation video every day. Sales slumps are going to happen; the important part is whether an inside sales rep is able to rebound. If they tell you they collect lead intelligence and build strong rapport over the phone, that's a good sign. How Tenfold & Salesforce High Velocity Sales can make sure you don’t miss a beat. "I've interviewed over 1,000 candidates for SDR & insides sales roles, and have come to an unorthodox conclusion: asking people to pitch my product gives me very little insight into the quality of their candidacy. Ask them what’s their go-to question that gets prospects to open up about their pain points. The applicant's answer to this question allows you to gauge how well they will perform using the common tactics at your company. If an inside sales rep won’t accept criticism, you should run the other direction. Plus, a prospect who’s truly keen on working for you will have done their homework. Are they asking questions to form a better thought-out answer? If they have a lot of experience with technology and CRM software—fantastic. Might be better to let them walk. Helping others? Inside sales representative Interview Questions "As an inside sales representative, you'll leverage your communication skills to close deals with clients over the phone. If it’s the latter, teaching them the ropes may be worth the investment. While this question’s answer probably largely relies on how their past companies managed sales, you want to be on the lookout for aspirants who know that one or the other can never be left behind. But here’s the thing: If you simply ask them if they’re open to criticism, they’ll nod and smile—after all, who’d answer “no” to that? The high employee turnover in sales can be connected to many of these things. Learning about the rep’s ideal sales process will help you gauge how well they’ll perform using the inside sales processes at your company. You need an inside sales rep who is not social media-savvy but knows the place of social media in inside sales. Don’t get me wrong; some great sales reps don’t read often, but they should be staying up on trends in some way, even if it’s an email newsletter. Are they painting that manager as an unreasonable enemy who was out to tear them down, or as someone who was genuinely looking to help them improve? Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top Inside Sales Representative interview questions and answers. It took too long to dawn on me that this line of questioning wasn't telling me much about their sales acumen or product knowledge. You want someone who’s committed to helping the company grow—and growing as a person alongside. More than having the right suggestions, what you’re looking out here for is if they did research before the interview. Ideally, your aspirant has researched about your company, your sales process and your products. Of course, they won’t know every feature of the product yet, but see how well they can identify and explain your primary value propositions based on what they DO know. Every inside sales rep runs into difficult prospects and clients. Inside Sales Interview Questions 23. Avoid candidates with poor listening and communication skills. For example, you might say, "At XYZ company, I was responsible for bringing on ABC account, signing a contract that resulted … However, sales organizations and businesses are constantly refining hiring processes to get the best and have employees that will stay and excel. Sales is not easy. Having these questions answered will make the selection process much easier for you. A lack of research betrays a lack of interest. This would give you an idea how they respond to that occasional oddball question from clients and prospects. You want your inside sales reps to be excited by the potential of social media—if an interviewee’s eyes light up when you ask about how they use social media in sales, that’s definitely a good sign. Do they have knowledge about lead tracking and nurturing? And they’ll likely treat this interview the way they treat a sales call… Candidates with the best responses will have proven inside sales experience, as opposed to theoretical experience. The following two tabs change content below. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s good to get a feel for how technologically savvy an inside sales rep is from the jump. Look for similarities between your process and theirs, and don’t be afraid to ask for the rationale behind the steps they take and the questions they ask. The answer you’re looking for will be unique to your company. I did this for many years, following the "best practices" that were out there. How have they fared in previous situations where collaboration was needed?

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