how to wrap mattress for moving
November 13th, 2020

Step 1: Take off your comforter or any sheets from your bed, remove the mattress, and make sure it’s completely dry. Step 2. If you’re planning a move without the aid of a moving company or been asking “when should I prepare a mattress for moving,” you should have the items listed below in order to make sure that the mattress is secured on top of a moving vehicle. Your friends can also help you secure your mattress by holding each side of the mattress through the passenger side. You will need to turn off the pump immediately after it is finished draining. Cover the bed frame and headboard with old blankets during transit and during storage to protect from dust. Use a wardrobe box if you have an especially large mattress. Prior to your move, it’s important to check beforehand if the unit you’ve rented is clean, has enough air circulation, and is completely dry. © 2020 A Size Beds - Find your bed above! So, after your waterbed is completely drained and dry, you will need to either fold or roll its mattress depending on the type you own. Plastic tends to constrict and damage wooden furniture when placed in direct contact. So, make sure you place a layer of moving pads or blankets around them before wrapping the pieces in bubble wrap or plastic shrink wrap. A sedan or any small vehicle may carry a small sized mattress on the roof. To take care of your bedding, you might want to buy a mattress bag or cover before your moving day. Wrapping your mattress will prevent dirt, pollen, and dust from getting into the fabric during the move. Secure the cover with tape and cover any holes or tears in the cover. If you can borrow or rent or if you own an SUV, you may be able to carry the mattress on the roof, granted that you secure it properly. Go to a department store, a home improvement store, or a moving supply store to get a mattress disposal bag or a mattress storage bag. So, before you pack waterbed for moving, you will need to drain and prepare the bed prior to your moving day. Disassemble the bed for moving or placing it in storage. Here are some steps on how to pack your mattress for moving: Using a mattress carton - If you are using a mattress carton, start by assembling it to get it ready for packing mattress. Watch this video below! Try and as much to rent a unit that’s climate controlled to provide the best environment for your mattress and your other belongings. Mattresses are indeed one of the most challenging items to move. Storing it long-term will only cause damages to the stuffing and fabric, rendering it completely unusable by the time you want to use it. If you’ve rented a moving truck that’s large enough to hold and store your mattress, it’s important to inspect its interior to ensure that your mattress is safe. Purchase the correct mattress bag size and make sure that it’s taped down properly. If you plan on placing your mattress in storage after the move, apply mattress conditioner to prevent the growth of mold and mildew inside the mattress. Take the Bed Frame Apart. Use upholstery cleaner on the actual mattress and then vacuum both sides. You can also apply a vinyl cleaner to the outside surface. Also, keep mattresses away from pets and sharp objects. These usually cost $20 or less at stores. Click on “Rent Now” and follow the steps. Next, pack it inside a box. Keep all screws/nuts/bolts in a plastic bag taped to the frame or headboard for safe keeping. You’ll want a sturdy and thick rope, but remember that you need to be able to tie it. Make sure you have a few people assisting you to hold the top bed while you work on separating them to prevent it from crashing down onto the bed below. Your rope should be four times longer than the measurement of your bed’s width to ensure that you can tie it securely. Here are some more tips to use while draining a waterbed: Follow the below three methods to drain the waterbed. If it is still hot, it can scorch or melt your mattress. Once your mattress is wrapped, you are guaranteed it’s going to be protected from pests, moisture, dirt, and dust. Even if you’re not going to use it, you can still take your mattress with you to your new home. Make sure there’s still rope left to be tie under the front of the car and enough at the rear to secure the end under the back of the vehicle. ezStorage has storage facilities in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and Northern Virginia. Wrap the mattress in a protective plastic wrap before moving to prevent it from being covered in dirt and dust. Your typical bed comes in different types (like bunk beds, and water beds) based on its size, shape and storage space. Find a location near you and reserve your unit from ezStorage today. Make sure it’s one of the first things to be loaded and secure its position so it does not move while traveling. From bunk beds to waterbeds, and from king size mattresses to twin size, we've got all the tips you need to help make your move easy and organized. You’ll never know when you’re gonna need it. 5 of the best king size split box springs!

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