how to use yarrow
November 13th, 2020

**Yarrow has many powerful medicinal purposes: It can be used to stop bleeding quickly.This includes treating heavy menstrual bleeding. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a perennial plant from the Asteraceae family. If you want to use yarrow as a nice immune booster, mild liver cleanser, or digestive aid, you can take your fresh or dried yarrow and make a tincture with it to take daily. Aviva Romm suggests taking yarrow tonically at a … Use the fresh or dried flowers and leaf to make a yarrow tincture. The achillea millefolium plant is native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Europe and Asia. Make a Salve or Infusion You can also infuse dried yarrow in oil and then use that oil to make a salve. It has fern-like foliage and colorful flowers of red, pink, salmon, yellow and white. It’s the best-known species of the genus Achilleadue to its various therapeutic uses in both folk and conventional medicine. Yarrow Uses for First Aid. ; It can be used to dilate peripheral blood vessels, which makes it good for the heart. Simply take some of your dried yarrow, put it in your coffee grinder, quickly grind it into powder, and put the powder down … ; This herb helps with fevers and colds/flus by reducing body … If your little one gets a cut of some sort that’s bleeding quite a bit you can use yarrow to slow the bleeding. I always keep a small spray bottle on hand just in case, and it’s worked wonders on all manner of small (but persistent) topical injuries. How tall does yarrow grow? For menstrual pain, Herbalist and M.D. The anti-inflammatory properties of yarrow are thought to be helpful for dull, … Yarrow has been researched for its ability to fight an array of infections – from … To go the quick and easy route, heat about 1/2 a cup of dried yarrow with about 1 cup of coconut oil on low heat on the stove. Yarrow tincture in a spray bottle is a powerful astringent, and I’ve watched it pucker closed wounds in seconds. My most common use of yarrow is as a first-aid treatment for bleeding. Infectious Diseases. A yarrow tincture (or an infusion) can be beneficial for stomach and menstrual cramps, indigestion or heavy menstruation. Yarrow For Headaches. Mix together and let simmer for at least 20 minutes to to allow the yarrow to infuse the coconut oil. … (Check this post of mine for an Herbal Tea for the Heart); Yarrow is good for reducing inflamation.

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