how to take apart wayfair couch
November 13th, 2020

Expand and contract the unit with attached handles. Because nothing is ever too colorful when it comes to kids. What a bummer! This helpful video shows how to make this back-breaking job much easier. Note that you’ve got to cut at least two inches from the corner to be sure you avoid staples and finishing nails, and it takes a surprisingly long time to cut through the wood, but in the end, it wasn’t too bad. I did break out the crowbar to see if I could pry the two pieces of wood apart, but it just wasn’t happening. She listened, honored my original price, and connected me with a quote specialist. The components of a sectional sofa are connected together on the sides with dowel fittings. Can you believe how simple the back suspension is? Founded atop black-finished block legs, this piece is crafted with a solid and manufactured wood frame, foam fill, and solid-hued fabric upholstery for an understated and inviting look. You take off the back 3 cushions, pull up on the front of the couch and pull forward, then flip the back of the couch flat. How-To Assemble & Disassemble a Sleeper Series Sofa - YouTube That, however, will be tomorrow’s project. An elegant, modern sofa by day, the sleeper converts to a comfortable full-size bed at night, allowing your house guests to get a great night’s sleep. I had never ordered from any of these places before, and I was extremely skeptical about ordering such an important, heavy (not to mention difficult to return) and relatively expensive piece of furniture for the first time from one of these retailers. Imagine a bungee cord cut down its length and opened up. Now, I've learned these 5 tips and will have them in my back pocket for the next time I'm going to order home items at Wayfair! Honestly, though, there’s more wood to be had by breaking apart shipping pallets, and they’re a lot faster and easier to do. That’s basically what those green things are. This is not a sponsored post. Even though Wayfair changed their return policy recently =( , I still wanted to post about my experience with returns at Wayfair in hopes that it will be helpful for you. They offer a cozy spot to curl up with a good book or your favorite binge-worthy TV drama, and they provide convenient sleeping arrangements for overnight guests. Corwin offers you a multi-functional piece that transforms from a sofa to a lounger and finally to a twin-size bed. I just stuffed them in bags, one cushion per bag. Did that twice and I had pieces that were short enough to bag. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Taylor was just spectacularly awesome, and she truly represents what exceptional customer service is all about. I was expecting to find these filled with poly fiberfill that I’d have to take out by the handful and stuff into a couple of garbage bags. I call Wayfair customer service, and the lady advises me to give it a few more days. The best of modern, priced for real life. They were still in great shape, after all! It's also nice and deep so if you are like me and like to put your feet up while you sit, or cross your legs, then it's a great depth. It doesn't say this in the return policy, but I did confirm this via email with Wayfair reps. For your reference, here is Wayfair's Gift Card policy, which I'm guessing works the same way for store credit (see FAQ section). SETD SOFA Disassembly @ your service (914)885-6100 we are 2013 Yonkers Best Moving \u0026 Delivery company. For your returns, you are now responsible for the return shipping costs. Disassembly should generally follow the building of the sofa, but in reverse. Most reclining sofas can be easily disassembled for stress-free transport. At less than $20 difference between the two retailers, I decided to go with Wayfair, particularly because of their return policy, which means their return policy was worth the extra $$ for me. To make the story short, I tried ordering the swatch a couple more times and called Wayfair customer service for help, but still never received the swatch. The next step in the process was to attack the other sofa arm. After a full day’s work, my first goal for the second day was to get the suspension system out of the bottom of the sofa. Ouch. That’s not what I found. A single touch transforms this full-size sleeper sofa into a bed. After breaking out the first aid kit, I washed the thumb puncture, slapped a band-aid on it, and continued on with the work. It’s wrapped in polyester upholstery, and finished off with mid-century modern legs. Sandford, ON. This pic shows what was left after doing the first and before starting on the second. It was big, heavy, not very comfortable and honestly, kinda fugly. Still, it was what I could afford, and it solved an immediate problem. Make room for an unexpected guest or create a modern bedroom with this updated convertible futon that is so easy to assemble. Here’s where I made my first mistake. I made sure that I evaluated the entire cost package for getting the couch into my home in one piece. This sleeper sofa is built with a solid steel frame and the upholstery material is 100% polyester. HOWEVER, this sweet lady (her name is Taylor) was different. Each seatback cushion was enclosed in what amounts to a pillowcase that had been sewn shut on all four sides. I simply folded the short end attached to the front of the sofa over and wrenched it free. Once the supports were disassembled we used gravity and our body weight to rip the pieces of the couch apart. Beautiful dark grey upholstery, comfortable to sit on. That is a potentially huge risk and the reason why many people, including myself, are skeptical of ordering large, expensive items online. Well, I placed a request for the swatch in green because I wanted to make sure that the color worked in the playroom (and green can be a risky color) before I placed the order for the couch. That made things simple, but here’s where I made my second rookie mistake. How a sofa comes apart is dependent on two things — how it was put together in the first place and why it is being disassembled. There are so many things I want to buy at Wayfair that I was 100% certain that I would have NO problem using my store credit if I had to make a return. The sofa sleeper is a very versatile piece of furniture that has a three-position click style hinge which allows you to sit, recline or sleep 2 comfortably. I took the final piece outside to my brick steps and stomped on it until it started to crack, and then broke it off with brute force. The only tool on the list that’s not strictly necessary is the Sawzall. Nonetheless, if you don’t use some type of power saw, the process is going to take significantly more time. © 2019 Chair Institute. With that out of the way, it was time to make the first cuts. Cutting through it with my little Sawzall would have been a lesson in frustration, and stripping all the upholstery and staples out to preserve the wood would have taken days, so I just resolved to ditch the entire front piece. The classic and modern lines with mid-century tufting is inviting and welcoming to all. The design itself is stunning. Striking a reversible L-shaped silhouette, this sofa features a wedge backrest, track arms, and low profile feet. This left me with what amounted to an oversized raised bed. SetD Services one of the many great services offered. To that end, I spent most of my furniture budget on a decent bed and faked the rest. There are a number of reasons for needing to dismantle a sofa. I got my sofa from the local Goodwill for forty bucks. Disassembly should generally follow Playing the part of sofa and bed, sleepers are a fantastic solution for smaller spaces (think: studio apartments, guest rooms, home offices, etc.). I would camp out in the fort and pretend to rescue all of my stuffed animals from the freezing cold weather on the other side of my pillow door in the living room and brought them into the warmth of the fort with me! Disassembling the sections allows you to rearrange the pieces to fit into a new space. I don't know the exact costs, but I'm pretty sure that the shipping costs to return a gigantic couch would be a good chunk of my refund! The only piece of wood I saved was the one little board laying on top of the pile you see pictured below. This revealed my third rookie mistake. I found one that caught my eye - the Agna Sofa in Avocado Green. Wayfair offered free fabric swatches for this particular couch for customers to make sure they are satisfied with the color prior to purchasing. Call me old school, but I still like to have the option of returning something I don't like and getting all my money back! Here’s the initial photo – me “stalking” the sofa in preparation for the demo ahead.

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