how to ship glass jars
November 13th, 2020

Whether you're sending some home brew to a friend or shipping antiques to an eBay customer, packing glass bottles requires a little extra care for your package to. A well-wrapped, well-secured jar. All of my canned goods tend to have more salt than most people use. When they arrived, the recipients told me they were liquid. We’ve been doing this for years. If you’re using the small bubbles like the wrap pictured above, you want to encircle the jar in at least four layers. Plastifoam offers a wide . Have your shipped anywhere where freezing temps are an issue? We order them in bulk online and they are perfect for the handmade items we sell. Yeah their post office was so glad when they came to pick up their package but they were greatly disappointed. jams are worth giving as gifts with the huge shipping costs we have to pay nowadays! If I can’t deliver personally, then… sorry , Most of what I make is out of town and on vacation. For shipping multiple jars at one time, you may want to consider packaging specially designed for that purpose. But, not with our mason jars. Specialized packaging for shipping mason jars as gifts. Want my FREE PRINTABLE for my 5 must haves to shipping wood signs? They would probably work just fine but to be on the safe side we buy thicker boxes to ship them in. Your email address will not be published. Whether you’re sending some home brew to a friend or shipping antiques to an eBay customer, packing glass bottles requires a little extra care for your package to arrive safely. I don’t believe that the USPS does prohibit glass. Once the lids are tightly in place, use tape to completely seal the container and prevent any leakage. As long as they are well-wrapped, you can combine sizes in the same box. Give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve. Are the Glass Canning Jars safe to send by air cargo when full & sealed? First assemble the box leaving one end open. Sending a parcel from Ontario to Alberta takes about three days, surface mail takes longer. JFYI — some states have banned packing peanuts … New York is one. May I suggest that you put each jar in a small ziploc bag before rolling in the bubble wrap? Once you try one of our Wicked Good cupcake jars, you may never want to eat a regular cupcake again! We try hard to ship every order that comes in before 2pm MST on the same day,. Those flat rate boxes are brilliant in just this situation. Cover the bottles in bubble wrap or fill any gaps between bottles with packing peanuts. How To Ship Glass Bottles. The holidays are coming up and what better gift to give your friends and family than a jar of your homemade preserves! This method should help protect the breakable item inside. Any recommendations on packing them up to move across country in the winter? I make homemade mustard with a lot of vinegar and sugar. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I pack in a box like you do but then for added insurance, I take a slightly larger flat rate postage box, put a thick layer of peanuts in the bottom, sit the gift box centered on top of that, and then pack peanuts tightly all around the sides and top of the inner box before closing and sealing the outer box. There’s no way to preserve fresh salsa for shipping. I know it was proposed, but did NY actually enact a ban on packing peanuts? I have a feeling through that it is not economical. I’d suggest that your recipients put them in the fridge to see if that helps firm them up. And secondly, I pack the jars standing up, because if they are on their side, they’re more vulnerable to breaking. for the Jam and $5.00 for shipping. While I don’t have much breakage, the bubble wrap is rather time consuming. Boil jars (sterilize) and hot bath after filled (preserving) Lids Pop (good job). I just pour the mustard in the freshly cleaned jars after the mustard is boiled/cooked and put the lid on tightly then loosen just a bit. Glass Mason Jars – Item #1033988 Kerr® Wide Mouth Hal.. Compostable Mason Jar Packaging Set with Cardboard shipping box. Be sure your bubble wrap faces OUT when wrapping glass. In response to the OP, are you using small or large bubbles? But what’s the best way to do it if they happen to live on the other side of the country? I want to ship to friends across the US but not sure if I need a cool pack. With the larger bubbles, two layers will do. I always wrap glass to the point where I’d feel comfortable dropping it from a height of at least five feet onto my kitchen floor (which is a single layer of linoleum on top of solid concrete). Thank you! They have some prohibitions on perishable food items, but properly home canned foods aren’t readily perishable, so they pass muster. Priority boxes are just a little too thin for this job so we opt to purchase sturdy boxes for the job. also, seconding euginia’s rec of bagging before wrapping — I don’t feel half as much guilt saying there are no ::ahem:: liquids enclosed. Great tips. First assemble the box leaving one end open. Are you shipping individual jars or multiple jars? I pack jars lik that in Ziplocs first as well. 1. it gives it a clean professional look when your customer opens their package, and 2. it keeps the bubble wrap from sticking to the paint. As long as the seals are still good after the fall, all is well. Saved a big mess for the recipient! How do you ship a Mason jar without breaking it? They ask so that they can ship it the best way…not because they don’t want you to mail it. If you do not know which style of glass jar you need, contact our packaging experts today to discuss your products and manufacturing process. I thought I’d show you the way that I wrap and pack my jars for shipping (although certainly, this is not the only way) to help you get plan the best way to get those precious jars of raspberry jam through the mail unscathed. Side note…we include a handwritten thank you for supporting small business with each and every order;)! She also wants canned green beans. My concern is more with the bubble wrap, though. We like to send out Apple Butter for the holidays, and that can be a huge mess if they break.

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