how to actually learn a language reddit
November 13th, 2020

Language Learning Resources - An overview of useful programs and courses for learning languages.. Language-Specific Resources - Resources for each language.. Tools. [ ^PM | Exclude ^me | Exclude from ^subreddit | FAQ / ^Information | ^Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.24, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the IWantToLearn community. On the other hand I have put in a lot less effort than that and gotten a lot more. Tell our community what you want to learn, and let those who came before you help guide you towards success! When I was in college I studied abroad in Brazil. There's bliss in having the ability to order food in the waiter's native language, to eavesdrop on people in an ele… Immersing yourself into the language and culture is the only way to really get conversational quick. Would never give it up. They also have audio so you can practice your pronunciation. But learning a whole text - with “everything” thrown in - teaches you a lot more about how to actually speak that language. Learning a second language has many cognitive benefits. I'm thinking either French or Spanish. Languages are a learn by doing kind of thing. It's really useful when trying to learn a new language, and I'm pretty sure German is one of the courses that they provide. If we want a increase our position on the global market we need to look at dropping it. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Step 1: find something long in the target language you really enjoy. Most Americans don't really do a passable job, let alone a good job, of learning Mandarin pronunciation. Try Duolingo. The problem with this approach is all of the Portuguese I learned was trying to talk to sexy ladies, so I feel like one of those Indian guys who learns english by only watching pornos. You can choose to subscribe on a monthly, quarterly (every three months), bi-annual (every 6 months), or annual basis. I've been eating the brain, thinking that would do it. Is that it's a dying language like some of the other smaller countries of Europe. Starting Korean. I don't think that less than 3 hours of dedication a week will be enough time to learn it adequately, either. Make sure to practice grammar as well though, they don't teach you that at all on duolingo, it's mostly phrases, conjugations and words. Learning a longer text in Anki is not so difficult (I was one of only two people in my class who actually memorized the whole story), but it’s easy to make some wrong choices. If it's cheesy Spanish soaps, then the story is easy to follow. Also, languages are about communication – spending too much time with your head in an app is boring and it sucks the soul out of learning. While the exercises can get dull, a low subscription price makes up for it. It won't work if you are just going to work on it "when you have free time". Find a good grammar resource, a good audio resource, and a good vocab resource (vocabulary could be 1000 most common words, memrise app has flashcard courses for many languages etc). I would say that if you really want to learn a language, you need some commitment. Lol from Wales as well, the way I see it. It helps to get an idea of how the language works. Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and Babbel have all funded their own studies claiming that their app can help you cover the requirements of one college semester of Spanish. Dutch directness, the polite way If you are a native English speaker, there is a good chance that you might find it difficult to be direct. You can take advantage of this by using a memory technique called mnemonics, which involves linking words in the language you’re learning to words and images in your own language that sound similar. Now, I SPPPEEEEEAAAKKKK, english, LIIIIIKE, William Shatner:(. Norwegian: Because it's a beautiful language and it feels like learning … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And I've been studying it for 5 years now. I do agree that without immersion, you will never ever get good natural language abilities. And it's free! Consume the still beating heart of someone who speaks it. Force yourself to talk to people and think in the target language. Immersion + about 8 months esl classes was enough for me to learn English. I work with a lot of Spanish speaking people. Silly me. I'm familiar with Spanish so it would definitely be easier. Then, to improve your listening/understanding, hear to TV programs and songs. High school textbooks don't have that problem. Watching movies in language you are interested in with subtitles you can understand, trying to repeat what they say ( this part is important as You learn to listen to the language). It's actually reasonably fun to use. Esperanto ( or ; in Esperanto: [espeˈranto] listen ) is a constructed international auxiliary language. Believe it or not, you already—right now—have … Immersion. Duolingo is pretty great, but it is no substitute for language classes or interaction with others in the language. Immerse yourself with free resources (at the right level) It has never been easier to learn a language … Reddit’s my go-to place for language learning. All opinions are appreciated. I was a very slow learner though, I was with someone who had much better language skills and was talking to people in like 4 weeks. So that's my best recommendation. In my experience, it's pretty helpful for learning basics, but eventually I think I'll hit a roadblock and may have to move to Germany or something :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That part is easy. Finally, if you don’t dedicate enough time to engaging with the language in a real way by listening, reading and talking to native speakers, you’ll never learn how people actually talk. The Polish-Jewish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, Unua Libro, on 26 July 1887. Try to learn Esperanto, is a really useful and easy language (; it was the first language that I did learn. Croatian: Because I have friends who speak it. Put Yourself in a Situation Where Growth Is Inevitable. Keep It Relevant. Babbel is a premium online language-learning app and e-learning platform that was launched in 2007, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Today I can speak Esperanto, English, Spanish (Native) and French. Learn cognates: your friend in every single language. It won't work if you are just going to work on it "when you have free time". Here are some helpful tips (that actually work) to get the ball rolling: 1. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. So I have them talk to me in Spanish more and more so I can learn it more and more. Let's jump back to the story. Duolingo takes too much time to come out barely knowing any vocab, grammar, and speaking. Watching Spanish television with subtitles on really helps. This real-time aspect of MMOs may sound terrifying for someone learning a language. Yeah that's how I picked up a little more Spanish when I was 16. At any given time, you are really only going to be "proficient" in one language.

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