honda cb250 nighthawk scrambler
November 13th, 2020

Brakes are very good , much better than I expected although I have yet to use them in an emergency stop from high speed. Insurance is dirt cheap and the fuel economy is phenomenal. Big-bike features. But never leave your garage unprepared. Best Honda gearbox I have ever used. holes. Light, easy to service and very little maintenance to carry out. ENGINE SPECS Engine Type: 234 cc, 4 Stroke – Air Cooled – Parallel Twin Engine Bore and Stroke: 53 mm x 53 mm Valves 2 valves/cylinder Claimed Horsepower: 20 hp (14.9 kW) @ 9000 rpm This Honda CB250 scrambler may appear to be built by one of these well-known shops. Light and turns easily, the Honda CB250 is also very forgiving of little mistakes. Put all back together for a further 12K miles of riding. ruined this site Has been laid down once in a skid out. And riding couldn’t be more simple: its Honda V-Matic automatic transmission makes for no-shifting, seamless power in and out of traffic. Nothing has broken. 2003: Honda CB250 Discontinued to make way for a new model, the Honda CBF250. 1) Chain to clean/lube (guess i am used to the shaft drive of my K75s) So why not get in on the fun yourself? Nothing on two wheels—or four—has the rugged, minimalist look of a Honda Ruckus. YouTube. But never leave your garage unprepared. A fuel management system gives you the ability to adjust the air/fuel mixture that feeds your motorcycle. The styling is standard and isn't trying … Where I live the max speed limit is 60 apart from about 400 yards of dual carriageway. Excuse me, but how lowering shock could give you clearly more of ground clearance than stock? Let you go exploring in the dirt. but i will say though that i've had more than 80mpg before and 89 miles an hour out of the poor bike (albeit down hill with the wind behind and leaning on the low slung petrol tank.) The mirror is valued at around $25, if you are interesetd, I would be willing to replace the mirror for you prior to pickup. This is a residential delivery service, with deliveries Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm. I hope that this helps. That was largely thanks to the quarter-liter parallel twin’s maneuverability, utilitarian nature, and bullet-proof reliability. You…, It’s more fun to ride a small bike on the limit than a brute at half throttle. It's just a motorcycle, pure and simple. Honda CB250 Nighthawk Scrambler. This has 1,260 original miles. This bike was purchased from Honda new. The young, Dresden-based crew of Nico, Cristoph…, England’s magnificently named Old Empire Motorcycles have crossed over to the dark side. 2009 CMX250, '89 VN750, 2006 ninja 250 Keepin' all the left over parts. 7500 miles, still runs great. and with dunlops on the rims its possible to grind the foot rests around the twisties... The seat and pegs make for an upright riding position which doesn’t cripple the rider too much but carrying a pillion over long distances could be a chore. The first thing I get for this project was the gas tank. What makes the Grom so much fun? The styling is standard and isn't trying to make a statement about its rider's tastes or lifestyles. Simple exhaust upgrades often unveil a motorcycle's true horsepower potential. Max speed is approx 70mph..but not a great idea to do this type of speed. Just little rough around the edges and with a little work can be agreat bike. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. 845898), Honda CB250 motorcycle review - Side view. The Honda CB250 is very basic but honest and competent, nonetheless. Some highlights: A larger throttle body improves the feel of the bike s low- and mid-range power, as does the new muffler design, revised airbox, and larger diameter exhaust header. thought it would be a good project to rebuild and customize. There no  scratches on this bike.Please Text me at 520-665-8607 if you have Questions about this Motorcycle. Good points:- This very slick custom Honda Dominator comes from the…, The Honda XRV750 Africa Twin is almost thirty years old, and fast approaching legend status. I was able to walk the next day ! So I called my friend Ariel, who was starting a kustom shop in his garage (D-locos Customs) and asked if he want to take my project. Trusted, reliable and entirely without pretence, the Honda CB250 is a cracking little motorcycle that’s given long service to bikers everywhere. i would love to know the tires im building a nighthawk myself, Your email address will not be published. keep an eye on the exhaust balance pipe, it has a hard life, I have removed the exhausts ,cleaned and spray the corrosion with ceramic exhaust manifold paint, its silver and cannot be seen from above. That was largely thanks to the quarter-liter parallel twin’s maneuverability, utilitarian nature, and bullet-proof reliability. from London Suburb. (assuming that it gives me the same MPG). A Honda CB650R scrambler inspired by the Dakar rally, a quirky shovelhead from Keino Cycles, and a peek at the latest bikes from rising Austrian brand Brixton Motorcycles. Sometimes faster in 4th than 5th if conditions (wind and slight gradient) are against you. 8) Easy to maintain by novice rider. 5) No cig lighter socket for GPS/ heated grips. Model And the same is true for the custom scene—when the scrambler style took off, builders were slapping knobby tires on everything from Honda CX500s to Kawasaki W650s. GET THE WORLD'S BEST CUSTOMS DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX. I will only accept cash and a deposit of $100 via PayPal. Lightweight, Dependable, Performance-packed And as easy on your wallet as it is to use. If the tires on your motorcycle have seen better days, a fresh pair makes an extremely wise investment. Waiting for the right donor. i enjoy riding this bike however at 18 going on 19 my sights are now set for a sports tourer middle weight. They re even available with optional ABS. The Grom s single-cylinder design is light, narrow, and revs fast. After all, anyone can make a Ducati SportClassic look good—but a cheap 1980s commuter bike is a completely different ball game. That’s the theory, anyway—and it’s hard to argue when the small bike is this good. It really is a blast to ride giving you all the excitement and freedom of a motorcycle, but because it s so user friendly and approachable it basically eliminates any intimidation factor. I have a very nice 2001 Honda CB250. Your Honda's engine loves fresh oil and at MotoSport we stock a variety of oil and other lubricants from the industry's most trusted manufacturers. Build quality and reliability are higher still, at 4.9 stars. At MotoSport, find the right motorcycle tires for your sport bike, touring bike and cruiser. If you want a solid reliable bike to commute on or just get around, I would highly recommend the CB250. Argentina has become a hotbed of tracker and scrambler style builds, with builds being turned by the likes of Herencia Custom Garage, Triple Ocho Garage, and STG Tracker.This Honda CB250 scrambler may appear to be built by one of these well-known shops. Category Tyres are 29 psi front and rear - but I run it with 31psi rear as I'm 115kgs and 1.96m tall. Never were the words "trusty little workhorse" so apt as to describe the Honda CB250. Grabrails and bungee hooks are handy. I want something classic, kinda vintage style, but not that far. Read all the reviews and agree with them all, it's a cracking little bike that keeps me sane now I'm retired. So I sent him ideas from blogs, pinterest, and such. 4) No windshield on my bike as standard. Incredibly, this is the first bike of Matias Aguirre, who built with the help of his friend Ariel Ruiz of new shop D-locos Customs.Both live in Rio Tercero, Cordoba, and Mati spent more than two years designing and planning the build. this bike however does complain alot with two up riding but will reach its top speed even with a full top box and tank bag. Known for their classy Royal Enfield makeovers, they’ve just finished this vintage Honda CB250—complete with a plush ‘Chesterfield’-style buttoned leather seat. 2) Feels a little under powered for my 95Kg body :)..or maybe its my bike? 9) Air cooled. Additionally, make sure you check your tires for wear and proper tire pressure before heading out. Honda’s CB250RS is one of the unsung heroes from the early 80s: it was…. One owner. With its low 30.0-inch seat height, lightweight, low center of gravity and narrow profile, the Grom inspires confidence, and is a blast whether flicking around corners or cruising around town.

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