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November 13th, 2020

The color of the flower can also affect the meaning behind the chrysanthemum. In Asia, white chrysanthemum is also a symbol of fidelity and sincerity. A yellow chrysanthemum blossom on the other hand signifies neglected love or sorrow. A white chrysanthemum is a symbol of loyalty and devoted love. White Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize purity, spirituality, and innocence. For example, if you receive a red chrysanthemum from someone, it is a symbol of love. Chrysanthemum Meanings Since the flower blooms in the fall, the chrysanthemum signifies joy and beauty despite the oncoming winter. But in other parts of the world, it signifies honesty and sincere love. White chrysanthemum is usually brought to funerals in some European countries. Chrysanthemum has unlimited positive meanings when it comes to white color, so be carefree when gifting or receiving it. Assuming that the person who received the white mum knows the meaning of the white chrysanthemum, he or she would have to confess the truth to you. They can really be gifted to anyone at any time. Chrysanthemum flowers are used to symbolize other common themes like rebirth and enduring life, too. Pink chrysanthemum is especially adored in Japan. White chrysanthemums are deemed to be the symbols of truth and purity. Yet it’s also one of the most important cut flowers used for bouquets and boutonnieres today. If you ever wanted to find out the truth regarding a particular situation, you just have to give this flower to the person you wish to have some enlightenment from. Red Chrysanthemum is a perfect gift for your beloved one for anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion. The Chrysanthemum Flower, its Meanings and Symbolism Also known as the mum, the Chrysanthemum is a common bedding plant used in landscaping projects around the home or business. Although beautiful, chrysanthemums hold various meanings across different time periods and cultures, both positive and negative. What Does a White Chrysanthemum Flower Mean? It represents longevity and is a symbol of the Emperor and Imperial family. What Does a Red Chrysanthemum Flower Symbolize?

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