gotham steel hoax
November 13th, 2020

The pans are NOT non-stick. Who's crazy enough to start this website? The second looked like it was hit HARD in the face with the back of a hammer. We also purchased Gotham non stick pans and discarded them after about three months. Don’t use them much anymore. The company would not give me a replacement; said they could not find me in their system. Class Action Rebates | Cash You Can Claim! Still 4 weeks later, nothing sticks. They didn’t work as advertised. Absolutely nothing slides out, Eggs stick, Steak stick, hamburgers stick, everything sticks and nothing comes out without having to uses SOS to try to clean out the pan. I went back to using my non stick teflon pans. Have this same pan and it sticks food to the surface and has discolored also! commercial … non-stick ….. smokeless…. I have a large variety of pans, stainless, Teflon, cast iron, this one out performs all of them. Way back in the seventies my mom used to say if it is a worthwhile product you will find it in every store in the neighborhood. !Coat the cooking surface with a thin layer of vegetable over medium flame just until you see smoke. Please add me as well. Pan worked great the first few times then began to get a black spot in the middle that everything stuck to. And they warp and rock back and forth on the stove. There was at least one complaint that a customer thought that Gotham Steel's handle was too small and said that they had difficulty holding the pan. I tried twice to fry one egg and both time it stuck to the pan. I bought the whole set of pots and pans and they do not work at all!! I bought the exact same round pan shown in the picture that’s posted at the top of this article, and the same thing happened to me. I too should have known not to abuse a pan regardless of a TV commercial. With all these problems, I won't buy them either. Any Customer Service phone #? If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. Mine worked well for a few weeks now everything sticks. You have to let your dishes soak and you spend endless time scrubbing away at them. I love my Gotham Steel set! So I say to them, thanks for nothing. They shipped me a new grill instead, but without the $20 lid I paid extra for. Bought a set of ceramic coated at wal-mart last year & I love them. Burned. and small fry pan, About the same time (1 month) food began to stick no matter what I used, oil, butter, olive oil. Everything sticks to it, even the butter and oil. Save your money or get a nice cast iron skillet and use oil! Bought a gotham steel non-stick frying pan, first time I used it the burger burnt and left a permanent scorch mark on the bottom of the pan even though the burger was still edible? I actually bought new ones and got rid of those, Yes I have one of these and after 3 uses it started to stick. Its durable exterior makes it tough and it will never scratch. Ordered and received two different sized frying pans. It’s ridiculous. I have repeatedly purchased thinking I was doing something wrong, Had exact same problem bought 3 of these each one only lasted a few uses and then even with oil everything stuck. Sticks after 2 uses. I couldn’t take them back because they were used. This usually happens around the sides of the pan. Food sticks. I bought the skillet to use for the cheese omlets. All food stuck after 2 uses! Figured I'll give it another chance. They are both made from milk fat. It is very disappointing when we put the extra money into them because they were advertised and shown in the info-mercials as everything just slides right off of them. I cook everyday, several times a day and tried using the pans for the intended use, cooking. Same thing happened to me after only a few uses, everything sticks. I received my set of 2 pan 9.5 & the small one as a xmas gift how embarrasing when my friend saw them.WERE CAN GET HER MONEY BACK?????????? I have had the same issues. We won't be ordering this product. Also the bottom of the pan is uneven which caused food to cook unevenly. Seriously. only used plastic or wooden utensils never metal even though it said you could. The old saying ' if it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true" this is BS. I think if you use as instructed they are great! Try owning it for before you insult us. My grandmother initially purchases a full set of cookware and bakeware for me upon moving into my first apartment. Did not use the bigger pan until small pan started to stick even with butter or oil. If it was during cooking then very likely we’ve ingested much of that material. I found cooking at a lower temperature helps stops some sticking. Also they are scratched, even through I have never used metal objects on them. Worst product ever. Bought a set..just as others have said, they did not live up to the claims..especially non stick.. yes i was mad because stuff do stick and i spent all that money for the set. Now the pan just takes up room in my pan drawer. Yes claims are true I have had the same problems. These pans were pricey, even at Costco, and they are performing far more poorly than my very old non-stick pans. I cured it just as they instructed and it did not work. I bought a set of these pans about a month ago, and everything is sticking to these pans. I’ve tried their customer service and they want me to pay to ship the pan back to them before they give me a new one. End State: 1. One person said food items stuck to the pan. These pans might look nice but there expensive! I have used a fork and tongs and neither one has scratched it. Nothing seem to help. I called 1 / 19 / 2016 at 11:40pm night. I told her that it’s crap and they are lying. STAY FAR AWAY. I have bought several different pans and they all do the same thing. … Even when the pan is sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. This happened to me. Use oil when frying. I've used my pan about 20 times now before it started to stick. I’m very disappointed with their product I own one of their frying pan and wanted to see about their warranty…I found this class action lawsuit. It worked for a while then food started to stick. Food burned in the pan after very few uses! Purchased three frying pans for my husband as our old teflon pans were worn after years of use. I bought a Gotham Steel Pan set about 2 years ago and food began to stick from the beginning of my using the fry pans and gradually got worse leaving layers of cooked food stuck on the fry pans. I was a sucker for they’re pitch. I did have problems with not only 1 but 2 pans. My name is George Hopkins I its been a week and a half and still have not receicved my order the oder is the chefs pan and free peeler. When I used it for the first time after doing the cure, it worked for 3 times. This seems very much like a 'scam' to compile credit card numbers for? The pan sticks after a few months use. First, I have doubts I'd see my $9.95 or pots and pans again. Well, “deal me in”, lets sue! The non-stick qualities are no better and no worse than any other non-stick pan. The pan also has scratches in it that go below the surface of the coating. These are the worse pans ever, finish comes off and they stick like crazy even with sprays, oil, and butter. After 5 times using them they started losing the slick nonstick surface and everything stuck. A really good product could & will cut back on advertising as word of mouth & return costumer base increases. Both of them. The large one warped immediately so had to tos.

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