genmaicha tea review
November 13th, 2020

This tasty and interesting beverage gets its nickname from the popping sounds that can be heard during the roasting process. It is a delightful blend of green tea and popped rice, the aroma is one... Not bad at all! I thought that it was only fitting to start off this blog by reviewing the tea that truly kicked off my tea obsession – Genmaicha! Compared to a few similar teas I've had in the past, this is the best so far. Origins: Genmaicha most likely originated as another way to extend the shelf-life of older tea, but the unverified story of Genmaicha is that it comes from a folk custom of roasting leftover rice cakes from New Year’s celebrations, and putting that into tea. Genmaicha is a blend of one green tea leaves and popped roasted rice. ." Brews up a full-bodied cup with a bold flavor, with a light bitterness, light savory (umami) presence, and slight sourness. Now I’m sure you’re wondering: What does this tea you love so much taste like? Here’s what Green Tea House themselves have to say about the Genmaicha on their website: ”Genmaicha pyramid tea bags with Sencha and Matcha and puffed brown Rice to give a distinct flavour from the hills of Uji Japan where the best green teas are grown. Welche Tees sind günstig und gut? Dry leaf has a lot of popped rice kernels in the mix, and has a mild, pleasingly toasty aroma. To this day, I drink a cup of Genmaicha almost every day. Roasty-Toasty but not worth the price - there are better (and also worse - see my other Gen Mai Cha reviews) versions available. Aroma is very mild, mostly of the toasted rice. I really wasn't impressed with this. Genmaicha(玄米茶) or genmai cha, often called brown rice tea, is a Japanese tea made by mixing green tea, usually bancha or sencha, with toasted rice.The rice and corn impart a toasty and nutty quality to the aroma. It's very interesting-looking, loose. I dislike green tea, but this had toasted rice and bits of popcorn in it. Before looking up what that popcorn is made of, I thought that it might be some sort of bean because it tastes a bit like some hearty bean. This beverage receives high reviews among tea lovers due to its buttery, sweet flavor. A good genmaicha for a low price, a great everyday tea. Once brewed, this tea has a light yellow hue and is quite mild to drink. Furthermore, it can sometimes contain puffed rice too, and other ingredients such as matcha tea powder or black soy bean. You can really smell the rice, but with this combo the flavor is very bland. But, this tea lacks taste and body. More ... Super cheap and - if you can get it (try H-Mart or other Asian grocers) it's a good bagged Genmaicha option. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Organic Genmaicha Green Tea 200g at This is not a tea of kings. Genmaicha is a Japanese green tea with brown rice kernels. When I was a teenager, I worked as a server at a local Chinese Buffet. Flavor Profile: Earthy, toasty, sweet rice, nutty finish. I was hopeful because the reviews I found elsewhere were good. If you are new to genmaicha, I recommend putting on a warm, cozy pair of pajamas, turning on your favourite tv show to movie, steeping a cup and letting the calming sensation of this tea take over. Dry leaf has a lot of popped rice kernels in the mix, and has a mild, pleasingly toasty aroma. Genmaicha tea: tasting notes. I'm not big on genmaichas, but the light baked rice flavor in this one is comforting. That lasted until I read my emails at work and lost my happy tea buzz. We still remember vividly tasting the first sip of hot tea offered on that cold winter day. The tea was very enjoyable. Price isn't as much of a steal as I thought, because if you use the recommended amount(10g), it cos... A good example of this style of tea. Tea … The term genmaicha collectively means "brown rice tea. I even contacted Maeda-en because I thought there might be an issue with the product. "Gen can be interpreted as "dark," while mai simply means "rice." This provides a little heft and cracker-like flavor to this green tea. … Roasted rice gives this drink a hearty, satisfying quality. Have you tried Genmaicha tea Let me know what you think in the comments below! One of my favorite genmaichas yet. Dry leaf’s aroma is a little weaker than the brewed tea, but it has good, toasty flavor and a round, smooth mouthfeel. It smells like popcorn or rice cakes and cooked greens - maybe spinach or kale. "Gen can be interpreted as "dark," while mai simply means "rice." Best kinds of Genmaicha are nutty, earthy, savory, truly satisfying. Other name for genmaicha is popcorn tea. Genmaicha! Its flavour is a combination of the earthy, grassy goodness all green tea lovers enjoy, with hint of toasty goodness. Japanese Matcha Gen-mai Cha Premium Organic. It's nice when I'm in the mood for something savory, but not bitter. 1061 . I was pleasantly surprised by this tea. Review: Deep Dish Apple Pie- Dessert By Deb. Read Full Review. Refreshing in summer with a roasty-toasty aroma. The flavor was much better though and mostly got rid of the seaweed saltiness. I was really interested in how it tasted. The taste is nutty and has a subtle aroma of roasted rice, which helps balance the bitterness. Maybe a bit salty. Genmaicha originates from Japanese peasants using additives to make their sencha last longer--but this particular additive evidently caught on, since it's still consumed today. I was still slightly skeptical but purchased a 50g bag. The taste of the roasted rice gives this tea the added flavour, and you can even eat the rice after (or during!) This isn't my favorite style and I can't see myself craving it often, be it's very drinkable. The aroma is exactly what you expect from a Genmaicha, if you have never had the pleasure of sniffing one, the notes are a blend of roasted rice, a touch of honey sweetness, a bit of freshly mown grass and hay, and just a touch of fresh vegetation. It's amazingly inexpensive, dependable, and it reminds me of Honey Smacks. The taste is nutty and has a subtle aroma of roasted rice, which helps balance the bitterness. But, this tea lacks taste and body. | 65% Sencha, 30% Puffed Brown Rice and 5% Matcha”. It is my go to tea when I am feeling stressed or anxious, when I’m cold, or when I am just unsure which tea to choose. Once brewed, this tea has a light yellow hue and is quite mild to drink. Juli 2013. I was hopeful because the reviews I found elsewhere were good. If drank often, this tea has some very beneficial health benefits. I get that smacks are puffed wheat instead of rice but tell that to my brain. Select Your Cookie Preferences. It was to my surprise that the tea guide knew exactly what my soul was craving and brought down a tin labeled “Genmaicha”. Can even be OK over ice. When the rice is toasted, sometimes grains of rice pop, much like popcorn. No spiciness or sweetness, the flavor is uncomplicated in a way that's nice sometimes. Even good over ice - and unsweetened for a true grain-filled experience. Cut to about six or seven years later, my dad and I were in a shopping mall, I still drank tetley green teas multiple times a day but I wouldn’t say I was quite a connoisseur yet. kitucafe - March 26, 2020. Dry leaf looks a dusty bright yellow color, much more yellowish than most Matcha. The flavor is very good and I had a nice, warm fuzzy feeling as I was drinking this. I instantly fell in love and started. Discover tea. Name: Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea Brand: English Tea Store Type: Green tea Form: Loose leaf Review: Genmaicha has long been my “go-to” tea for initiating green-tea newbies. I buy this in 16 count boxes of well sealed individual pouches from my (more or less) local Asian supermarket.

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