garden grill breakfast review 2019
November 13th, 2020

The Garden Grill does not serve rice any more. They were very attentive and did not give us any less attention for being childless diners. It’s also somewhat on the pricey side. Garden Grill is a family style "all you care to enjoy" restaurant. The official name of the character dinner at Garden Grill is “Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Harvest Feast,” so it should be no surprise that two of the characters present are Chip and Dale. But this is a good character meet and greet: Mickey as a farmer, Chip n’ Dale, who are always fun, and Pluto. I’ve read on this blog (and others) that it isn’t rotating consistently. I went to Garden Grill on my last morning in Disney for the character breakfast before heading to the airport. For drinks they have coffee, milk, and an array of juices. My name is Cori. Thanks for the update, and thanks for the honesty about not feeling comfortable eating indoors in Florida. It was prob the best food we ate that week but so uncomfortable I wouldn’t want to go back. By contrast, most buffets have so many options that not liking a couple of things really makes no difference. While I loved the food at this restaurant it was very small especially for family style. Sarah preferred the sustainable fish, which was very good for all you can eat fare, but not as good as an average plate you’d order from a standard table service restaurant. What’s the rotation status of Garden Grill these days? It’s also a family style restaurant, so the options are limited as compared to a buffet. The sides were all okay, but definitely could have been better. Definitely too bad about Mickey’s Backyard BBQ–you’re right, that’d be perfect now! But the meat and other sides were better than we expected. Thanks! I was hoping they would do breakfast from say 9 am to 11 am, since EPCOT opens at 11 am, but no such luck. Overall, Garden Grill still gets reasonably high marks, especially if you want an all-you-can-eat character meal with approachable and crowd-pleasing cuisine. This means if you don’t like one or two things, you’ve potentially eliminated a lot of what you can eat. I feel like people would feel more comfortable dining outside right now! We do not plan on returning to Garden Grill and due to WDW re-opening restrictions do not recommend to anyone. I’m still bummed I’m not able to give a review based on having gotten back just a couple of weeks ago; We took our kid there for his first WDW trip after he “graduated” from kindergarten, and were going to take him this year after his high school graduation. It used to be The Good Turn Restaurant, and before that it was The Land Grille Room. And the characters came around many times. I first want to touch on having a breakfast reservation before park opening. No complaints. Tom is right, the one major weakness is that the menu is limited. On top of that it also serves food with ingredients from the Living with the Land greenhouse. Required fields are marked *. Upon leaving I did ask to speak with a manager who told me she was sorry and my input will help make a better experience for others. I tried a guava juice that was SO good. This gives you the opportunity to see different views, including views of Living with the Land which is below the restaurant. We enjoy seeing the characters but we say a quick hello, snap a picture, and are ready to move on, which they were able to pick up on. That’s not to say the character version is worse (I don’t recall our meals at The Land Grille Room, so I’m not qualified to make that judgment), it’s just different. Otherwise, Garden Grill has fairly bland ambiance, without much in the way of decor. ( Log Out /  Garden Grill is home to Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Harvest Feast, a family style character meal in Epcot’s Land pavilion. Note that it can take characters a long time to get to your table at Garden Grill, but this is because they seem to spend a decent amount of time at each table. This Walt Disney World dining review features food photos plus our opinion of this all-you-can-eat, rotating restaurant that offers views into the Living with the Land attraction. Just to make sure you […] This time, when reflecting on it after the trip, I wasn’t quite so “high” on it, and I think this is in part due to other experiences on the trip. This Walt Disney World dining review features food photos plus our opinion of this all-you-can-eat, rotating restaurant that offers views into the Living with the Land attraction. Regardless, Garden Grill is a winner thanks to its great ambiance in a rotating dining room with views into Living with the Land and solid character interactions. As far as ambiance goes, the main selling points here are the rotation and views into Living with the Land. Learn about hotels on our Walt Disney World Hotels Reviews page. Hi Tom: Service – you can’t have a dining experience without a server! For kids, being able to see the attraction when rotating is usually enough to keep them entertained, plus the characters come through a good bit. Just swap out the blue collar artist and chic socialite character attire for farming fashions. Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Planning on dining here? While I do love the view inside of Living with the Land when you are spinning around toward the opposite side of the restaurant it is fairly bland. In the past we’ve eaten on the lower level, but on our most recent visit, we were seated in the upper level. Ample Hills Closed Permanently at Disney World, India Booth Menu & Review: 2019 Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Not the best, but not the worst, either. Nor is it quite as ambitious (or delicious) as Tusker House or Boma. In all likelihood, we will not be doing the modified Garden Grill character dining experience when Epcot opens. We’ve gone there every trip we’ve made and have always enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Discounting them would be like saying “if you take away the stunning views and open air kitchen, California Grill’s ambiance isn’t so special.” The fact that it rotates and has views into an attraction is what defines the ambiance of Garden Grill. I cannot say enough good things about her 10/10. And the last time I was there in February there was no fish I think ham instead. While you aren’t getting anything extravagant when it comes to food, the service and character interactions certainly elevate the experience. I think the lunch/dinner menu changed after this review was written. We were on the lower level and had a great view. Pluto had my kids up and dancing. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Today I want to talk about my experience at Garden Grill locate in Epcot’s Land Pavilion. Hi everyone! I did want to give a shout out to the salsa as well which I thought was fantastic. Garden Grill Restaurant Review December 20, 2019 by Christine Located in Epcot’s Future World, Chip and Dale’s Harvest Feast at the Garden Grill restaurant is one of the only places you’ll find Mickey Mouse in Epcot — and certainly the only place you’ll find Chip, Dale, and Pluto!

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