function of ulna
November 13th, 2020

Therapy programs will typically include exercises to improve coordination, strengthening, and range of motion of the forearm, education on equipment use to compensate for some temporary loss of function during the healing process and practice of daily activities which may be more difficult due to the injury and/or surgery. The top of the ulna forms a C-shaped bump, which is made up of both the radial notch and the trochlear notch. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; 2018:57-62. Once the doctor confirms the bones are healed after taking imaging (X-rays), these weight restrictions will typically be lifted. Movement of the ulna is essential to such everyday functions as throwing a ball and driving a car. Treatment of diaphyseal forearm fractures in children. Types of fractures that can affect the ulna include:, Another type of fracture that differs from the others is a stress fracture. The ulna is located on the opposite side of the forearm from the thumb. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. The configuration of the ulna on the radius allows for the lower portion of the forea… As its name suggests, the radial notch is the point where the radius joins the ulna. 1. Individuals who receive stress fractures should be educated on prevention of future stress fractures as part of their rehabilitation course. Rotational motion, if completed too early, can cause re-injury. The extensor…. Depending on the healing process and the patient’s progress, doctors typically allow a five-pound weight limit after the second week with the restriction to not complete any forearm rotation. However, the primary purpose of the ulna is to support the forearm and allow it to move, according to Knutsen EJ, Goldfarb CA. Specifically, the ulna joins (articulates) with: The ulna is 50 percent larger in diameter than the radius at 4 to 5 months of age. Due to this limitation, the forearm allows for increased motion of the wrist and hand without warranting any motion from the elbow joint. Being longer and thinner, the ulna is often more easily fractured as a result of trauma. The variety of muscles that attach to the ulna allow flexion in the elbow and wrist and in the fingers, turning the palm in and out, stretching and flexing the hand, and spreading the hand outward. This muscle is the largest of the quadriceps group (often called quads) which also…, The adductor pollicis is a large triangular muscle located in the hand. Elbow Fracture Open Reduction and Internal Fixation. Healing rates differ depending on a person’s other conditions, age, and the type of fracture, however, doctors typically follow a recovery protocol specific to the bone and the type of fracture. The Anatomy, Function, and Treatment of the Ulna, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. Ozgur SE, Giangarra CE. This procedure is followed by placing the patient in a soft cast or splint for protection while the patient slowly resumes some daily activities. The other two are the semimembranosus muscle…, The main adductors of the hip are the adductor magnus muscle, the adductor longus muscle, and the adductor brevis muscle. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. 2011;31(1):23-32. doi:10.1097/BPO.0b013e318203205b. The upper end (the head) of the ulna meets with the lower end of the humerus and one side of the radius. Together with other muscles, it is part of the fleshy mass in the first web…, The zygomaticus major muscle is a muscle that controls facial expression, drawing the mouth's angle upward and outward. Chin J Traumatol. The principles and practice of open fracture care, 2018. Ulnar fractures cause severe pain, difficulty in moving the joint affected, and even deformity of the arm if the fracture is compound. Primary Functions of the Ulna Forming the elbow joint with the humerus Shaping up and maintaining the structure of the forearm (along with the radius) Attaching with the vital muscles and ligaments of the lower arm and hand The talus sits at the…, The vastus lateralis muscle is located on the side of the thigh. Stress fractures are not the result of a single traumatic event, as they occur slowly over time due to inappropriate positioning or repetitive overuse. Fractures (Broken Bones). Open reduction with internal fixation is how doctors will treat bones that have broken into two or more pieces, along with bones that have pierced the skin. This hardware is usually removed once the doctor determines the patient is adequately healed. In Green’s Skeletal Trauma in Children (Fifth Edition). The size and location of the ulna allow for more freedom of movement and increased rotation of the forearm. The top end of the ulna has a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from other bones, including the similar radius. A diaphyseal forearm fracture, commonly known as a wrist fracture, is one of the most common injuries to the ulna. 2. White TD, Folkens PA. The ulna is the longer, larger and more medial of the lower arm bones. The trochlear notch is the area on which the humerus joins the ulna. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. This rotation allows for the maximal function of the wrist and hand due to the increased range of motion. Many muscles in the arm and forearm attach to the ulna to perform movements of the arm, hand and wrist. This rotation allows for the maximal function of the wrist and hand due to the increased range of motion. The configuration of the ulna on the radius allows for the lower portion of the forearm to give motion to the wrist and the hand. Written by the Healthline Editorial Team. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. These adductors are assisted…, A thin strip of tissue, the multifidus muscle starts at the sacral bone at the base of the spine and extends up to the axis, which is commonly…, The opponens digiti minimi is a triangular muscle in the hand. 2014;9(3):289-291. doi:10.1007/s11552-014-9633-y, Vopat ML, Kane PM, Christino MA, et al. During adult life, when remodeling and resorption are complete, the ulnar diameter becomes half that of the radius. The sole motion of the elbow joint is flexion and extension, otherwise known as bending and straightening the arm. A single fracture to the ulna (or radius) is usually seen in instances where a direct blow or outside force acts on the bone. Therapeutic rehabilitation and medical treatments will vary based on the type of fracture. 1. Fractures and dislocations of the forearm, wrist, and hand. The ulna is one of two bones that give structure to the forearm. Arm: Humerus, radius, & ulna. The main function of the ulna, along with the radius, is to assist with rotation. These two structures rest on each other and combine to form the forearm. This will be followed by the placement of a hard cast to protect the arm and prevent re-injury while the patient slowly resumes some daily activities.

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