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November 13th, 2020

The first “C” means that the cards should have value. I've even seen evidence of this first hand when at Grand Prix Orlando 2018 there was a Walking Dead convention called Walker Stalker being held right next door. How would you like to see it done differently and would you even want to see external IPs in Magic products in the future? Although not legal for tournament play, it's generally accepted that if you can get Richard Garfield to change the mana cost or abilities on a card and sign it, you can play it as written. They're going to love this product, expect for the players who are already trying to get the Commander Rules Committee to pre-emptively ban these cards. the sets they were printed in were never part of the format?" ", Q: "Why do none of the green creatures in the Core Set have trample?" That means there's suddenly going to be a lot of eyes on the game that might not otherwise be there, and a lot of non-MTG fans of the show will likely buy it. Nalathni Dragon also got additional print runs because the Dragon*Con supply was too low, but this so far is preorder exclusive from WPN stores, which means about half of the Magic shops in my city are getting a supply. "Wizards has no plans for another reprint expansion. What is not legal is offering consideration for an ID or concession. Collective Unconscious is an extension of this philosophy. Windseeker Centaur, as well as Nalathni Dragon and Sewers of Estark, are tournament-legal Magic cards, because they are published by WotC, they have Magic card backs, they do not have squared corners and they have black borders. This was cited as being largely due to their poor reception and the fact that some of them ended up being tournament playable when that wasn't their intention. Is it fair that players who live near Georgia have stronger decks than those who do not? I’m inclined to think that they will be fun to play with, but not any more fun than the latest Commander cards from any given set. So we decided to include it but make it rare because of its complexity. So if you’re concerned about the future of magic (like I am) with these unique black bordered … The next rarest is the card Proposal, which Richard Garfield had printed and slipped into a deck in order to propose to his soon-to-be wife, Lily. Wizards has been printing broken cards left and right in standard sets! That may cause Wizards to remove reserve list cards entirely. I am not a fan of The Walking Dead, but that is really because I find the whole zombie trope (great unwashed and uneducated masses yearning to devour the intellect of others only to spread more ignorance) a bit tired. © Copyright FlipSide Gaming 2016. fantasy, science fiction, and horror—in all possible medi,a from film to television to comics to books to games. It's obviously a bit on the extreme absurdist side of things, but it does raise valid points all the same. Why is that? That was my initial gut reaction, both coming off of both what the announcement page provided and what it meant for the product as well as finally getting a look at these cards. Assume Nalathni Dragon turned out to be an important tournament card (and note this problem did happen … Not only is Nalathni Dragon the smallest Dragon ever made, it also has the very out-of-flavor ability of banding (and is the only red creature with the ability). --David Bray, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. As you can imagine, there was substantial outcry from the community, with concerns being voiced over the potential of providing cards like these. It's not a stretch to believe something like this is possible with the more popular Secret Lair legendaries. Nearly one month ago on September 1st, Magic players got their first taste of Zendikar Rising, but were also treated to much more than that. "Another misprint was a series of foil Friday Night Magic promotional cards that were added to Japanese Urza's Legacy and Urza's Destiny sheets as test runs to see if the print process was working right. And, despite how much money it might make for the company in the short term, WotC and Hasbro need to remember that they're not just responsible to the shareholders, but to the players as consumers of their products as well. That is, they're presented as cards all their own rather than using the Godzilla cards method of having the Godzilla card be essentially an alternate skin, as shown below here: This was a sweet and elegant solution that could have easily been applied here - even if they were to cards that didn't already exist. These codes are obtained much the same way as with previous Secret Lairs in that they're e-mailed to you once you've made your purchase. Nalathni Dragon was put into Duelist #3 (a magazine produced by Wizards) to allow people who didn't attend Dragon*Con to get their hands on a copy. Nexus of Fate was a problem right from the get-go. A: From Doug Beyer, Magic Web Developer: ", Q: "When did you bring in the colour coding the expansion symbols to denote rarity, also how would you tell the rarity of older cards before you used this system?" You do not need to catch them all, and you can play without owning every card. On Tuesday, we got two more cards. I don't care if it's someone from another universe, but I do hate that they're in a secret lair which is a limited product. "We don't necessarily consider it a dangerous mechanic, in fact we just recently discussed something very similar to your question is our standard Tuesday Magic meeting. Sixth stop: the DragonBar. They are legal in the Legacy and Vintage formats because all … And green? "We're happy with the Standard cardpool size maxing out at around 1500. I don't know if you've noticed the furor that has developed over the Secret Lair X The Walking Dead, but I believe it is unwarranted. Says Mark Rosewater in a 2003 Q&A,"... Nalathni Dragon was given to attendees of the 1994 gaming convention known as Dragon*Con held in Atlanta, Georgia. I respect that decision. Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/magicTCG. For those that want it, it's great, but for everyone else it's an absolute mess. it was free with entry to dragoncon, which was expensive, available in very limited quantity, and would require travel for most people to acquire. "Thanks to my fellow designer Mike Elliott for helping me out with a bunch of this info. You will continue to pass on every single Secret Lair drop, because you cannot order from your LGS. If it isn’t green, that means you’ve lost support for the application you’re in or you never had it. The rarest is probably the 1996 World Champion card, of which only one is supposed to exist. The existence of a card that was beyond my reach made me feel like this was a game that had depth and value. Things did get to be a massive issue within the community following Dragon Con 1994 thanks to a little card called Nalathni Dragon. It was also distributed in The Duelist #3 (much to the annoyance of people that paid/traded heavily for them after Dragon*Con). i know this sub well enough to know that this thread is just a downvotes and insults mine. Also, other cards in the set may affect rarities. --Rick Desbo, OK, A: From Randy Buehler, Director of Magic R&D: Let me know, but make sure that you let Wizards and Hasbro know as well. Will the price of these The Walking Dead cards skyrocket? "If I introduce my friend that does cocaine to Meth, they might stop doing cocaine....". This is why when a mythic rare is desirable in every format in Magic, the price of that card tends to skyrocket. A: From Brian Tinsman, R&D game designer: I think it would help if you explained your point a bit more. What's more, the idea of a Golgari colored card caring about equipment feels really out of color pie and weird. A smaller uncommon Dragon seems entirely reasonable to some R&D folks. It won't because Glenn is legendary, but that alone makes it so even a two-of you go for a split because it allows you to have both on the field at the same time instead of having one on your board and the other sitting dead in your hand. Honestly, I get the comparison between the two, as these Walking Dead cards do have the potential to be like Nalathni Dragon. If you don't like it, don't buy it, but please don't belittle or gatekeep the people who do like this, are able to get it, and are able to enjoy it.

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