fletcher's corn dog recipe
November 13th, 2020

New Yorkers are often eating on the move, and corny dogs are the ultimate in portability. I totally thought it….couldn’t help it and LOL’d! I SWEAR!!! Can't wait to try these tonight. While frying, keep an eye on the oil. search. And I don’t think I’ve ever had cheese curds, but they are something I definitely need to try. Yes indeed , corn dogs do hit the spot very well, from time to time. OHMYGAWD -MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED! Brave Sir Robin–Thank you! and i ate two! At our state fair (Washington) they’re called Krusty Pups. I don’t know. “I friend my own corn dogs from scratch until I figured out how to do a gluten-free recipe,” Christensen said. You can find an account of her travel adventures and more on In Deep H2O. Eventually we decided to ditch the damn cast iron skillet. Delicious crunchy fried dough and sugar-dusted. With your subscription you’ll receive access to exclusive content for just pennies a day. Alas, I am sad. But I think MN has us beat in cheese curds and all you can eat doughnuts and milk. (They’re all so different that it really is important to reveal that secret,I think). DAMN YOU. . I had a little batter leftover which made great little hush puppies!! I really did.). All products since are called corn dogs. Cook only 2 - 3 corny dogs at a time to keep the oil temperature consistent. You can go ahead and do the math if you want, but I’ll just tell you that it was too many damn hot-dogs. PS Fried guacamole?! Her work has been featured in many publications, and she is the author of several cookbooks, including her latest, Dawn–That was always the first thing I would do, too! So, as we found ourselves standing in a long line at our first State Fair of Texas with the brutal Texas sun beating down us, I wondered what’s so special about these corny dogs? Her pearls broke because she clutched them so hard when I told her about this entry. I don’t think you can ever make corn-dogs at home that are as good as they make at amusement parks and fairs. I love the batter. Thursday, September 17 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm at the Atwoods Ranch in Lake Worth. Make These Irresistible Deep Fried Twinkies, Fried Green Tomatoes With Sriracha Mayonnaise for Dip. While oil is heating, skewer hot dogs with the Popsicle sticks or skewers, leaving 3 finger's length exposed for a good grip. Holding the stick or skewer, dip each hot dog into the batter, turning to coat thoroughly and evenly. Lisa — I’ve been told you can make funnel cake from a yellow cake batter recipe, funnelled into peanut oil at the same temp. We’re bringing out the big guns. And Rick, because he kinda looks at this shit like science so it’s fascinating to him (nerd). TOTAL food porn! LOL Otherwise they gross me out! Mix with a whisk until just combined, but do not over beat or your corny dog will be chewy and gummy. But boy oh boy, did they taste like a bright afternoon playing state-sanctioned hooky from school (something known as “Fair Day”), while taking a spin on the Texas Star and listening to Big Tex bellow his greetings and salutations. No trip to the fair is complete without a stop (or two, or three) to the Fletcher's stand located by the boots of Big Tex. . Combine all dry ingredients in a small bowl deep enough to fit the skewered hot dogs. I smothered mine in ketchup and mustard..then my hand slipped and I dropped the whole thing splat on someone’s arm! I just watched the TX vs. OU game on tv last weekend, and became a little homesick myself when they showed Fletcher’s. *snort*. They just never taste the same if you’re not at a fair! It doesn't sound that appetizing, but I assure you…it is! And thanks for the tip! We also started out using a cast iron skillet like the recipe said we could (foreshadowing). My Dad just told me about your blog and I can’t wait to read the whole thing!! Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. Cook until the corny dog is an even deep, golden brown color. This part pissed me off the most because Rick broke my thermometer that night. The highest quality traditional beef and pork, custom spices, and natural smoke. It ended up being a huge pile of despair. And by perfect, I mean easy or else I’ll continue to grab them from Sonic for a dollar:), Ahh, but they’re not the same as a fresh-dipped one from a fair. In the car pavillion. My 5-year old son has just developed an addiction to corn dogs, and I’ve always been grossed out by them, but yours (Fletchers) look so good I will definitely try them. Hi! kmdUFF–Well, these aren’t Fletcher’s, but they’re good when you can’t get the real thing. However, she was impressed with the generous use of multiple cooking apparatus. Thursday September 10 2:00 pm- 7:00 pm at the Community Beer Company in Dallas, TX, Friday September 11 4:00 pm- 9:00 pm at Lakewood Brewing Company in Garland, TX. In another bowl, beat the eggs with milk and the 1/4 cup of oil. Dr–That’s wonderful! Oh good heavens – the fair! Maki–Really? It came from The Recipe Book on Blogspot and it’s a copy-cat recipe of the famous Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. He eats his plain and usually in seconds flat. Self contained and resting on a stick, it’s easy to eat one either standing or walking. Support independent publishing! We can’t get them in Toronto. Depending on the size of the event, you will have your choice of either our food trailer set-up or a tent pop up. Hi Jazmin–I'm sorry you weren't happy with your corn dogs, though I'm not sure what happened. We’re heading to the fair this weekend and giving my kiddo his first Fletcher’s! I forgot that I bought some bamboo skewers a while back and bought another package (they’re like $2 at Target). I can’t wait to try making my own!! I also never thought of using chopsticks. To keep the lines moving, there is a limit of eight (8) corny dogs per person. No trip to the fair is complete without a stop (or two, or three) to the Fletcher's stand located by the boots of Big Tex. Anonymous–Yep, that’s what Texans call them. Monday, September 21 noon – 7:00 pm at Main Event in Grapevine, TX. I’m glad you found us again. I can only imagine how many people who are hunting for porn are going to show up here and be wildly disappointed. Alex, because he also loves corn-dogs. Yvo–Thanks! And they’re great for families because it’s hard to find anyone young or old who doesn’t smile when presented with a corny dog. We rolled the hot-dogs in flour because it is supposed to make the batter adhere to the hot-dogs better. Beat together the egg with the buttermilk the pour it along with the oil into the dry ingredients. !Dr M, My husband always corrects me when I call them “corny dogs.” He says they are “corn dogs.” I first tasted corny dogs as a kid at the State Fair in Texas in the 1960’s. Football, cooler weather, and chili cook offs all signify that it’s autumn in Texas. I seem to recall one. When I was in New York, I did sample a corn dog at Coney Island but it was terrible. I’m going to make an admission that immediately identifies me as a Texas transplant. My corny dogs wouldn’t win any beauty contests either. It is the perfect combination– I used to especially love scraping the burnt corny/doggy residue from the middle of the stick with my teeth. You can have it all with our “Bird Dog”. KMAYSp–That’s what inspired this post–I was watching the game on Saturday and had a huge craving for a corny dog.

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