falco matchups melee
November 13th, 2020

Sheik. by Third Chair Video guide on performing useful Falco tech in 2020. A grounded down aerial can easily combo into a forward smash for yet another deadly KO option. Young Link, -5 17. Fox vs. Falco matchup. Kirby - 9.0 Worst Match. Jigglypuff - 5.0 Vote for tiers. Marth, +39 5. There was noticeable debate over his position at 2nd on the tier list, and he fell to 4th in a 2008 revision. Falco can still laser in this position, but it comes at a risk; Marth is capable of punishing sloppy lasers. Fox, +47 2. Falco also has one of the best neutral game options among the entire cast with his Blaster, as it allows him to pressure from afar and approach noncommittally. Kirby - 8.9 Worst Match. Sheik, +43 3. Most of the same things apply here as do with the Puff MU, it's just not as polarizing for either side. Falco does have options here, such as Ftilt, but by and large his priority should be moving to a different zone. So with these five zones laid out, the goal of each character should become quite obvious. Falco - 4.9 Vote for tiers. Characters who have seen more success since 2010, namely Yoshi and Pikachu, also have improved matchups against him. Falco appears in the following event matches: From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, This article is about Falco's appearance in, Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Matchups, https://www.ssbwiki.com/index.php?title=Falco_(SSBM)&oldid=1502561, Sticks his foot out to the side. Not sure. If you're playing Falco and you find yourself in this position, get out. Falco's quickest and safest horizontal recovery move. It is difficult to determine whether Falco is better or worse than Fox, as they are top-tiered clones. I am going to be using quotes, points, and basic tips to summarize matchups. Pika dies early, gets comboed hard and screws Doc over offstage while Doc may struggle to find options to approach at times. Higher percents drill > shine > tech chase > grab. The character matchup chart is a color-coded table detailing the approximate difficulty of all possible matches for any given character against any other character in Super Smash Bros. Melee based on two players of equal skill. He can shffl an aerial approach, laser approach, and he can even throw out a raw F-smash if he anticipates the Marth will approach him recklessly. Overall, Falco can be considered to be a slower, but stronger and more combo-heavy version of Fox; while his overall speed is only average among the other characters in the game, his attack speed remains very fast and he can easily land very damaging combos in a short amount of time, sometimes even leading to death for the other player if they cannot DI correctly. Falco's approach is also highly effective; with a very versatile projectile in his Blaster, Falco can perform the short hop laser technique, either as a pressure option or as a way to approach. On the flip side though Falco has a lot of options to punish whiffed grabs so be careful and don't go for a grab unless you know you can get it. Good KO power, and great for. Good Falco players will spend most of their time in this zone, because this is where whiff punishing is most effective. If Marth throws out a poor F-smash, Falco is in range to punish it with just about anything. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Falco, along with Fox, has the dubious distinction of having an entire combo named for KOing him easily simply due to his high falling speed (the space animal slayer). This also stops him in midair. He has the tools to beat every character, though he is particularly vulnerable to chaingrabs from characters such as Marth and Peach, and is very easy to gimp and edgeguard. This is because the lasers Falco shoots during his up throw animation have hitstun; and therefore, they can be SDI'd by the opponent. it's a mix of feedback, my own estimate, and evidence. Peach is rough too with float cancel forcing luigi to commit hard. Falco, on the other hand, needs to do the opposite. However, Falco's ground mobility is inferior to Fox's, as he has slower ground speed and a shorter wavedash. An optimal start would be nair->waveshine->Thunder's combo into grab->u-throw CG->bair into edgeguard situation. If Falco shoots a low laser, Marth can wd in and tipper F-smash. We had the matchup threads a while back, but those were mostly concerned with theoretical matchups at a very high level, with important redditors like PPMD1 and D_o_H giving their input on those matchups at their level. Vote for Falco's tiers » Popularity. 2020 Falco Melee Techs Guide. This MU is pretty polarizing for both sides even though these characters share some similar tools. Overall, Falco's strategy at top-level play differs considerably from Fox's. B. I'm already reconsidering Falco going even, but Fox clearly has an even matchup against her. Doc can approach him and has a good combos on him, but gets screwed the moment he's offstage or above Fox. If the Marth dashes first to the outer ring and dash dances for a moment it could easily throw off the falco's timing on trying to stuff the approach, so that Marth gets a grab in the lag afterward, or it could even bait the Falco into shielding or ceding stage if the Falco is expecting a short hop fair or f-smash attempt, and those are both good things for Marth. A character matchup is a measure of how even a fight is between two characters in a tournament setting. That's the wall, it's dangerous hitboxes that an opponent can't move past easily. Probably his worst MU. Yoshi. Unlike in future installments, this is Falco's intital idle pose, meaning he will always perform this animation even if he is holding an item. An optimal start would be nair->waveshine->Thunder's combo into grab->u-throw CG->bair into edgeguard situation. These disadvantages give him some trouble against characters who have effective edgeguarding tools, such as Jigglypuff, Marth, and Fox. Should be moving a little faster, Ganon and Zelda are pretty much decided, so chuck up Jigglypuff as well. Falco fires a laser from his Blaster. Peach and Jigglypuff are also notoriously difficult matchups in practice at the highest level due to how hard it is for Falco to combo them.

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