facebook group introduction post
November 13th, 2020

They may also hire you or have clients who need what you have to offer and send you business and referrals in the future. Maybe it’s a travel shot or one of you hiking or playing guitar. If you position yourself as an authority in your area of expertise right from your introduction, it sets the stage for everything else you do in that Facebook group. First, state in no more than one sentence what it is you do. Or you want to let the group know you have reached your event’s meeting point. The reason I am so passionate about online marketing is because I’ve realized that the purpose of my life is to spread happiness through entrepreneurship (yes I believe that we can change the world!). This is NOT a logo or a boring headshot. When you first join the group, you want someone to know that “Heeeeey, Wendy is in the house, yo!”, You want people to notice you and think, “Wow! Step 6: Add an interesting photoThis is big opportunity to begin the know-like-trust factor with the Facebook group members. So, one of … Perhaps you have a photo of you with your family or with your pets or lifestyle-type shot in a glamorous dress that you love. Posts in Facebook Groups are good for asynchronous discussions but less suitable for real-time, back-and-forth chats. Everything you do is part of your brand. For example, you might want to discuss a particular post with the other admins and moderators. Smart marketing for service business owners, Last Updated on 07/20/2019 by Wendy Maynard. If you haven’t been doing this because you are nervous or you don’t know exactly how, I completely understand. Step 3: Tell Facebook group members where they can learn more Quickly tell them where they can learn more about you. So, for instance, in my group, you could say “What is up, The Business Profit Engine, I am so thrilled to be here!”. The ideal Facebook Group introduction post has three key components: the mission statement, the why, and the ask. Step 2: Introduce yourself in the Facebook group Next, tell the Facebook group members your name and what you do. You want to attract attention, get remembered, and ultimately get leads. So, one of the things that you can do in all of your Facebook group posts (and in your videos) is to use a signature greeting. Step 1: Create a signature greeting for Facebook groups Everything you do is part of your brand. This kicks off the relationship building right away and positions me as an authority. You can use this in all of your messaging online including videos (which has even more impact). Or they may touch base with you to interview you for their podcast or a Facebook Live. Lead generation,  Marketing,  Mindset,  Online marketing Facebook,  Facebook Marketing,  Online marketing. So, I changed my approach. This way, you position yourself as the Go-To expert in {your skill set}. Below Members on the right, click Write Post. When you say “hello” to the group members, make sure you use the group name. But don’t say it in a boring way. It becomes one more way to carve out a difference, express your personality, and attract people who are similar. Over time, people will begin to associate this greeting with you and feel like they know you better, increasing the Know-Like-Trust factor. I recommend writing several variations and see which ones get the best response from the groups that you post it in. To welcome new members: From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. Incorporate different photos. Create several variations and use them in the Facebook groups you join. This will not only show the group host your appreciation for all of the hard work that has gone into building their community, but it will also bring attention to you. Whenever you go into a Facebook group, it’s a networking opportunity for you. So in my Facebook group intro, I add one sentence. Now I have a little formula that works wonders and gets people really excited! I don’t hotlink the group or website URL because not all Facebook group hosts look kindly upon this (and I certainly don’t want to ruffle any feathers). The ideal mission statement addresses who you are, what benefit you provide to … It wasn’t getting me noticed. Add a photo to your introduction that is visually interesting. Customize the message and click Post. See you in there!! I would just lurk in the group and occasionally answer a question here and there.

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