ethics and integrity at unicef
November 13th, 2020

They must maintain an objective and independent attitude, avoid conflicts of interest and engage only in fair trade. Mohamed Ahmed Saad If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Learn more. The United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) was developed from the core values outlined in the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of the Global Compact and International Labour Organization (ILO) standards. In addition to the general contractual provisions, the GTCs put particular emphasis on our ethical standards, which cover the following topics: UNICEF is committed to conducting business with suppliers that share our values and respect children’s rights, human dignity and fair trade. 1. Describe the ethical standards you follow in your work and private life. United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct), International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, Children’s Rights and Business Principles, key procurement policies applicable to suppliers. Ethics and Integrity_Course certificate - Ethics and Integrity at UNICEF 1. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The Ethics and Integrity e-learning course is composed of a set of modules designed to enhance your awareness about the standards of conduct, also known as ethics, that you need to know as a UNICEF … All newly recruited UNICEF personnel will be required to complete the course as part of their induction including consultants, interns, and volunteers. Ethics and integrity at UNICEF The Ethics and Integrity e-learning course is composed of a set of modules designed to enhance your awareness about the behavioural standards, also known as ethics, that you need to know as a staff member. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Find out more about Children’s Rights and Business Principles. Powered by TCPDF ( Certificate of Completion Mohamed Ahmed Saad has successfully completed Ethics and Integrity at UNICEF Note: This certificate is issued by UNICEF through the Agora platform. Through discussion, examples, and case studies, the course will familiarize you with the obligations placed upon you by the Charter of the United Nations, the UN Staff Regulations and Rules, and other administrative issuances; seeks to equip you with the knowledge to make ethical decisions more confidently; and will provide resources available on themes explored in the training. Ethics and Integrity at UNICEF UNICEF requires that suppliers support our core ethical values by conducting business with integrity, treating others with respect, striving for performance excellence and accepting accountability for their conduct. The course finishes with a summary and then a course assessment. This activity or course is open to self-enrolment. The course is guided by two hosts, with voiceover. This course is divided into 4 modules, which are each further divided into lessons. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Certificate - Employment - UNDP - UZGP - MIS Officer, www.genderhub.org_certs_sendimdjnr1gmailcom_GSG_Certificate, SkillSoft Kelly Business Analysis Certificate, 2016 Africa Regional Institute Certificate of Attendance-Yohannes, TF and Chapter Officer Participation 2015, No public clipboards found for this slide, Ethics and Integrity_Course certificate - Ethics and Integrity at UNICEF. The principles serve as inspiration and a guide for UNICEF and businesses in our work and our interactions with children. This course is composed of a Course Introduction, Summary, Assessment, and the following 4 modules and lessons: Module 1: Introduction to Ethics in UNICEF Lessons: Values and International Civil Service; What does it mean to act ethically? This portal is part of our efforts to being open and transparent through direct communication to the public on how and where we use resources. Note: This certificate is issued by UNICEF through the Agora platform. Ethical Complaints concerning UNICEF staff, consultants, non-staff personnel and vendors can be reported by email to the UNICEF Office of Internal Audit and Investigation (OIAI) via email to It should take you about 90 minutes to complete this self-paced course. Division of Data Research and Policy Suppliers doing business with UNICEF are required to acknowledge and comply with the Code of Conduct, which addresses: The UN strongly encourages all suppliers to actively participate in the Global Compact – a voluntary international network advancing responsible corporate citizenship and universal social and environmental principles. The Code of Conduct provides the minimum standards expected of UN Suppliers during procurement processes. Chief, Learning and Knowledge Exchange At the end of this course, you will be able to: Understand the meaning of ethics in UNICEF and UN context; Identify the standards of conduct applicable to UNICEF personnel; Identify the various ways to address and report any potential ethical breaches and learn where to seek help; and. Companies doing business with the UN are required to accept and comply with UN standards of human rights, labour, environmental & anti-corruption practices. Our ethical culture is established and applied in procurement activities, in order to protect accountability, integrity, fairness and transparency across our supply chains. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. The Ethics and Integrity e-learning course is composed of a set of modules designed to enhance your awareness about the standards of conduct, also known as ethics, that you need to know as a UNICEF personnel. This course is different from the Ethics and Integrity Course which applies to all staff. Lessons cover ethics at UNICEF, review basic expectations for ethical behaviour of UNICEF staff, provide detail on how to address issues of misconduct or violations of UNICEF rules, and how to seek help. The Ethics Specialist will perform the following functions- Provide accurate, timely and confidential advice and guidance to staff at all levels to ensure compliance with the UN Staff Regulations and Rules, relevant and applicable UNICEF Executive Directives and the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service. UNICEF has a zero-tolerance policy toward unethical behaviour, fraud and corruption. Module 2: My Ethical Behaviour as a UNICEF Personnel Lessons: Professional and Personal Integrity; Avoiding Conflicts of Interest; Using Information and Resources Responsibly, Module 3: Addressing Misconduct Lessons: Awareness of Misconduct; Reporting Misconduct and Protection Against Retaliation, Module 4: The UNICEF Ethics Office Lesson: The Role of UNICEF’s Ethics Office. Ethics and Integrity at the United Nations Course Objectives Pursuant to the Ethics Office's mandate to strengthen an ethical culture throughout the Organization, the purpose of the online training is to promote ethical awareness and ethical-decision making so that staff are better enabled to fulfil the mission of the UN.

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