does my deceased husband know how much i miss him
November 13th, 2020

I react and smile but then I can feel the smile fade and they can too. My heart aches for you, many blessings for healing, On November 22nd of this year, Jimmy, my husband and best friend, went home to Jesus. He shows up every August for weeks doing something to demonstrate he's still around, turning pictures sideways, turning fans on and off, this week the motion sensor light in my closet started turning on and off. Right now I don't eat, I've lost 20 pounds, I hardly sleep, I don't sleep in our bed but on top of a daybed. I feel like I cannot go on, A part of me has died. He is gone so young but he felt what most people chase and look for their entire lives. As it should, they have their own families and lives to live. I understand weeping every day, I still do it, my wife died on Nov. 08, 1917. Thanks to the author of this article for allowing me to share my lengthy thoughts, experiences (and rambling) on this topic. I lost something inside me. Take care of yourself my dear, it will be what he would want. Very tired of society always pushing down our throats “oh the new normal….”. I wrote this for my dear wife Georgette after she passed away on Nov. 08 2017. I too was holding her hand while she took her last breath. We have no child either. I lost my husband 8 months ago, and this is how I feel. I have so much guilt because I didn't see how ill he was and he wasn't telling me because he didn't want to upset me. The Lord provides. Xx, everything is really true and may god bless u for making me stand with no fear, My mum died 7 8 this year ,,,, i no she will guide me ,,,, i have big problem i can not relax enough to hear or feel her plesse help. I can't sleep, and eating is very few and far between. Trusted him to not leave me or hurt or carelessly shove me aside. It's been almost nine months since his passing. Its early days for me l just hope that my life will get better, perhaps meet someone who will be my friend would be a help, Honor the dead. I demanded a bed with rails right away or I was signing him out of that place! It’s like watching him pass away year after year in slow motion, wanting him to get well and a miracle. God bless you, sir. He needs a grandfather just as much as you need him. I work (which is good) but at night I think and think and think!! We were together since I was 15. I never left him one night while he was there. So during the day I try to be strong but when I get home I miss him so much. I did remove everything, But I wonder…will I regret it? I am reading these messages today because we lost a dear friend to cancer, and he has left behind a wife and young son. Please don’t give up,the pain will never leave you ,but it does get a little easier with time.l know that’s a cleashay,but it’s also very true.l could not have loved my husband more or him me we were married 23years I was just 48 when he passed away,my life changed forever that day,and l will never know happiness like it again,but he would not want me to take my own life,that would be one guilt l could not face. He was also a very active person up until that day. I tried going to a support group, but I don't think I was quite ready for that yet. Hi Chris, I also lost my husband 7 years ago. The first was way back in 1982, and yet I still feel that pain and loss as acutely as if it just happened an hour ago! All this time I expected him to be home soon but I was in denial the whole time, even at the end. No signs other than a bad back for months. I'll never forget hearing those dreadful words and then having to come and take everything in me to explain to my babies they'll never see their father again!!! Why were they allowed to grow old together and my Richard had to become sick with heart disease. but life will get better, you learn! I miss him so much. There was movement with the body next to me and the man left in the room spoke on his walkie talkie to the other person and said the panther is moving, the panther is still alive. Now I know life doesn’t stop after losing your better half. Life is better than death in every sense. What is next? It was tragic for months without my husband. We met when I was 14 and have been together since. Just miss him. I Tragically lost my 21 year old son 5 months ago.. he was walking home from the bar and was run over. And I'm always thinking I didn't do my best. It feels like I'm losing mum again - I feel her spirit around me a lot. I don’t know if there is a heaven but I do know I do not want to be here without him. There are times I feel a little better, but I start driving to the store and suddenly I'm crying so loud, wishing he was with me! Our loved ones are well intentioned, there’s no doubt, but here is what most grievers who have lost a spouse would want those around them to understand: A list like this can be hard to create, but for the griever it can be even harder to read. He had an affair i found out 2 months ago. The nights are just the hardest, it feels like it gets worse everyday my family doesn't understand why I cry no one seems to understand all I keep hearing is that life goes on , yeah it's easy for them to say it because they doesn't know how painful and lonely you feel. My wife and I also did everything together. I am lucky in the fact that I have really fantastic friends nearby who stood by me through thick and thin and helped, not only emotionally, but practically, too. My life hard with out him. My neighbor house two persons have seen her appearance in the night when she entered my house. Part of me just wants to shrivel up. They did all they could, but his was also a heart aneurysm. People , even family, who used to come visit , don’t . I lost my husband just a week ago I feel like I want to die. I collected the ashes and she has been with me since. Passing through the hall. We had so many plans. It was a shock for me. My condolences to you. I've never gotten over her. I hurt beyond hurt, my heart is so heavy. Paul died 6 weeks ago. I dedicate this story to my Darling Hearty. All the plans we had for what we were going to do when I retired (I’m 10 years his junior) are gone and I have nothing to look forward to. very happy, no more suffering! It's hard to sleep. You fit in fine before. We have two small children together.

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