crown molding coping machine
November 13th, 2020

Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. The Copemaster has another big payoff. I was wondering what you guys are doing and why you think it's better? Then, nest the crown upside down, as if the saw’s base was the ceiling and the fence the wall. Coping is cutting the crown’s profile on the end of one piece with a coping saw to fit over the face of an adjacent piece of molding. Who is this machine built for? Coping take forever - by the time you cut the general pattern, then file, etc. Read more. Now it can cope up … If you are not willing to do those things then the Copemaster is not for you. Angle the coping saw about 30 degrees to remove more wood from the back of the molding than the front. (Cabinet and Millwork Installation Forum) Miter Saw, Exterior PVC Trim: Soffits, Fascias, and Rakes, Exterior PVC Trim: Layout and Preparation, 2020 Readers' Choice: Contemporary Farmhouse, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. Forum Responses Then, make your cut just as you would for an inside corner. Well, you need to be willing to take the time to learn the machine. Support those tips with your finger as you cut, file or sand to prevent them from splintering off. With Copemaster, the same 3 men finished in 5 weeks. You use the machine to cope the first piece of molding freehand, and it becomes the pattern for all the rest. Works for me. Coping is the preferred way to fit inside corners of crown molding. Cut through the back of your crown molding with a coping saw. First, set the miter saw’s table to 45 degrees in the direction the piece will run. Or maybe a builder in under a time crunch and you get the job done for him and it looks perfect, what is that worth? © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. The shrinking wood is effectively changing the angle of the cut, with the outside corner acting as the compass center point. In this case, to the right. What is my return on investment? The speed and accuracy are easy to see but the real payoff is having a coped pile ready to install. Comment Report abuse. I would definitely miter those corners. plus stand (in storage), Expert insights on techniques and principles. 21 Responses to “Cutting & Coping Crown Molding” David Tuttle March 1, 2019. "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. No big deal, base is easy. Watch our video on “Understanding the Coped Joint” so you can appreciate how a machine that’s makes all the copes the same will pay big dividends. Built-up Crown Molding Series: Crown Molding Installation, How to Cut Extreme Angles on Your Miter Saw, Fine Homebuilding – Dec 2020/Jan 2021, Issue #296, Builder’s Advocate: An Interview With Viewrail, Podcast 301: Stick vs. Post Frame, Upside-Down Clapboards, and Caulking Cedar Shingles, Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20, How to Make a Zero-Clearance Miter Saw Fence, Build a Built-in Mudroom Series: A Versatile Miter Saw Station, Tool Review: Milwaukee's New 12-in. Slowly and carefully saw along the profile. Cutting a coped joint on an inside crown molding is a standard practice, because cutting mitered inside corners often results in an unattractive joint or one that will come loose over time. Imagine that same apprentice cutting you 50 or 100 copes on a 6” crown having them ready for you to cut to length and nail up and every fit is perfect. Coped crown molding is actually one piece of crown fitting over the other piece, instead of the two being mitered at the inside corner. Use a fine-tooth coping saw to first cut the bottom corner square. Is this machine right for me? You may also return purchases to a Rockler store near you for store credit. Get home building tips, offers, and expert advice in your inbox. 2 Take a pencil and darken the leading edge of the mitered end. You need to do the return on invest for yourself but if you can do one more house in a year, what is that worth? I got to try out the Copemaster on a piece of 4-1/2-in. Installing Base, chair rail and crown. I can confidently say that I expect to be a life-long subscriber." "I have learned so much thanks to the searchable articles on the FHB website. Steps: 1 Make a miter-cut on the end of a length of molding. The Copemaster is a coping machine that shapes one piece of molding to fit the contour of an adjoining piece–a technique that, until now, was done by hand. We designed this machine with the trim contractor in mind. Most people want the Copemaster for crown copes but let’s look closer at the base job. For international returns, please click here. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers. Coping is cutting the crown’s profile on the end of one piece with a coping saw to fit over the face of an adjacent piece of molding. Once the template is done the machine is easy for an apprentice to operate. Plus, get tips for a clean and solid installation. You do the math. Carefully move the saw back and forth at a 45-degree angle to begin removing the wood behind the molding. crown molding. - M.K. Pro tip: Coping cuts often create thin, pointy tips on the trim. Comment from contributor A: If you do extensive house trim, this is a machine you'll have to have. crown molding. OK so you cut your 45-degree miter, then maybe we do the straight cut. It adjusts to handle most molding up to 7-1/4" wide, 45° and 90° inside miters, flat miters, and base, chair, and panel moldings. crown molding. by 44 in. Wood shrinks and expands radially outwards from the axis of the grain (tubes), not lengthwise. Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. We trimmed two large houses for a builder, back to back. All rights reserved. After making a template, the Copemaster can be operated. Not only does it accelerate the process, but every cut will be identical, taking skill out of the equation. Learn more about affordable, modern floating stairs, from design to manufacturing to installation. Get complete site access to expert advice, how-to videos, Code Check, and more, plus the print magazine. There is a learning curve, maybe a day or more. which at times leaves me wondering if this is the best way. Since 1910, General Tools has grown to become the recognized industry leader for specialty hand tools and instruments. You need to be willing to call us for help. Simple measure cut and nail it up. When working with prefinished crown moldings, I generally have always cut 45s on my inside miters rather than coped them. Coping crown is not as difficult as it may seem. We want to help you get the full potential out of the machine. Not always so easy to the get the cut square every time, not to deep to cut into the cope area and not to shallow plus it has to be right on the cope line. you could've been finished with a mitered corner. A cope is a much better joint and can be quicker than mitering. When we get to crown copes things real start to get easy. We are proud of the quality of our products, and we stand behind them 100%. This sometimes means back beveling with the belt sander and adjusting angles etc. Once the pattern is made, a house full of molding can be coped by anybody, which frees you up to do other things. The key to knowing why you have to cope inside joints is understanding how wood shrinks in relation to the geometry of the joint. Unfortunately, this nifty gizmo comes with a big price tag. It adjusts to handle most molding up to 7-1/4" wide, 45° and 90° inside miters, flat miters, and base, chair, and panel moldings. Can I afford it? For these items, please call the store where you purchased them or our customer service department at 1-800-376-7856 so we can assist you. The Copemaster takes skill to make the template, not necessarily carpentry skill but hand eye coordination. Notice how window molding always opens at the inside corner, but never the outside. Crown-Molding Fundamentals – A finish carpenter describes the techniques and tools he uses to install crown molding quickly and accurately, and offers tips for dealing with out-of-square corners, wavy walls, and saggy ceilings. The Copemaster takes the “cut correctly” out of the equation. Production finish carpenters might recoup the cost pretty fast, but it probably wouldn’t be worth it for the rest of us. What an advantage! Cut crown and base molding the easy way with this innovative jig. - M.K. The joints fit perfectly and it was much faster to install them than fitting miters.

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