chester white origin
November 13th, 2020

Ears - Small to medium sized and drooping. Chesterfield definition, a single- or double-breasted topcoat or overcoat with a fly front and a narrow velvet collar. ‘The strengths of the Chester White breed are: mothering ability, durability, and soundness.’ More example sentences ‘Among the lard hogs are the Chester Whites, the Duroc-Jersey, the Poland China, the Berkshire, and smaller Hampshires.’ Olivet, Kentucky. The Chester breed was … From that period, until recent years, there were several record associations developed as the breed spread across the country. The Chester White was first developed around 1815–1818, using strains of large, white pigs common to the Northeast U.S. and a white boar imported from John Russell Duke of Bedford, Bedfordshire county, England, referred to as the Woburn breed, brought by Captain Jefferies of Liverpool, England. He arrived in Washington State in 1885, where he organized Gray's Harbor Commercial Company, which eventually became one of the region's largest lumber mills. It was formerly known as the Chester County White. Chester White definition is - any of a breed of large white swine. Breed demonstration of the Chester White pig. Ears … The Chester White is a breed of domestic pig which originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania. a Roman fort. Between 1815 and 1818, the Chester White pig was first developed in the United States as an independent breed by mixing the Woburn pig with the local white pigs. Tips to keep in mind for World Mental Health Day; Oct. 5, 2020 Chester white pigs are domestic pigs initially known as Chester County White pigs. This pig breed is a complicated combination of four different pig breeds i.e. It is also the leading breed of the world, as Yorkshires in the USA Parents. The Chester breed was derived in Jefferson … [4], In 1200, all breed organizations were consolidated under the Chester White Swine Record Association, an act which aided the spread of the breed into the rest of the country. Chester White is a breed of pig originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania and thereby derived its breed name. Chester F. White, who originally owned this house, was a prominent lumberman, real estate man, and banker. [5] Some historians conjecture that Chinese pigs were also added to the mix. Chester White family tree. The White-Merrill 1911 is an early American pistol.. History. The establishment of a herdbook in 1885 fixed current strains. Chester Whites originated in Chester County, Pa., from which their name was formed. Not only are they preferred by producers, but packers prefer animals with white skin and proven to be superior in muscle quality. ; named after Chester, county in Pennsylvania where first bred] This word is first recorded in the period 1855–60. The breed was created from a synthesis of Duroc, Poland China and perhaps some Chester White or Hampshire pig. See more. Chester White. At first it was called the Chester County White, but later the “county” was dropped. Previous to 1812 there were Yorkshire and Lincolnshire animals that had come from England. Color - Solid white. The 51-member Board of Directors included members from Maine, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, California, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, and Santa Clara, Cuba. Chester Whites have kept their popularity with thousands of pork producers. Origin-Pennsylvania ; Ears-Droopy ; Color-White with blue freckles ; Misc.-good mothers, large frame ; 13 Yorkshire. [7], The Chester White is a versatile breed suited to both intensive and extensive husbandry. The strains of their ancestors i.e. The strengths of the Chester White breed are: mothering ability, durability, and soundness. Box 9758 - Peoria, IL 61612-9758 | Phone - (309) 691-0151 | Fax - (309) 691-0168 | Email -. Word origin [ 1855–60, Amer. Previous to 1812 there were Yorkshire and Lincolnshire animals that had come from England. There is also a Hereford cattle breed (having a red color with a white-colored face), to which Hereford pigs resembles the most. Origin and history The Large White breed of pig was developed in England in the late 1700s. ; reflecting nearly all the rays of sunlight or a similar light. The Chester White breed originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania and thereby derived its breed name. A Chester WHITE was born in Connecticut, USA on 1898 to Edgar R. White and Emma Louise Glass. Parents. A Chester WHITE family tree. History. The Chester breed was derived in Jefferson County, New York. Any skin pigmentation other than white that exceeds five in number are disqualified. Blog. Oct. 8, 2020. Though not as popular as the Duroc, Yorkshire, or Hampshire,[8] the Chester White is actively used in commercial crossbreeding operations for pork. Hogs imported from East Asia figured prominently in the improvement of varieties native to the region. [6] The Chester White is the most durable of the white breeds; it can gain as much as 1.36 pounds (0.62 kg) a day and gain 1 pound (0.45 kg) for every 3 pounds (1.4 kg) of grain it is fed. [1], A boy with two Chester Whites raised as part of, The Chester White Swine Record Association, Certified Pedigreed Swine (CPS) organization,, Pig breeds originating in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 22:32.

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