best kombucha brands
November 13th, 2020

It all began to blur together. Last summer the hottest drink trend was spiked seltzers. It’s classic, simple, straight to the point drink which will make you say, “That’s definitely kombucha!” GT’s Kombucha is low in sugar, calorie, clean, and organic. And you must definitely try it! Hard kombucha is made with the same ingredients as regular kombucha: yeast, bacteria, sugar, and tea. I love the hint of berry and it’s not too tart or sour. Vote on your favorite drink and soda brands, as well as flavors of everything from kombucha to Red Bull. I have not tried shot-gunning Hard Kombucha but I could definitely see that being a power move. It’s obviously a lot healthier than a moscow mule but it resembles that same flavor profile. A taste test of ten different kombucha brands. It’s flavor palette is definitely more robust in nature and much stronger than the other Hard Kombuchas that I’ve mentioned. This summer’s drink trend is hard kombucha. From pineapple to ginger to coconut and raspberry, I’ve rounded up eight teas that all passed the taste test at Healthista HQ. It comes in a glass bottle which makes it feel a bit more fancy and old school. Ever since then, I’ve become a self-proclaimed conseissur. But, if you do not have time for that then I suggest buying Kombucha from your favorite brand, and if you’re still looking to try kombucha then  here are the best kombucha brands which a worth trying: Hands-down the most recognizable kombucha brand and it is deemed as the mother of all kombuchas. Either way, this Kombucha offers a refreshing and sweet drink without an artificial sugary taste. Everyone and anyone can enjoy this drink especially with it’s three yummy flavors: Apple Mint, Ginger Peach, and Tropical Mango. When you could go for a nice, cold or hot beverage, what do you reach for? With all the new boozy kombucha options emerging on the market, it’s difficult to know which is the best tasting and most worthy of your time and money. Verified as non-alcoholic, which is important as many kombucha brands have trace amounts of alcohol in their products, the Kevita Master Brew Kombucha boasts a multitude of live probiotics and active cultures. Below, we've rounded up the best kombucha brands offering the lowest-sugar picks on the market. It’s classic, simple, straight to the point drink which will make you say. The drink is made by fermenting black or green tea with bacteria or yeast. I love the convenience of this brand too; the cans are small and portable and very easy to throw in the cooler on the go. It reminds me of bringing an old school Coke bottle to a picnic except it’s not soda, it’s tea. The other flavors remind me more of a health drink rather than an enjoyable alcoholic beverage. Who knows…it might just sprout into a 6-pack , A post shared by Boochcraft (@boochcraft) on May 28, 2020 at 3:25pm PDT, Now that wraps up my top 5 hard kombucha picks. The Best Kombucha Brands. With 7% ABV, it offers a higher alcohol content than most other Hard Kombuchas on the market. Updated April 1, 2019 589 votes 217 voters 4.4k views20 items. This is definitely my favorite kombucha brand and I recommend that you try Reishi – Chocolate, Maca – Berry, Pink Lady Apple, and Bubbly Rose. 3. Unity Vibration KPA tastes like grapefruit and berries with a slight oaky flavor. Usually, people use back or green tea and add bacteria or yeast as their live culture and ferment it for 10 days. If you’re keen to try Kombucha for the first time, I recommend that you try GT’s Kombucha – Orginal. Its probiotic properties make it great for the all-important microbiome (fancy talk for “your gut”), which helps many health issues. There are tons of drink which you can choose from, but not all of them are as healthy. Although the other flavors were pretty good too. The only difference is the fermentation process and the addition of a bit more sugar and a different type of yeast, creating the ultimate fizz. Surprisingly, this drink is fairly easy and inexpensive to make! It has 4.4% alcohol but to me, you can’t really taste the alcohol. I highly recommend that you try their classic brewed Blood Orage kombucha and their Verbena Rose sparkling kombucha tea. We recommend doing the same with your can of Boochcraft. Kevita Master Brew Kombucha Tart Cherry. Each pick features bold flavors coming from fruit, herbs, and spices that help balance the beverage's natural acidity. The main selling point of Unity Vibration is its higher alcohol content, the taste reflects that but nonetheless it was still enjoyable. However, as major brands jump on the bandwagon and create their own … GT’s Kombucha products are extremely low in sugar, with … I’m usually not the biggest fan of Ginger but you can barely taste it in this drink. Check price at Amazon. Kombucha is rising in popularity—and for good reason. With all the new boozy kombucha options emerging on the market, it’s difficult to know which is the best tasting and most worthy of your time and money. They offer a variety of flavored drink and Roots Beer is my favorite. I kept seeing it everywhere and decided about a month ago in May, I would give it a try. It is said to be a remedy for arthritis and other inflammatory ailments. Other great companies featured on this top kombucha brands list include Synergy, Kombucha Dog, and Beyond Brewing Company. The 11 best kombucha brands you can buy. We’ve researched and discovered ten top-rated kombucha bottles of 2020, as well as one you may want to avoid. If you’re looking for flavored, super food-infused or herb-infused Kombuchas then Health-Ade is the right brand for you! what historical figures really looked like. Effervescent, slightly sweet, and a little bit sour, kombucha is a love-it-or-leave-it kind of beverage. Tura in Blueberry Ginger is perfect for a backyard BBQ with friends. This Hard Kombucha is really delightful – it’s light and has a slight hint of grapefruit that isn’t overpowering. Tura offers a nice blend of sweet and tangy. It is said to be low in sugar, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and it is also non-alcoholic. Those who enjoy regular kombucha will definitely vibe with hard kombucha.

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